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New restaurants in Utah – April 2019

Level Crossing Brewing

Level Crossing Brewing Company - Utah Uncommon beer
Level Crossing Brewing Company – Utah Uncommon beer
Level Crossing Brewing Company - ribbon cutting with mayor Cherie Wood
Level Crossing Brewing Company – ribbon cutting with mayor Cherie Wood
Level Crossing Brewing Company - vintage truck and stage
Level Crossing Brewing Company – vintage truck and stage
Level Crossing Brewing Company - 1946 license plate
Level Crossing Brewing Company – 1946 license plate
Level Crossing Brewing Company - mural art
Level Crossing Brewing Company – mural art
Level Crossing Brewing Company – brewer Chris Detrick
Level Crossing Brewing Company barrel
Level Crossing Brewing Company barrel
Level Crossing Brewing Company exterior
Level Crossing Brewing Company exterior

Yes, we’re starting out of alphabetical sequence this month, and yes it’s because I got some lovely photos from the recent ribbon cutting event of this new South Salt Lake Brewery. And yes, its because I love all things beer. O.k. yes, I can shorten that to: yes because beer. Anyway…

You’ll find the new Level Crossing Brewing Company slightly adjacent and below SoSL’s iconic water tower and at this point they’ve been open a couple of weeks; by all accounts wowing the crowds too. Not just me that loves all things beer I see.

Out of the gate there are four brews, the pale ale is my recommendation of the quartet, a little fruitier than other local brewers. The Utah Uncommon is fun too, a light, slightly smokey darker beer. I believe a few more may have been released since my initial visit too. A few more fun facts.

That reclaimed 1946 Chevy truck (from a farm in Sterling UT) has a reinforced bed on the back for live bands to perform. The spent grain from the beer goes to a local farmer to feed his animals which in turn will be sold back to the brewery to support the kitchen menu (pizza, sandwiches etc).

The bar staff have a cool instant canning tool if you want to take beer to go – they can fill and can any 32oz fresh beer quickly to go. The back wall mural was designed by Jann Haworth, a Grammy award winner for her work with the Beatles Sgt Peppers album cover.

It’s a bright and classy modern package and brewer Chris Detrick seems to know his stuff; not to mention seems like an excited kid on Christmas day, eager to play with a bounty of gifts. One to watch drink at for sure.

2496 S W Temple, South Salt Lake, UT 84115
(385) 270-5752


Bartolo’s is a new Kimball Junction operation courtesy of wife and husband team Rhia and Alex Bartolo. Ambitiously open seven days a week, and for all three services, the duo are ready to feed you any day, any time.

While house made pasta is the star of the show for lunch and dinner, there’s none to be spied on the breakfast menu; for now you’ll have to choose from sensible things like eggs and muesli. Cmon, don’t lie, you know you want breakfast pasta. Just saying. Be sure to read this early look at Bartolo’s over on Dishing PC for more info.

1241 Center Dr L100, Park City, UT 84098
(435) 604-0608


Barrio - wagyu steak, carnitas and grilled shrimp tacos (Saltplatecity)
Barrio – wagyu steak, carnitas and grilled shrimp tacos (Saltplatecity)

This new SLC taco spot are the new next door neighbors to 9th South’s Chanon Thai. The restaurant opened in February of 2019 and specializes in gourmet street tacos – e.g. bring more than a buck with you. The restaurant’s owner has previous pedigree on the SLC dining scene, being involved with the operations at both Lucky 13 and Trolley Wing Co formerly.

282 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 613-2251

Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin exterior (Cafe Berlin)
Cafe Berlin exterior (Cafe Berlin)

Once upon a time this Sandy restaurant was Britton’s restaurant, it’s now freshly re-monikered with a Teutonically inspired name and menu; available for lunch and dinner offering: breakfast, burgers, German food such as schnitzel, jägerschnitzel, bratwurst, currywurst, potato pancakes (reibekuchen), potato Salad, gulasch and more.

694 E Union Square, Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 572-5148

Charley’s Philly Steaks

This chain restaurant recently opened up over at the South Towne Mall. The menu features a range of cheesesteaks alongside a selection of loaded fries. Loaded fries apparently a must have item these days – no one has time for regular boring fries anymore it seems.

I’m sure there’s more than a few restauranteurs out there scratching around for the next big thing right about now, so here you go, inspiration: loaded egg salad, loaded stews, loaded soup, loaded toast. Wait you guys already figured that last one out yourselves.

