Restaurant Review Roundup – June 2015

Kyoto: Broiled squid with soy sauce and ginger
Kyoto Japanese Restaurant: Broiled squid with soy sauce and ginger

A quiet month in restaurant reviews for sure. Given that Utah is now a twin city with the surface of the sun, I can only imagine everyone is holed up at home, AC maxed out, submerged in a bath tub of ice. For those souls brave enough to head out into our new apocalyptic, blast furnace reality, here are the latest restaurant reviews from bloggers and pod/video-casters for dining inspiration. Featured image courtesy of

Avenues Proper

Black Sheep Cafe

Bleu Bistro

The Copper Onion

Current Fish & Oyster

Fat Kid Mac N Cheese

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

Lucky 13

Maddox Ranch House

Naked Fish Japanese Bistro

Pop N Sweets

Red Rock Brewery



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