Utah peach season is here – don’t miss out

Utah peach burrata

As a person who regularly and loudly tells the Internet what she’s eating (see, e.g., here, here, and here), I am frequently asked what my favorite food is. The answer is too easy. While there are countless things I love to put in my face, my ultimate, very best, if-I-could-only-have-one-food-I’d-pick-this-one-every-time is peaches. Fresh ones, specifically. … Read more

Ready for elegant dine-in? Fenice is ready for you

One mark of the change in food culture during this most recent, nearing-the-end (we hope? maybe? soon??) stage of the pandemic is that diners are opting more often for the kinds of experiences that were hardest to replicate at home. I’m talking about beautifully-plated and more expensive meals, in courses brought out slowly, eaten in … Read more