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The Best Burgers in Salt Lake City 2024

The quest for the perfect burger in Salt Lake City is one I’ve been committed to for the better part of fifteen years. The venues have ranged everwhere from unpretentious mom-and-pops through upscale gourmet eateries. If there’s a burger on the menu – I’m eating it. It’s the reason why I’m one half of the Utah Burger project. I take my burgers seriously.

The following are my favorite ten spots to bag a burger in town; restaurant I have personally enjoyed over and over – and where the burger always shines. If you scroll past my top ten list you’ll also find some other intriguing options around; they don’t quite make my own best of the best, but still worth a look.

Oquirrh - brunch burger
Oquirrh – brunch burger

Oquirrh – my top pick

Need to know: A brunch burger that will cure any hangover
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 368 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Only available on their Saturday brunch menu, this burger is well worth making an early morning reservation for. While delicate fried egg is an optional extra, I recommend you ask your server to add it. Alongside the Alpine cheese, foie gras aioli, bacon onion jam and rich brioche, if this doesn’t hit the hangover spot, nothing will. The house made hash brown on the side just happens to also be the best in town too.

Copper Onion - burger plated for sharing
Copper Onion – burger plated for sharing

The Copper Onion – my top pick

Need to know: Utah’s most consistently excellent burger
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 111 East Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

In my ongoing adventures to secure the very best burger in Utah, I’ve consumed an ill advised number of creations, please don’t tell my doctor. Over those years, I’ve ordered Copper Onion’s signature burger time and again – and without question – this is the best I’ve tasted in Utah.

From the in house ground meat blend right through to beautiful caramelized onions that top the burger – this is a masterpiece of a burger build. More impressive still is the consistent quality, with the kitchen team always on point – even after a decade the burger still beats the rest. This is an excellent burger and where I’d send anyone looking for the best in the state.

The Capital Grille - cheeseburger interior
The Capital Grille – cheeseburger interior

Capital Grille – my top pick

Need to know: A classic burger composition perfected
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 40 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

It might be a chain, but the burger at this downtown spot is an excercise in simplicity and execution. The kitchen advises a medium-rare temperature to allow the custom Pat LaFrieda meat blend to really shine. The Grille’s “Signature Cheeseburger” is served only at lunch and also comes with snappy grilled onions – parmesan and truffle fries come on the side. CG’s burger hits that very specific craving, when you’re in the mood for the classic cheeseburger done right.

Franck's Restaurant - Thursday burger special
Franck’s Restaurant – Thursday burger special

Franck’s – my top pick

Need to know: Creative chef driven burger with weekly re-arrangement
Neighborhood: Cottonwood Heights
Address: 6263 Holladay Blvd E, Holladay, UT 84121

The exact nature of this one changes every week, with this fine dining spot offering an ever changing Thursday burger special. What remains the same each time is the ludicrously juicy burger. Seriously, the burger patty here is probably the best in the state I’ve ever tasted; the meat is loosely packed with a fabulously, almost tartare like texture. Take my tip and let the kitchen do their thing on the temp; then expect your burger around the medium/rare mark and all the better for it. Limited numbers of the burger special numbers are available each Thursday evening; arrive early and check Franck’s social media for the latest composition.

Urban Hill - smash burger
Urban Hill – smash burger

Urban Hill

Need to know: Southwestern flair meets fine dining
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 510 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

One of the latest additions to my top ten list of favorite SLC burgers is this addition to the Urban Hill menu. hitting the menu this Summer the burger leans on chef Nick Zocco’s Southwestern background. the star of the show is a hearty slather of vibrant New Mexico hatch chiles. A solid Niman Ranchbased smash burger comes next, as does perfect smoky bacon.

Franklin Ave wagyu burger
Franklin Ave wagyu burger

Franklin Avenue

Need to know: A reliable downtown pick
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 231 S Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Franklin Avenue is the fourth bar from the Bourbon Group – and maybe their best yet. Located a few minutes walk off the busier Main Street on Edison Street it’s home to plenty of chef Matt Crandall’s fine creations. One of the star’s of the menu is his exceptional burger. Rather than load on extraneous toppings, Crandall keeps things simple and focuses on a stellar patty that uses Snake River Farms wagyu beef. The burger is largely the same that you’ll also find at White Horse as well – featuring the same impeccable SRF beef and thick, smoked bacon.

Felt Bar & Eatery - close up with the half pound elk burger
Felt Bar & Eatery – close up with the half pound elk burger

Felt Bar & Eatery

Need to know: Completely unique one of a kind elk burger
Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 341 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Felt’s placement on this list is for their excellent elk burger – an imposing half-pound patty comes cooked to a rarer finish. Tempering that naturally lean meat, pork fat is effectively employed to keep things supple. Boldly peppered bacon comes next, as does a mushroom duxelle for a touch of earthiness. According to chef Travis Herbert, the regionally sourced elk is served on only one other menu in the state. See our full preview of Felt in this article.

