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The Best Cottonwood Heights restaurants 2024

These are some of my personal favorite restaurant in the Cottonwood Heights neighborhood of Salt Lake City. If you’re in the area and looking for great places to eat, you might also consider nearby areas such as Sandy, Holladay, Midvale and Murray. You can reach most of these in just a few minutes from Cottonwood Heights.

Franck's Restaurant - Thursday burger special
Franck’s Restaurant – Thursday burger special

Franck’s Restaurant

Cuisine: Fine dining
Address: 6263 Holladay Blvd, Holladay, UT 84121

This fine dining establishment was first helmed by French chef Franck Peissel. After Peissel’s departure for pastures new, the restaurant continued under his name; these days chefs Adam Vickers an Robert Perkins are at the helm. The duo put out a creative and innovative menu that’s one if the boldest and brightest outside of downtown SLC. Pictured is their Thursday burger special where the restaurant put out one of the city’s best burgers, the exact creation changes weekly. Check out this story where I sampled Utah’s most expensive burgers for more info.

Eggs In The City - benedict (Salt Plate City)
Root’d Cafe – spinach and avocado benedict (Salt Plate City)

Root’d Cafe

Cuisine: Breakfast / cafe
Address: 2577 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Once upon a time this was Franck Peissel’s Franck’s Angel Cafe. The spot in Cottonwood Heights is now Root’d Cafe, not to be confused with Roots Cafe a couple miles North mind you; and yes, I’ve already had that confusing conversation with someone myself already.

The menu is surprisingly affordable in today’s age of twelve dollar avocado toasts. Check out the range of options under ten bucks not to mention smart wine choices such as the impeccable Carol Shelton for just $5.

SAOLA - sushi counter area
SAOLA – sushi counter area


Address: 7307 Canyon Centre Pkwy, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
 Cottonwood Heights

SAOLA is a chic modern Vietnamese restaurant located in Cottonwood Heights. It features a large and elegant dining room as well as a spacious sushi bar. We particularly love their small plates, which make fabulous sharing alongside their craft cocktails.

Zaferan Cafe - beef koobideh
Zaferan Cafe in Cottonwood Heights – beef koobideh

Zaferan Cafe

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 7835 Highland Dr, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Undeniably one of the very best restaurants in Cottonwood Heights; not least one of the very best Middle Eastern restaurants in the state too. Iranian cuisine is the focus of a delicious menu here: hearty stews, fine rice preparation and juicy skewers of meat.

Spitz - doner wrap with beast mode upgrade
Spitz – doner wrap with beast mode upgrade


Cuisine: Greek / Mediterranean / gyros
Address: 3158 6200 S, Holladay, UT 84121

Loaded fries, bountiful salads and juicy meat stuffed wraps are the order of the day here. Oh, and pretty much all of those ingredients recombined in various fashions with each other too! The vibe is modern and fun, and there’s craft beer and wine too.

Lone Star Taqueria

Cuisine: Mexican / tacos
Address: 2265 Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Now a stalwart of the dining scene, Lone Star has been slinging tacos with aplomb for as long as we can remember. The casual atmosphere makes it a perfect place to swing by for a delicious lunch or Summery evening on the patio. The restaurant also features a drive thru that’s inevitably back to back – proof positive that these are great tacos.

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