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Advertising with Gastronomic Salt Lake City

Do you want to share your latest news with our readers? Do you want to reach thousands of engaged foodies, diners, and industry insiders right in their inbox? What about at one of the most cost-effective prices in Utah – less than 12c per user? If you just answered yes to all of the above, you might be interested in our sponsored content advertising option.

Why work with Gastronomic SLC?

Broad reach

Gastronomic Salt Lake City reaches Utahns across a diverse set of channels. Here on the website, we serve up tens of thousands of pages every month. Other publications might quote higher numbers, but do you know what their readers are looking for and reading on their site? We do.

We write about nothing but the food and beverage scene – every reader that hits our site is exceptionally targeted and searching for one thing: local food and drink info.

Professional and respected journalism

We’ve been at this for more than sixteen years winning critical awards along the way. Search for us on platforms like Google News, Newsbreak, and Facebook News. You’ll find our stories right there alongside other respected publications.

Responsive and persistent

Using our social media channels and website we can help you tell a story in as timely a fashion as you want. Have something special happening right now? Print media has lead times that prevent them from supporting businesses in an ultra-time-specific fashion. Moreover, our content is persistent. A story we publish today might be read for months and years down the line. That’s in stark contrast to radio, TV, or print that’s a one-time shot at grabbing a potential customer’s attention.

Support local

Many businesses sing the virtues of supporting local, we think this applies to the media too, a business like any other. By supporting a strong, local press, you’re helping to grow local business. We actively write about independent restaurants first and foremost. Without a strong independent platform with engaged readers, no one will be telling the story of the food scene in Utah.

The numbers

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is active on a number of social media platforms. Our followers are genuine, authentic users. We currently have more than 33,000 engaged followers and readers:

12,400+ followers

8,400+ followers

Mailing list
4,400+ recipients

4,000+ twitter followers

Facebook Group 
4,100+ members


360+ subscribers

The above data was calculated on April 4th, 2024

Gastronomic Salt Lake City talks about one thing, and one thing only: the local food scene. Our website traffic is completely driven by people wanting to explore food and drink in Utah, locals and travelers alike.

In 2023 we saw 1,500,000 page views on Gastronomic SLC.

Compare our site and traffic to other local media that has a mixed message; are the traffic and reader numbers being quoted by other publications all related to the food scene? Can the publication tell you what percentage of their reader’s content consumption is related to food? We can – 100%.

Examples of clients we’ve previously helped


National fast-casual brand. In the story, “Spring into the season with these fresh flavors at Slapfish” we worked with Slapfish to share the news about their most recent LTO offering, as well as look at their concept’s menu overhaul, following new ownership.


Local independent restaurant. In “Lavanya Mahate’s newest cafe opens in Salt Lake City” we tell the tale of this local restaurant opening, and what makes the menu tick behind the scenes.

Pirate O’s

Utah-based gourmet foods retailer. In the article, “This Draper destination is a foodie treasure trove of local and global“, we communicated the depth and breadth of the diverse product available.

Ready to get started?

We charge $500 for a one-off sponsored article.

  • Work with your team to create a promotional advertising story based around your latest news
  • Articles will be written by respected local journalists,
  • Articles will be no less than 500 words, but can be longer based on the narrative of the story
  • You can provide photography or video media for the piece, or we can create this to support the piece
  • Your team can review the final piece before publication
  • We retain ownership of the produced copy and photography but you may re-use as you like indefinitely
  • Links within articles will be marked as rel=sponsored in line with Google’s best practices regarding sponsored content
  • Articles will be tagged in our sponsored category and also marked at the top and bottom of the article for full disclosure and transparency

Once the article is published to our website it will be shared as follows:

  • To our newsletter, an opt-in-only audience of 4,500+ subscribers
  • Article will be shared on our Facebook page
  • Article will be shared with link on an Instagram story
  • Posts will remain on our website indefinitely and also posted to our Facebook page

Payment is accepted via and card, we bill securely via Square. Payment is due once the advertisement goes live on our site. Lead time to assess, create and publish articles can be as quick as 1-2 weeks based on the advertisers timely responses to our team. You can reach us here:
(385) 429-0650
A Matter Of Taste LLC | PO BOX 522065 | Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Our sponsors and this page

This page may contain information about one of our sponsors. We only work with the very best businesses in the state, and routinely turn down offers to work with businesses we don't enjoy. If we can't hand on heart recommend them - they can't be a sponsor.

At this time we have the following sponosrs: BTG, Caffe Molise, Carson Kitchen, The Dough Miner, Downtown Alliance, Feldman’s Deli, Flanker, Garage On Beck, Hearth And Hill, Hill’s Kitchen, Kin Sen Asian Noodle Bar, Kyoto, Log Haven, Oasis Cafe, Pirate O's Gourmet Market, SLC Eatery, Squatter’s Downtown Salt Lake City, Stoneground Italian Kitchen, Urban Hill, Wasatch Brew Pub Sugar House, Whiskey Street, White Horse.

I encourage you to Google any of our sponsors and see the stellar reviews on multiple sites that they enjoy. For a list of all our current and past relationships see our partnership history page.