Central 9th Market - smashburger
Central 9th Market – smashburger

Central 9th Market

Need to know: A weekly special that draws lines down the street
Neighborhood: Central 9th
Address: 161 W 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Available on Monday evenings at this Central 9th district spot, a fabulous burger special that locals line up for. Two smash style patties are cooked quickly on the flat top before being loaded up onto a house made bun with lettuce and cheese. It’s that simple. Enjoy it next door at Water Witch over a craft cocktail. You’ll happen to notice that’s what the entire bar is also doing as well.

Proper Burger Company

Need to know: Burger and a beer? How can you not?
Neighborhood: Salt Lake City
Address: 865 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Brought to you by the same folks behind the Avenues Proper gastropub and the next door Proper Brewing Co – this mid range burger bar. It’s a little higher end than a mom and pop, but by no means a gourmet hoity toity place. There’s a creative list of burgers on the menu here, and it’s always changing. They rock a fantastic vegan and veggie burger, and best of all, you can take your burger over to Proper Brewing next door and enjoy it with a top notch brew.

Crown Burgers - crown burger
Crown Burgers – crown burger

Crown Burgers

Need to know: The home of Utah pastrami burgers
Neighborhood: Various
Address: Various

A Utah original that people flock to, and not without good reason. For more than three decades the Katsanevas family have ran a tight ship offering a blend of American and Greek fast food. You’ll find locations all over town, and debate about which is the best; but what you’ll see flying out of the order window over and over is the signature Crown Burger. This mighty monster comes topped with a dizzying pile of juicy pastrami atop the flame grilled burger patty. If you’re always looking to take things over the top like me – consider a side of gyro meat as a final embellishment. Then prepare for a nap.

Beyond burger with runny egg
Homemade Beyond burger with runny egg and mushrooms

More Utah burger options

As I continue my journey around Utah’s burger scene, my own top ten is always changing. Indeed I to plan to keep on exploring and tasting until there’s not a burger bun left unturned; and that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon! Case in point, I just tried the most expensive burgers in the state.

With that in mind, here are some other intriguing options for your own burger adventures around the state. They might not make my current top ten, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable burger builds in their own right.

HSL - HSL burger
HSL – HSL burger


Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 418 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

The sister location to Park City’s Handle (Handle Salt Lake – get it?) is chef and owner Briar Handly’s ode to New American cooking. That means a reliance on local farms and producers to support a menu thats always in seasonal change. One thing that doesn’t change is their solid burger. The latest rendition is best ordered medium and comes on a spectacularly light, house made brioche bun. The light and bouncy bun is joined by sharp pickled red cabbage and tangy tomato jam. Malt vinegar French fries come on the side – and yes there’s fry sauce too.

Lucky 13

Neighborhood: Ballpark
Address: 135 West 1300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

The worlds best burger moniker might be a little hyperbolic, but these guys still make a mean burger. This a 21+ only, road house style bar/restaurant and they’re known for one thing: fantastic burgers. Well, two things, great bacon. Their house smoked bacon is some of the very best in all of Utah. It’s hard to recommend any one burger on a menu packed with fabulous creations – including a mind boggling burger challenge that few can beat. In recent years the restaurant has opened a second location that offers both an all ages and 21+ space. Head to Lucky’s Iron Door Roadhouse in South Jordan.

Shooting Star Saloon - star burger
Shooting Star Saloon – star burger

Shooting Star Saloon

Neighborhood: Huntsville
Address: 7350 E 200 S, Huntsville, UT 84317

Always worthy of a mention when talking about Utah’s burger scene – as this is purportedly Utah’s oldest running bar (non stop since 1879). Some say it’s the longest running bar West of the Mississippi in fact. The burgers here are solid and simple. You can forget your kale toppings, your avocado and your craft beer to pair. Indeed, don’t even thing about asking for subs or changes – the signs that festoon the walls make it clear: have what’s on the menu or hit the road. Shooting Star is cash only and a classic.

East Liberty Tap House - ELTH burger cross section
East Liberty Tap House – ELTH burger cross section

East Liberty Tap House

Neighborhood: 9th and 9th
Address: 850 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Grab a burger and beer at this cosy neighborhood bar/restaurnat in the 9th and 8th area. Owned and operated by Scott Evans – owner of nearby Pago – and also Finca and Trestle Tavern. ELTH has a fun patio too out front to enjoy your burger as the sun sets on warmer days.

Golden Gyros - gyro burger
Golden Gyros – gyro burger

Golden Gyros

Neighborhood: Central 9th
Address: 259 W 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

You’ll need to get creative to make this one, it’s not listed on the menu per se. Simply order their house burger and also a side order of gyro meat. From there, some judicious use of fry sauce to merge the two makes for an excellent burger. You can find Golden Gyros in the quickly developing Central 9th neighborhood.

Yanni's Greek Express pastrami burger
Yanni’s Greek Express pastrami burger

Yanni’s Greek Express

Neighborhood: Sugar House
Address: 2761 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84106

This Sugar House spot can often be overlooked in favor of their more famous crowned peer – but the multi-decade running Yanni’s makes a mean pastrami burger. In particular the pastrami here is some of the best in town. Well worth your time and money if you feel like changing up your Greek-burger game.

