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Dough Miner

Dough Miner exterior

Dough Miner exterior

The Dough Miner is a restaurant located in Salt Lake City.  The Dough Miner opened in July 2022 in the quickly revamping Maven District. The area is also home to T.F. Brewing and Kaisers BBQ across the road, as well as Tacos Garay a few doors down.

The main focus is English style Cornish pastys.   If you’re new to pastys, they’re essentially the U.K. version of the calzone, the empanada, the samosa.    The Dough Miner offers a quartet of options including the  traditional version feature ground beef, potato, carrot and turnip – wrapped in a thick, buttery rich pastry.  See our full write up on their opening here.

The fine baking doesn’t end here though – the cafe offers top notch donuts, bagels and a range of sweet goods – all crafted in house.

Dough Miner - funeral potatoes pasty

Dough Miner – funeral potatoes pasty


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