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If you enjoy Gastronomic Salt Lake City and want to help – head on over to Patreon. A subscription costs $5 per month.

In 2024 I decided to remove all those algorithmically inserted ads from our core stories. Those that pop and peep and plurp. Those floating annoyances that get in the way of your reading experience and cause your browser to crash. With those now a thing of the past – the site should now be a safe harbor in an otherwise sea of ad-littered online destinations. If you enjoy reading Gastronomic Salt Lake City, and want to help keep the site ad-free, paying talented local writers, and detailing our dining scene as it unfurls – I’d love your support.

Another option is Instagram. You can hit the subscribe button on my profile, and hey presto you will see bonus content; dishes and drinks that didn’t make it onto the website proper, the cutting room floor if you will. On my profile, you will see a little crown icon that will reveal all the additional subscriber posts. This costs $2.99 per month.

Each platform will take your card details securely (I never see them) and will bill you automatically each month. Feel free to cancel anytime.

I don’t want to pay! I refuse!

That’s cool too. Our primary content will always be 100% free. Keep on reading 🙂