Meet Z’s Gourmet Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauces

Meet Z’s Gourmet Barrel-Aged Pepper sauces (Heather L King)

James and Julie Mcbeth, owners of Z’s Gourmet Hot Sauce, have been bringing the heat to Utah food connoisseurs for eight years now via farmers markets and special events. Their product line includes a spicy bloody Mary mix, pepper powders, salsa and small-batch hot sauces from mild to fire. Yet their latest product edition is … Read more

Lamb burgers – the perfect Winter pick me up

Lamb burger with Crumb Brothers ciabatta

If the archetypal hamburger is a Summer staple – a lamb burger is surely its Wintery cousin. While the former basks in the sun poolside, its gamey opposite is scowling on in brooding disapproval, reading Camus and drinking vermouth. Probably. Which is an overly verbose way of saying, a great lamb burger packs in oodles … Read more

Chili Crisp 101 – what you need to know

If your social feeds resemble mine, you’ve no doubt seen the words chili crisp emblazoned everywhere. You’ve also no doubt been spookily trailed around the web with dazzling ads promising fame, fortune and flavor unparalleled. I’m guessing you’ve also reeled at the cost too. $15? $20!? Bring me my fainting chair Jeeves. Moreover, if you’ve … Read more

Tinga de Pollo – your new favorite Mexican recipe

Tinga de Pollo tacos

Carnitas this, al pastor that, sometimes I lament for humble tinga, a lesser seen protein. For my money it’s all too often overlooked. I was reminded of this fact when dining at Dos Olas lately (review incoming), when chef Carlos Segura‘s wheeled out his mom’s version of the dish. The dish can be summed up … Read more

Do you know about this new Utah bagel business? You will soon..

Baby's Bagels - various bagels

I’ll preface the entirety of the following article by saying only a madman would pronounce something, “the real deal”, “legitimate”, or “the best”. This axiom is especially true to BBQ, burgers, pizza, and also, bagels. Some would proclaim these perplexingly complex discs of dough are only viable using water trundled through NYC’s network of pipes … Read more

Up your sausage game with this Thai-Vietnamese fusion

Bovine & Swine - Thai chicken sausage banh mi

This year, I’ll be expanding the product section of our site; some hands on tips and tricks with products you can find in local stores, some made locally, some not. First up, a great way to use these new sausages that have recently rolled out at local Harmons stores. Bovine & Swine are a great … Read more

The best turkey you’ve ever tasted – get one now

Beltex Meats turkey

Update October 15th: Well. I did warn you to move fast. Beltex confirmed with us today that they moved their entire Thanksgiving turkey order in less than 24 hours… More are expected for Christmas and we’ll let you know… Turkey talk in October? Did I secure my own before writing this post? Is this the … Read more

Drink This Now: Melling’s Nitro Cream Ale

Jason Stock Squatters brewmaster

I interrupt our regular Eat Here Now programming to bring you a very special edition. Ordinarily I like to prattle on about what I’ve been eating, but this week, it’s all about what I’ve been supping. And that dear reader is one exceptionally special drink. Behold. Mister Melling’s Nitro Cream Ale. Yep, you read that … Read more

Harmons’ annual chile roast returns August 20th

Harmons Hatch chile taco rico rice

One of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us. This Friday (August 20th) kicks off Harmons’ annual Hatch Chile Roast. A fierce fiesta of flavor and fire, and overly giddy alliteration too. Swing by all locations (Friday and Saturdays 11 a.m. through 6 p.m.) and you’ll undoubtedly spy an assembled crowd, not … Read more

Meanwhile in beverage news this March

Level Crossing Eternal Pursuit

Here’s a quick roundup of everything happening in the local beer, cocktail and wine world right now. All the following are press releases received recently. Two distinguished members of the Park City Area Restaurant Association (PCARA) are collaborating to deliver a hyperlocal cocktail experience – right to your door. As the winner of the PCARA … Read more

Shake off the February blues with these ten foodie treats

Happy Dumpling - dumplings with sauce

February. Arguably the most miserable of months. Hot on the heels of the penitence of January and months away from the luxuriantly warmer Spring and Summer. February. But wait! I’m guessing you’ve traded in all those unwanted Christmas gifts by now, returning them for cold hard cash; so what about splurging on yourself and lighting … Read more

SLC’s best veggie burgers

Wasatch Brew Pub - veggie burger

The recent rise of meat alternatives like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat has made it clear that more and more diners are skipping beef and opting for meat-free burgers. But not all veggie burgers are created equal— often, they lack flavor and texture and disintegrate as soon as you pick them up. This is … Read more

Beehive Distilling Has Big Plans

Beehive Distilling, the state’s first gin distillery in over 100 years, has completed their move to a large new facility in South Salt Lake, boosting the rapidly increasing number of food and drink destinations in the neighborhood. At 2245 S W Temple, the revamped warehouse space is within walking distance of Saltfire Brewing Company, Shades … Read more

Utah’s female brewers come together on International Women’s Day for Pink Boots Brew Day

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates female leaders and the social, economic, cultural and political achievements made in moving women’s equality forward in hopes of achieving gender parity.  In Utah, female brewers from around the state will come together for Pink Boots Brew Day to create a collaborative brew – … Read more

Products: gear up for the grill

Utah sauces for the BBQ season

If your neighborhood hasn’t already come alive with the smell of searing grills and sultry smokers, I’ll bet you a pound of pulled pork it will any day now. With the Memorial Day weekend fast approaching – the official start of the grillin’ season is upon us; not that hardy Utahns need an excuse to … Read more