Stuart Melling

Hi, I'm Stuart, nice to meet you!  I'm the founder, writer and wrangler at Gastronomic SLC and The Utah Review; I'm also a former restaurant critic of more than five years, working for the Salt Lake Tribune.  I've worked extensively with other local publications from Utah Stories through to Salt Lake Magazine and Visit Salt Lake. I'm a multiple-award winning journalist and have covered the Utah dining scene for more than a decade.   I'm largely fueled by Uinta Cutthroat, alliteration and the use of too many big words I don't understand.  I ate all the pies.
Pretty Bird fried chicken plate, credit Pretty Bird and Billy Yang

Summer festival pivots, openings, closures and more

Eat Drink SLC Eat Drink SLC 2019 - Lorenza Wine Co Probably the highlight of...
BBQ plate with home made corn bread

Get ready for the grill – Summer Q essentials

Now that Father's Day has come and gone we can get on with this year's BBQ roundup. After all there's no point...
Whiskey Street - bacon wrapped meatload and cider

As restaurants re-open in Utah, what can you expect from dining out?

Cards on the table time. I've been in self imposed lockdown since roughly March 12th now, and if I'm brutally honest I'm...

Supporting black owned businesses, closures and other news around town

Black owned restaurants Makaya Catering poulet Yoganese With the nation grappling to understand and...
Vessel Kitchen header image

New restaurants coming online during the re-opening

The past few months have hardly been the perfect background for business openings, but as we all know, life finds a way....
Best Chicken And Ribs - chicken skewer plate

Restaurants continue to open at speed, DABC axes inventory

The re-opening continues Ginger Street - one of many restaurants now welcoming dine in guests
Caffe Molise - pan-seared king salmon

Dine in openings continue apace plus other specials and news

Specials and curbside updates Caffe Molise - pan-seared king salmon Caffe Molise - The ever...
Saffron Valley lunch buffet to go

Mother’s Day 2020 dining, restaurants re-opening and more

Mother's Day 2020 Log Haven - chipotle honey galzed salmon I don't know if it...
Homemade pastrami burger

Restaurants set to re-open, new menus, meals and deals

Homemade pastrami burger - because I'm still staying indoors regardless of... Utah restaurants looking to re-open
Taqueria 27 beef tacos

Where to eat this weekend? Don’t miss the hottest dining news

Taqueria 27 beef tacos Curbside updates As ever, be sure to check out our complete...
Curry Up Now - thali (Salt Plate City)

The latest updates on the dining scene

Curry Up Now - street food snacks (Salt Plate City) Curbside and delivery updates Can't...
Dining Elevated flatware

What’s next for the hospitality industry

Dining Elevated flatware As I've been sitting here secluded from society for week upon week, my mind has...
Chefpanzee header image

What’s for dinner – Chefpanzee

I've had more than a few emails ask the same thing of late - how can can I help support local businesses...
Easter meal from Hub And Spoke

Easter dining to go, free meals for healthcare workers and more

Easter meal from Hub And Spoke Easter options to go Ordinarily our Easter dining roundup...
Les Madeleines - kouing aman

The latest ways to support the local hospitality industry

Curbside and drive thru Les Madeleines - kouing aman Here are the latest new...
Feldman's Deli - loaded half pound sandwiches

Family meals galore, Feldman’s giveaway and new menu updates

Curbside and drive thru updates R&R BBQ Here are the latest updates and additions hitting...

Family meals, free food for medical workers, menu updates and much more

Curbside and delivery updates SLC Eatery - Paul Chamberlain and Logen Crew's Salt Lake...
The Pie - buffalo ranch

Family dinners, special deals, restaurants giving back and more

New curbside updates Avenues Proper - chicken and waffles at the bar Avenues Proper -...
Spitz - doner wrap with beast mode upgrade

Delivery deals, grocery updates, more ways to support local

Looking for ways to support your local foodie community during this tough time? Look no further, we're here with all the...
BGR - reuben burger special (BGR)

Free burgers and gift card deals galore

BGR Sugar House - Western BBQ burger As I wrote about yesterday, we're changing things up. From...