One off promotions with Gastronomic SLC

If you have a one off promotional item you want to communicate with our readers please get in touch. Over the past decade we’ve helped small businesses through International brands communicate their message with a local Utah audience. Standalone stories might include:

  • Local or regional product launches of a national brand
  • App releases
  • Contests, giveaways and competitions
  • Promotional pricing or coupons
  • One off events within Utah
  • Special appearances or celebrities
  • Announcements
  • National brand exposure at a local level

We’ll work with your PR and/or marketing teams to put together approved copy, links and images for your one off piece on our site. You’ll have final say on the complete article before it goes live on our site at a time and date of your choosing.

All articles on our site are automatically sent to our newsletter subscribers. Links will be marked as rel=sponsored in line with Google’s best practices in regards sponsored content. For details on our reader and site traffic numbers, check out this page; this also lists the details for working with us on an ongoing recurring basis.

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Our 2021 pricing for one off articles upto 750 words is as follows:

  • Local Utah business – $250 (website, newsletter distribution)
  • Local Utah business – $500 (website, newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook distribution)
  • National or franchise business – $600 (website, newsletter distribution)
  • National or franchise business – $1,000 (website, newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook distribution)

Payment is accepted via check and card. Card is preferred, we can set your account up to bill securely on an automated basis each month. You can reach us here:
(801) 448-3343
A Matter Of Taste LLC | PO BOX 522065 | Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106