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street dumplings at rye whiskey and waffles

Restaurant Review Roundup – June 2014

Got the Monday blues? Check out the following two dozen restaurant reviews from local bloggers and find somewhere fun and flavorful to eat somewhere...

Copper Onion: 2013 and beyond

In our recent best SLC dining of 2012, I called out The Copper Onion as my favorite SLC restaurant. It struck me that we...

Best of SLC dining 2012

It's that time of year folks, love it or loathe it - awards time is upon us again. Not just in Hollywood either....

The Copper Onion restaurant review

One of SLC's hottest new spots is The Copper Onion. Popular with local critics and diners alike (check out the nightly crowds!). New American, seasonal, local and housemade are phrases one hears thrown about left, right and center these days, but with The Copper Onion they might actually be more than just marketing hype. Read on to find out our full take on this new restaurant.