Lamb Burger at Laziz Kitchen
Lamb Burger at Laziz Kitchen

Laziz Kitchen

Neighborhood: Various
Address: Various

For a unique fun spin, try the lamb burger at any of the Laziz locations. The bacon is swapped out with crisped and sweet beet chips. There are three Laziz restaurants in town and all sport great beer and wine lists to pair the burger with.

Copper Common burger
Copper Common burger

Copper Common

Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 111 E Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, this sister restaurant to Copper Onion, happens to make its very own burger. It’s a thinner smash burger style patty, cooked quick and hot, then served on sweet brioche. Copper Common’s burger isn’t quite as magical as the Onion’s version for my money, but it’s still a solid buy. It’s also a wallet friendly choice too.

avenues Proper - Avenues Proper Burger
Avenues Proper – Avenues Proper Burger

Avenues Proper

Neighborhood: Avenues
Address: 376 8th Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Located in the Aves, this restaurant is one of my favorite to hit up for mid-afternoon cravings; that weird hinterland that’s not quite lunch, not quite dinner. The restaurant remains open between both services, and you guessed it, always has a beautiful burger on the menu. The Avenues Proper burger is a hearty build with generous amounts of garlic and mayo, plus house cut steak fries too.

Pendry Park City - Apres Pendry burger interior
Pendry Park City – Apres Pendry burger interior

Apres Pendry

Neighborhood: Deer Valley
Address: 2417 W High Mountain Rd, Park City, UT 84098

Located in the fancy pants Pendry Park City resort is Apres Pendry, the hotel’s main restaurant that opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pictured burger is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but there’s no denying this twin patty creation hits the spot.

Brickard Bar - Brickyard burger
Brickard Bar – Brickyard burger

Brickyard Bar

Neighborhood: Sugar House
Address: 3000 S Highland Dr, Millcreek, UT 84106

The self styled home of the Utes can be found just as Millcreek transitions to Sugar House on Highland Drive. The 21+ Brickyard Bar has a couple of fine burgers, pictured is the eponymously named one. It’s a hefty construction with 1/3lb chuck patty, white cheddar, Traeger smoked bacon jam, house made bread & butter pickled jalapenos, greens, charred onion aioli, crispy fried onions, and comes served on a brioche bun.

Pago On Main - burger
Pago On Main – burger

Pago On Main

Neighborhood:Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 341 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Another one from Scott Evans’ restaurant empire – this one from Main Street’s Pago. The burger comes with an 8oz grass fed beef patty, white cheddar, pickled onions, arugula, truffle frites. The fancy toppings means it clocks in just over the $20 mark.

Warren's Craft Burger - BAD burger cross section
Warren’s Craft Burger – BAD burger cross section

Warren’s Craft Burger

Neighborhood: Ogden
Address: 3955 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, UT 84405

Up North in Ogden is this gem of a burger restaurant. Often overlooked due its location, don’t underestimate the burgers from this creative restaurant. In our book these are some of the very best in all of Utah and well worth the drive. For example, check out the Breakfast All Day burger above – tater tots, bacon, egg on a burger? Yes!

Fancy Burger - August special interior
Fancy Burger – August special interior

Fancy Burger

Neighborhood: Orem
Address:  37 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058

All the burgers at this Orem spot start with smash style patties and house made Hokkaido style milk buns. Available in single, double or bigger configurations – the headline item here is the *fancy* burger. The precise composition changes each month and can

Loco Burger - salchi burger
Loco Burger – salchi burger

Loco Burger

This quickly growing local chain is home to the self styled “original Mexican burger”. A range of options are available, including some piled high patties; my pick is the pictured salchi burger. The quarter pound charbroiled patty comes with avocado, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce and  pieces of Mexican salchichas, little cuts of turkey hot dogs.

Neighborhood: Various
Address:  Various

What’s the deal with pastrami burgers in Utah?

Pastrami burger made with Caputo's pastrami
Pastrami burger made with Caputo’s pastrami

You might have heard about our local obsession, scratch that, local genius that is pastrami burgers! To find out all the need to know details on Utah’s pastrami burgers, the where, why and how – check out our guide to the best pastrami burgers in Utah.

Who did we miss?

If you think we’re missing a really great addition to this list, please email us at – we’d love to hear from you. Let us know who you think should be on this list and why. If you have a really great picture of one of more dishes, please send that too! We’re always excited to check our more businesses!

Reader suggestions for best burger in Utah

We asked and you responded! Here are some of the burgers recommended by our readers and their thoughts:

  • R&R BBQ – Caveman Burger – smoked sausage, pulled pork, jack cheese, fried jalapeños
  • Burger Bar in Roy. “This burger is just a classic old style burger, the cheese Big Ben is the go to burger, and what really puts it over the top for me is the bun, the bun on this burger is the unsung hero and they way of describe it wouldn’t make it sound super tempting but trust me the burger meat and bun combo just hits right.”
  • .357 burger. “Located at the TNT gun range in Murray, this is a place in the same vein as Tony burger or 5 guys where you pick your own toppings. This burgers seasonings hit just right and make for one of the best if not the best by my taste buds burger in Utah.”

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