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Laurel Brasserie & Bar

Laurel Brasserie and Bar at Grand America

Laurel Brasserie and Bar at Grand America

Laurel Brasserie And Bar is the main restaurant and bar space housed  in the Grand America hotel, located in downtown Salt Lake City.  The space offers both a restaurant and separate 21+ only bar.

Laurel opened to the public in early December 2021 after extensive refurbishment of the previous dining space.   The new restaurant offers a more relaxed atmosphere and accessible menu; with that in mind, no dish exceeded thirty dollars on opening day.

The focus is a blend of familiar European comfort food dishes, a mix of French and Italian classics, dishes such as steak frites and carbonara.

Despite the refurbishment and reboot the restaurant still operates a popular weekend brunch option, and is also one of the hottest holiday tickets in town for Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day special menus.

The bar area is as cost conscious as the dining side of operations with a variety of wallet friendly craft cocktails, local beers and spirits too.  Worthy of note, the bars attached patio making for a great Spring and Summer sipping spot.

555 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 258-6708

Laurel - steak frites

Laurel – steak frites

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