Do you know about this new Utah bagel business? You will soon..

Baby's Bagels - various bagels

I’ll preface the entirety of the following article by saying only a madman would pronounce something, “the real deal”, “legitimate”, or “the best”. This axiom is especially true to BBQ, burgers, pizza, and also, bagels. Some would proclaim these perplexingly complex discs of dough are only viable using water trundled through NYC’s network of pipes … Read more

The best turkey you’ve ever tasted – get one now

Beltex Meats turkey

Update October 15th: Well. I did warn you to move fast. Beltex confirmed with us today that they moved their entire Thanksgiving turkey order in less than 24 hours… More are expected for Christmas and we’ll let you know… Turkey talk in October? Did I secure my own before writing this post? Is this the … Read more

Drink This Now: Melling’s Nitro Cream Ale

Jason Stock Squatters brewmaster

I interrupt our regular Eat Here Now programming to bring you a very special edition. Ordinarily I like to prattle on about what I’ve been eating, but this week, it’s all about what I’ve been supping. And that dear reader is one exceptionally special drink. Behold. Mister Melling’s Nitro Cream Ale. Yep, you read that … Read more

Harmons’ annual chile roast returns August 20th

Harmons Hatch chile taco rico rice

One of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us. This Friday (August 20th) kicks off Harmons’ annual Hatch Chile Roast. A fierce fiesta of flavor and fire, and overly giddy alliteration too. Swing by all locations (Friday and Saturdays 11 a.m. through 6 p.m.) and you’ll undoubtedly spy an assembled crowd, not … Read more