10450 S State, Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 553-1888

Cotton Kitchen

Cotton Kitchen is a brand spanking new breakfast and lunch spot in Holladay and it takes in a wide range of international inspiration. There are dishes like lox or avocado toast for breakfast (no comment) and Indian butter chicken for lunch, and a little bit of everything in between. The whole affair is a concise and clean affair, not to mention affordable – just $9 for braised short ribs over mash?

3158 6200 S Ste B, Holladay, UT 84117
(385) 274-4749


Cupbop - ugly bop bowl
Cupbop – ugly bop bowl

I’ve written time and again about the inexorable rise of Cupbop. The onslaught of boppery continues apace, not least with a surprising new tactic for complete and utter domination. The Korean grub cup outfit’s latest strategy is to partner up with other businesses, in a mini food court fashion of sorts.

Recent Facebook and Instagram posts show the business clambering on board with Ramen 930 in downtown SLC and Ramen 930/El Paisa Grill over in Layton.


Ogden’s Iggy’s is no more. Instead you’ll now find the family owned Cooper’s in the former spot at The Junction. Read the full scoop on the new owners and the restaurant over at The Standard Examiner.

2309 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 528-5131

El Dorado

Meanwhile over in Bountiful you’ll find a second location of this Mexican entry that specializes in seafood. The menu features a range of interesting dishes. Mega tubos?

435 500 W, Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 520-6625

Five Sushi Brothers

This late night sushi spot started life out in Provo – most recently they opened a new Downtown SLC location in the space left empty by Ikigai/Naked Fish. The concept here is similar: contemporary and cool, open into the wee hours.

The provo location both opens and delivers until midnight, here’s hoping the SLC outpost matches or exceeds that. We have a true dearth of decent late night options; staring in a mix of fear, excitement and hope at a sev microwavable-burger at 1 a.m. is no way to live an adult life. Trust me.

67 W 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 425-7210

Kou Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is this months IT food. Numerous spots are opening up across the valley including this Midvale spot with seemingly a Utah first. As far as I know the menu here is priced literally by how you measure up. The dinner menu states:

Children under 40 inches eat FREE
Children between 40-55 inches $9.99

Adults can dine for dinner for $18.99 regardless of stature – from a menu that is impressively large. Also be aware Kou enforces a 2 hour limit per table so you might want to get your skates on too.

7157 S, State St, Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 996-8415

Lovebirds Chicken

At the end of 2018 I prognosticated a year of sunshine, good times and deep fried chicken. Well o.k. one of those three things. The year so far hasn’t been as golden and crisp as I’d like but hey there’s still time. Lovebirds (get it) over in Provo are helping to lend some credence to my crystal ball predications anyway.

The restaurant follows a similar model laid out by downtown’s Viet Pham and Pretty Bird: fried chicken with a kick of heat.

4801 N University Ave Ste 860, Provo, UT 84604
(818) 309-3381

Mark Of The Beastro

A successful Kickstarter helped launch this vegan eatery that loves a good pun – I’m not judging, I’m powerless in the face of puns too. The banter continue aplenty via the businesses description:

Fresh from the loins of Seitan to your seat at the BSC, salt lake’s newest Vegan Diner is coming soon to feed all your unholy appetites.

Focusing on a classic diner menu and vegan comfort food, Mark of the Beastro aims to bring Salt Lake the vegan menu it’s been missing. Located at Salt Lake holy ground, 666 So. State street, we’re joining with our partners in the Beehive Social Club to create a nightlife and dining atmosphere the dark lord would be proud of.

666 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(385) 202-7386

Mozz Artisan Pizza

Mozz Artisan Pizza - oven (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza – oven (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza - interior (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza – interior (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza – serrano pizza (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza - butternut squash pizza (Katherine Stevenson)
Mozz Artisan Pizza – butternut squash pizza (Katherine Stevenson)

Guest write up by Katherine: Mozz Artisan Pizza opened in the old Block 100 Antiques space on University Avenue on March 12th, with a custom-built wood-fired pizza oven and a short, simple menu of ten pizzas, two salads, and a sandwich. The revamped space features an open kitchen, family-style seating, and six soda taps from Taproot, a new local handcrafted soda company.

