About Avenues Proper

Avenues Proper - purple potato gnocchi
Avenues Proper – purple potato gnocchi

The basics

Avenues Proper is a New American restaurant located in the historic Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The restaurant was the first project of owner operators Rio Connelly, Andrew Tendick and Liam Connelly. The trio went on to open Proper Burger, Proper Brewing, Stratford Proper, Craft by Proper and most recently the Sweet Sundaes dessert shop.

Avenues Proper - biscuits and gravy
Avenues Proper – biscuits and gravy

Need to know

The menu at Avenues Proper changes seasonally, driven by talented head chef Jeffrey Springer; as such always be sure to check what’s new and interesting. Of particular note is the businesses weekend brunch, one of the most popular destinations in SLC.

If you stop by be sure to also ask what’s freshly brewed via the onsite nano brewery – the small craft brew setup that helped spark the much larger Proper Brewing enterprise.

Other details

Menu: see here
Cuisine: New American
Alcohol: Full bar, on site nano brewery
Vibe: Gastropub
Cost: Medium
Seating: Tables, banquettes, separate bar area with counter
Parking: Own lot and street

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