A first look at the all new Urban Hill in downtown SLC

Urban Hill in downtown Salt Lake City

Anyone who’s escaped downtown via 5th South has no doubt glanced left towards soaring construction. The $200 million dollar Post District has been rising for several years, and as 2022 closes, it’s finally coming into focus. By this time next year as many as 500 residents could be milling around the 13 acre site, a … Read more

First glimpse of the all new Mar | Muntanya – Spanish flair for Utah

Mar | Muntanya - patatas bravas

It’s rare I’ll move this quickly on reporting on a restaurant, but frankly there’s a volcanic level of pent up interest for info on this one. I’ve fielded a whole host of queries from eager beavers, so here’s a few shots I took last night. You’ll want to wrap your peepers around them aprisa. For … Read more

Ready for elegant dine-in? Fenice is ready for you

One mark of the change in food culture during this most recent, nearing-the-end (we hope? maybe? soon??) stage of the pandemic is that diners are opting more often for the kinds of experiences that were hardest to replicate at home. I’m talking about beautifully-plated and more expensive meals, in courses brought out slowly, eaten in … Read more

HallPass – first look at this multi menu hot spot

HallPass header two

I’ve been holding off highlighting this most recent addition to downtown SLC, as until now the business has been slowly ramping up their operating hours. This week however sees this brand new spot debuting their lunch service and finally hitting full stride; this seemed like a timely moment to go over the basics of this … Read more

Bewilder, BeWILDer, BEwildER, a new craft brewery with several sides

Bewilder Brewing notchos header

First a little about me…I love sausages, I am in love with sausages. I grew up in a butchers shop surrounded by ropes of the things. One time on holiday in the UK, I ordered myself a shipment of of sausages, a 12lb batch of artisan sausages…for a five day stay. My love of sausages … Read more

Blue Marlin – two chefs eager to shake up the downtown dining scene

Blue Marlin header

Update March 5th 2020: we’ve just heard news from a variety of sources that both Jake Wardle and Jerry Pacheco have left Blue Marlin. Our original preview and assessment of the business was based off the presence of both these exceptionally talented chefs. We’ve no further info on the menu, approach or setup post their … Read more

Gather around this great new hot pot spot this Winter

Mr Shabu - beef ready for the pot

All you can eat. It’s a phrase that often sends a shudder down my snobbish-spine; quantity almost universally laying waste to quality. There’s always an exception to the rule though and I’m happy to report Mr Shabu, one of The Gateway’s newest restaurants, is just that. Mr Shabu is the work of first time restaurateur … Read more

First look: Carnegie’s Public House and Fat Jack’s

Carnegies - candied bacon up close

Carnegie’s Public House – I could no doubt write a sassy, epic diatribe about the conveyor belt of failure that has beset this Peery Hotel space in recent years. But I won’t. I am above that kind of thing. Well, o.k. I’m not, but I feel as though it’s shooting fish in a tin can … Read more

First look: Escala Provisions Company

With the ski season practically upon us, diner’s hungry from a day on the slopes might want to look a little further afield than Park City’s well trodden main street. Certainly, if my recent meal at Escala Provisions Company was anything to go by, it’s worth the dining excursion. This newest addition to the Hyatt … Read more

First look: Taqueria 27

I’ll be the first to admit that typical Mexican/South of the border styled restaurants, don’t get me overly excited. Don’t get me wrong – I love the flavors, ingredients and dishes of the cuisine. More often than not however, execution is mediocre. A side splat of sad refried beans, chewy and listless rice and plates … Read more