So Cupcake

The newly opened So Cupcake on 3939 South and highland Dr. seems to be a big hit so far. I really like their website, might have to try a cake …

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Mikado restaurant review

Not a week goes by without me coming across gushing praise for Takashi. But what of the old Japanese guard downtown, specifically Mikado. Does Mikado still have what it takes to compete with the lauded Takashi Gibo. Read on to find out.

Thai Lotus restaurant review

Our latest review takes us to the down town area and Thai Lotus. Thai food is practically omnipresent these days, so a restaurant really needs to be on top of it’s game to compete. Read on to find out how Thai Lotus stacks up.

Weekly round-up 03/14/08

Pizzeria 712 gets its second review in as many weeks. El Rey Del Pollo and Mazza also feature elsewhere. An overview of dining at the Deer valley resort is also offered by the City Weekly.

Weekly round-up 03/07/08

Not much to report on this week, with a somewhat sparse 7 days of restaurant reviews. This week in the valley reviewers cast their critical attention over Pizzeria 712, Fratelli Ristorante and The Cheesecake Factory.

Baxters American restaurant review

One of Salt Lake City’s newest restaurants arrives with little to no local fanfare. It’s obvious a lot of time, money and effort has gone into this new eatery. Too gimmicky or just plain fun? Read on to find out more.

Weekly round-up 02/29/08

A bumper crop of 5 reviews this week including items from Your Heart Out and The Salt Lake Chow Hounds. Restaurants tackled this week include Z’Tejas, 350 Main, Q4U and Yamasaki.

Sapporo Japanese Grill restaurant review

Yet another Japanese restaurant appears on the already bustling Salt Lake City scene. We take a trip down to Sapporo Japanese Grill to see how this new restaurant stacks up against the competition. Read on to find out more.

Weekly round-up 02/22/08

Settebello does everything right for pizza lovers while Shanghai Cafe gives great budget vietnamese food. Thai Orchid and Citta Gelato & Cafe make up the heavyweight reviews. Ted Scheffler tackles the unique Yurt dining experience.

Braza Grill restaurant review

We thought we would take a break from the structured set-up of the standard dining experience. This week we tried Braza Grill in Murray. So how does this Brazilian export stack up against the more traditional restaurant meal. Read on to find out.

Weekly round-up 02/15/08

The first in a planned weekly round-up of all the latest restaurant reviews in Salt Lake City. This week sees five in total from The City Weekly, ASKSLC, Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Chowhounds.

Cedars of Lebanon restaurant review

Cedars of Lebanon has long been on our list of restaurants to visit. We are huge lovers of Middle Eastern food. Varying reasons have conspired over the years to stop us sampling this popular down town spot. This week we finally laid this to rest.

Monsoon Thai Bistro restaurant review

Thai food is without question now a standard cuisine on the culinary map. With so many options and locations opening apace, a reliable goto place is a must. We go over our personal favorite.

Ganesh Indian Cuisine restaurant review

This week we head Southwards to Fort Union, in order to check out Ganesh Indian Cuisine. Indian food being one of our most loved cuisines meant we were quite excited for the meal. Read on to see if that was justified.

Stella Grill restaurant review

A new restaurant from the group that brought Salt Lake Martine? Things look promising for this casual and unassuming neighbourhood restaurant. Read on to see our latest visit to Stella Grill.

Indochine Vietnamese Bistro

UPDATE 2013: See here for our latest review of Indochine Vietnamese restaurant. Recently we reviewed the seemingly polarizing Indochine Vietnamese Bistro. Over in the Tribune, Vanessa Chang also covers the …

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Pho Green Papaya restaurant review

West Valley City is home to a vast array of worldy flavours. Pho Green Papaya adds another Vietnamese restaurant to an already burgeoning landscape of top notch eateries. How does this new kid on the block fare?

Monsoon Thai Bistro

This sunday (January 13th) sees Monsoon Thai Bistro’s latest wine dinner, focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon. A steal at $25 for 6 courses with the wine pairing $24.95.

Kyoto restaurant review

While most may be huddled over their Udon and Sukiyaki in the cold winter months, we love sushi all year round. Join us on our most recent trip to the ever consistent Kyoto.