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Where to get the best bagels in Salt Lake City

Despite what some reckon, you don’t need New York City water to make an outstanding bagel; all you really need is a talented team that understand the nuances of making this specialty. The following businesses all have the goods, and are home to some of the best bagels money can buy in Utah.

Dough Miner - everything bagel
Dough Miner – everything bagel

The Dough Miner

Neighborhood: Granary District 
Address: 945 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Modeled on classic East Coast style bagels – the process at this Granary District baker follows a careful and rigorous process. The Dough Miner take no shortcuts following traditional techniques; that means: mixing the dough, raising, cutting, hand forming, fermenting, raising again, boiling then baking then topping. Schwoo! All that hard work means you get the real deal – a nice brown crunch on the outside and a thick bready inside, delicious.

Baby's Bagels - with wobbly egg and bison and huckleberry sausage
Baby’s Bagels – with wobbly egg and bison and huckleberry sausage

Baby’s Bagels

Neighborhood: Downtown Salt Lake City
Address: 204 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

You can read our full story on this company here. Started as a popup business, Baby’s recently celebrated the opening of their brick and mortar location in downtown SLC. That means you can snag their excellent bagels multiple days per week. Pictured above is my own creation with some sausage and eggs I had to hand – if you’re in a rush, the cream cheese spread at Baby’s is first rate.

Feldman’s Deli

Neighborhood: Sugar House
Address2005 E 2700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Janet and Michael Feldman hail from the East coast – Jersey to be precise. The snowy slopes of Utah brought them our way decades ago now. When they landed they set about recreating the food they knew, loved and missed from back home. As well as stacked NYC style deli sandwiches, the duo make amazing bagels. How good? If you stop by any day, they’re almost always gone by noon.

Cheryl's Bagels (Heather L. King)
Cheryl’s Bagels (Heather L. King)

Cheryl’s Bagels

Neighborhood: Ogden / Kaysville
Address: Various

Check out this article that details the story behind Cheryl Mignone’s bagel business. It’s another famililar story. As Heather L. King writes, “New Jersey, couldn’t find a bagel reminiscent of the crusty and chewy bagels of their East Coast heritage.”

Bagel Project

Neighborhood: SLC
Address: 779 S 500 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

This bricks and mortar outlet offers early morning bagels six days a week. As well as providing much beloved bagels to an eager fanbase, Bagel Project also have the most extensive list of toppings. Check out creative options like the house smoked Utah trout with organic fried egg or go more traditional with fried egg, bacon and cheese.

Who did we miss?

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