Gastronomic Salt Lake City is Utah’s longest running blog covering the food and beverage scene

Since 2007 we’ve covered the best and brightest on the Salt Lake food and drinks scene. From wine dinners to wine releases – new restaurants to menus at old favorites – we try to cover it all. And more. We run standalone featured articles from time to time, plus each month you’ll find a number of recurring articles aimed at keeping you fully upto date on the dining scene:

Restaurant review roundup – every month we roundup every review and writeup about the local dining scene from every writer and pod caster we can find. Follow us, and you’ll be following everyone else as well!

Dining events – we highlight the most interest food, wine and beer events in Utah. We also have run a dining calendar that lists every event across town too.

Menu watch – each month we break down any interesting news affecting local restaurant menus: specials, discounts, new offerings, chef changes, you name it.

It’s a wrap – At the end of each month a review of any and all important news we missed. From patio openings to the weird and wonderful things that are Utah Liquor laws.

New restaurants – at regular intervals we recap every new opening across town.

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Current writers

Our head writer Stuart has worked as a freelance restaurant reviewer for the Salt Lake Tribune (2011-2016) and is and a member of the Association Of Food Journalists. Stuart has also written for Visit Salt Lake and Ski City, The Utah Review and Utah Stories.

Other contributors

We have a number of other contributors who help tell the story of the Utah food and beverage scene:

Ryan – Also writes the fantastic slceats.com blog.
Kelli – An SLC native who writes the randomactsofkelliness.com blog, now mainly focused on Chicago.
Rachel – Also writes for theutahreview.com

If you’re passionate about food and drink in Utah and would like to contribute to Gastronomic Salt Lake City, just get in touch. As long as you can string sone cogent thoughts together and remain lucid long enough to tell a great story – get in touch:

Contacting us

If you want to get in touch drop an email to stuart@gastronomicslc.com. The scope of the site is constantly evolving and growing. If it relates to Salt Lake City and the food and beverage industry, our readers probably want to hear about it.

If you need to contact us via snail mail our mailing address is PO BOX 522065, Salt Lake City, 84106; if you need to speak to us on the phone you can reach us via (801) 448 3343.

Press releases

We receive *a lot* of press releases. Oh. So Many. Press. Realeases. If you want yours to stand out from the jetsam and flotsam, here are a few tips to get noticed:

* No PDF files and no image files with text please. Make sure your copy is in an easily accessible format like a txt or doc file, or hey crazy now, just inline in the email. If we have to hand re-type your menu from an image file, chances are we won’t.

* Hi-resolution graphics. The web is media driven and this industry is fabulously photo friendly. If you’re in the food and beverage business and don’t have pretty pictures of what you do, you’re in the wrong industry. Stop what you’re doing now.

* Call us. Drop us a line on (801) 448 3343 and make sure we got your information. Sending frantic emails on the day that your event is happening – guess what – too late.

* Seriously, images! If you don’t provide quality media supporting your story, we can’t share it on social media. We have more than 15,000 followers. It’s going to get next to no traction with no supporting media. Ask us if you need any photographer recommendations, we know several who won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Use of our content

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Other websites

A few other websites of interest:

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SLC restaurant menus – a place to find restaurant menus, when the restaurant itself has no online presence

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  2. The search feature was lost in the last site redesign shuffle. There wasn’t the site real estate and you can pretty much use Google to interrogate any website these days, so it’s days were numbered.

    If you need any help looking for something in particular though just email me at stuart@gastronomicslc.com

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