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Salt Lake City restaurant guide

Gastronomic Salt Lake City has been covering the Utah food scene for more more than fifteen years; in that time we’ve sampled 100s of restaurants, perhaps even 1000s if we’re being honest. With all that in depth knowledge we’ve put together the following guides to dining in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. We recommend you start with our guide to the best of the best, then dig into these details lists.

Urban Hill in downtown SLC - halbut
Urban Hill in downtown SLC – halbut

Salt Lake City by cuisine

Salt Lake City has a very eclectic dining scene, home to many nationalities of diverse dishes. Check out our complete roundup of all the international flavors you can find around the state here.

These are of course just the main culinary traditions that are the most popular in SLC. For a complete fun run down of the diverse and broad range of restaurants in town – see our guide to the cuisines of SLC here.

Pretty Bird - chicken sandwich with crinkle fries
Pretty Bird – chicken sandwich with crinkle fries

Best SLC restaurants by location

We’ve also created the following guides to the cities and neighborhoods of SLC and surrounding areas:

Utah is well known for its majestic mountains, and amongst them you will find not only spectacular world class views – but awesome dining too. If you’re looking for a special place to dine amidst soaring trees and nature – see our full list here.

Oquirrh - brunch burger
Oquirrh – brunch burger

Best by time / day

If you’re on the clock we have you covered. The follow guides all focus on specific times of day.

Copper Common - nduja and mussels
Copper Common – nduja and mussels

Best of Utah, dish by dish

Or maybe you’re craving a specific dish, and nothing else will hit the spot. Here are all our guides to the best of the best when it comes to specific plates:

Looking for a hard to find dish, ingredient or unique preparation? We list some of the harder to find and more unique items on our A-Z foodie guide here.

Winter farmer's market - aziza assortment with kunafa and baklava
Winter farmer’s market – aziza assortment with kunafa and baklava

Best by specific need

Mar | Muntanya - patatas bravas
Mar | Muntanya – patatas bravas

Not strictly restaurant related, but pretty close to it! Check out our other guides and roundups that are popular with readers.

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  • Things to do in Salt Lake City – Looking for inspiration for a day’s fun in Salt Lake City, check out our guide to what to do in SLC organized by interest. And yes, every one of our curated days out includes appropriately themed breakfast, lunch and dinner spots.
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