The best gifts for the foodie in your life

Gift shopping. Ugh. We’ve all been there. You need something quick, and you need something unique. You start searching but the more you look, the more frustrated you get. It can be even more complicated when you’re shopping for a very specific need – like that foodie loving person in your life. You start thinking about just sending an Amazon gift card and moving on…

Wait though! Hold off! We created this page to hopefully help you find something unique, creative and perfect for a food lover. This is a hand curated list of some of the best foodie gifts out there. Everything from books to subscription boxes to unique kitchen additions. All the products and services on this page are available online, anywhere in the US. That means you can send your friend or loved one a perfect gourmet gift with ease and convenience.

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links, we get a small referral fee if you make a purchase. These are marked with an asterix* That said, we’ve listed only the very best, companies we’ve tried ourselves or really like.

Universal Yums – snack gift box

Universal Yums - Thailand box
Universal Yums – Thailand box

Universal Yums* offer a world of flavor, delivered to your door. Every month Universal will send you, or your special someone, a unique curated box from an ever changing list of international destinations. One month you might get a raft of thats from Thailand (see above), the next Italy. It’s a wonderful eclectic and enlightening experience. The company offer a number of different size boxes and subscription periods. They’re also geared up to order gifts for your loved one too.

Sitka Salmon Shares – impeccable seafood

Alaskan seafood from Sitka Salmon Shares
Alaskan seafood from Sitka Salmon Shares

Absolutely impeccable seafood direct from one of the best places on the planet for wild, sustainable seafood – Alaska. Indeed, state law mandates no farmed fisheries, everything from Alaska is wild caught and of amazing quality.

Sitka Salmon Shares ship direct to your door every month under a CSA model – your subscription helps support independent fisherman; the product is seasonable and absolutely pristine. Use code GSLC on their website here* and you’ll get $25 off a premium seafood share.

Vosges Chocolates – world class chocolate

Vosges Chocolates - Spring Uzume collection
Vosges Chocolates – Spring Uzume collection

Vosges Chocolate* are regarded one of the best chocolatiers in America. Founder Katrina Markoff apprenticed in Spain under the likes of Ferran Adria of El Bulli, and the drop dead gorgeous product line up is like no other. Signature creations like the Uzume range offering dazzling flavor combos such as lychee + orange blossom, Kübler absinthe + star anise and Umeboshi plum + wild banana.

Caputo’s – gourmet online deli

Caputos online haul
Caputos online haul

Caputo’s are close to our hearts as they hail from our very own Utah. The specialty deli and market have been lauded for years as one of America’s best, by a variety of well respected national press.

Caputo’s offer a great selection of pantry products that ship perfectly: amazing oils and vinegar’s, perfect pasta, eye rollingly good sauces – many imported from Europe. Worthy of note though, Caputo’s stock one of the best fine chocolate selections in North America. They also ship nationwide for great prices.

The Spice House – America’s best spices

Another fabulous specialty shop is this* Chicago based spice shop. Wait, I can buy spices locally can’t I? Not like these you can’t – I can personally attest as I buy from here all the time. The Spice House offer a deep and exotic range of spices and herbs from around the world – and each one is fresh and vibrant.

Grab a gift box if you’re unsure or curate your own global playlist of spices from selections like sumac, fennel pollen, hickory smoke and more. Shipping is free on larger orders which I find makes them actually cheaper per spice than my own local grocer anyway!

Get Maine Lobster – lobster rolls

Freshies Lobster Co - lobster roll
Freshies Lobster Co – lobster roll

O.k. that picture above is from a local restaurant – but imagine your foodie friend recreating that in the comfort of their own kitchen. Get Maine Lobster* are the real deal, shipping overnight direct to anywhere in the states. They offer a number of options but for sure check out the lobster roll boxes which include everything you need to put together this classic East coast sandwich.

Fuego Box – hot sauce subscription

Fuego Box subscription box
Fuego Box subscription box

For the foodie who loves everything that little bit more spicy – check out the Fuego Box service. Fuego offer everything from one off hot sauces through to a variety of subscription boxes – delivering monthly spice right to the doorstep.

Wulf’s Fish

Wulf's Fish - scallops
Wulf’s Fish – scallops

Wulf’s Fish* are an East Coast based seafood specialist with more than a hundred years in the business. They ship a range of unique and excellent fish and shellfish nationwide. Our favorite are these absolutely luscious day boat scallops caught on the East coast. They’re plump, sweet and perfect for that seafood lover in your life.

Dining Elevated – elegant flatware rests

Dining Elevated flatware
Dining Elevated flatware

The unique flatware rests from Dining Elevated are the perfect gift for that friend who loves to entertain. They come in a range of materials such as stone and brass, and make for both a functional and charming talking piece around the dinner table.

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