Tales from the DABC – legislation update

HSL - cocktails at the bar

The infamous HB 442 wrapped up this week, causing consternation all around; not to mention a good deal of confusion. Here are the key points to take away if anyone still has any lingering queries: * Restaurants can serve alcohol from 10.30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays | I’ll call this one a win actually. … Read more

Tales from the DABC – February 2017

The burger at 5 Seeds in Park City. Now approved to serve beer and winepark city.

Want to get a glimpse into what’s upcoming, new and potentially delicious? The monthly DABC meeting is usually good for a few morsels to chew on. Items of interest from this months meeting include: Club Licenses No new club licenses are to to be entertained for the time being sadly; ostensibly until more concrete details … Read more

Tales from the DABC – January 2017

HSL - another cocktail, because why not

Ever wondered what happens at those notorious DABC meetings? Well, if you didn’t know, they’re recorded and available online to listen to in full. And they can make for some fascinating and compelling listening. You can listen to the January 31st DABC commission meeting here. If you ain’t got time for that, I’ll be recapping … Read more