One off promotion

If you have a one off promotional item you want to communicate with our readers please get in touch. Over the past decade we’ve helped small businesses through International brands communicate their message with a local Utah audience. Standalone stories might include:

* Local or regional product launches of a national brand
* Contests, giveaways and competitions
* Promotional pricing or coupons
* One off events within Utah
* Special appearances or celebrities
* Announcements
* National brand exposure at a local level

We’ll work with your PR and/or marketing teams to put together approved copy, links and images for your one off piece on our site. You’ll have final say on the complete article before it goes live on our site at a time and date of your choosing. All articles on our site are automatically sent to our newsletter subscribers within 24 hours too.

Lastly, we’ll also ensure your story is communicated on our extensive network of Utah social media that reaches more than 15,000 engaged followers. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Please contact Stuart ( today – we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs. We charge $250 for a one off story on our site.