I tried the Serrano & Honey pizza and the Butternut Squash pizza, plus the Caesar Salad. The serrano pizza was surprisingly spicy for Utah County, and the squash pizza was a great flavor combination with pecans and chevre. The crusts were authentic Neapolitan style: thin, a little chewy, a little crispy, with plenty of bubbles and burnt spots from the oven. The salad was fresh and tasty and a generous portion. This is a great addition to downtown Provo, where the pizza offerings are so far limited to doughy local options like Two Jacks or chains like Dominos. (KS)

45 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601
(801) 852-0069


Oquirrh interior
Oquirrh interior
Oquirrh - carrots
Oquirrh – carrots
Oquirrh - Traeger smoked cabbage
Oquirrh – Traeger smoked cabbage
Oquirrh - curry fried lamb shank
Oquirrh – curry fried lamb shank
Oquirrh - coffee cake
Oquirrh – coffee cake
Oquirrh - sunchoke cereal
Oquirrh – sunchoke cereal
Oquirrh - exterior
Oquirrh – exterior

Oquirrh Restaurant is the work of Angela and Andrew Fuller – two names that might immediately ring a bell if you follow the SLC dining scene. The former most recently helped launch the small plate Post Office Place while husband ‘Drew counts stints behind the line at a number of SLC’s best restaurants: Pago, Copper Onion and HSL, and it shows.

A vivacious toque of carrots – roasted and cured and pureed – nods to similar veggie TLC ala Pago’s Phelix Gardner; a grandiose curry deep fried lamb shank meanwhile is right in the wheelhouse of Ryan Lowder’s brassy Copper Onion. Dessert is perhaps the clearest link in the lineage – Alexa Norlin’s (also an HSL alum) Normal Ice Cream featuring in the offering.

None of this is to say this is emulation or copying, the dishes here are unique in their own right, and stand alone collectively as the Fuller’s own work. Some would call this New American or chef driven cooking, but those phrases are well, crap. Lets just call this what it is, a really good restaurant.

368 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 359-0426

Brunch menu

Pasha Middle Eastern Cuisine

There’s currently little to no info about this new Middle Eastern restaurant that moved into the space left vacant by the extinct Eklektic on the edge of downtown SLC. There’s a website with scant details, and certainly a beer/wine license recently awarded by the DABC. But frankly little else at this time. If you stop by let me know!

60 E 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 355-1515

Penguin Brothers

I decided to use the above picture rather than overly happy and bouncing chaps that run Penguin; draped in pastel blue suits and beaming smiles. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a terrible curmudgeon, maybe if I ate some of the sweet treats from Penguin my demeanor would be more amenable.

If you’re looking for a similar dose of happiness, you’ll find the new Salt Lake County operation of Penguin Brothers (they hail from Provo) over in Sugar House – just behind Millies Burgers.

2040 S 1000 E, SLC, UT 84105
(801) 709-0599

Riverbank Bar

Riverbank Bar - interior
Riverbank Bar – interior
Riverbank Bar - scotch eggs
Riverbank Bar – scotch eggs
Riverbank Bar - fried ribs
Riverbank Bar – fried ribs

After what seemed like an absolute eternity of permit wrangling with Millcreek city, Riverbank Bar finally opened just opposite the Harmons Brickyard location. What’s that you say, a quick beer before headed over to Bob and Randys, don’t mind if I do.

Riverbank is from the same folks behind hipster hang out Campfire Lounge on 21st, and long long ago, Bayleaf Cafe in downtown SLC. This is a 21+ bar so have your ID’s ready; oh it’s also a former Chase Bank location too, in case you were wondering why the drive thru window. No, no drive through beers for you.

1306 Woodland Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 484-1718


R&R BBQ two meat plate
R&R BBQ two meat plate

After their purchase by franchise overlords Four Food Group, R&R BBQ has sprouted to eight meaty locations across the valley. Farmington is the latest locale for the group to plant their flag. Expect more locations as the group grows the former brothers Livingstone BBQ joint.

426 Cabelas Drive, Farmington, UT 84025
(385) 429-3551

Santorini’s Greek Grill

Fries (Santorini's Greek Grill)
Fries (Santorini’s Greek Grill)

A new Greek restaurant out in Farmington offering a variety of familiar flavors via the currently in vogue build it yourself menu model. Want a gyro loaded with blue cheese, garbanzos beans and honey mango dressing? If that’s your type of crazy, you can go right ahead here.

290 Central Ave, Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-5850

Sicilia Mia

Hot on their heels and with five locations is this family owned trattoria. Perhaps best known at this time for their slick presentation of carbonara, finishes in fiery wheels of cheese. People love a good show, who’s gonna bring back the banana foster cart guys?

895 W E Promontory, Farmington, UT 84025
(385) 988-3727


Slapfish - lobster grinder. Credit Slapfish
Slapfish – lobster grinder. Credit Slapfish

Its all go right now up in Farmington – here’s another you can add to the list of recently opened restaurant in the area. This chain restaurant offers up an array of Instagram friendly foods with a seafood bent. Lobster grinders through chowder topped fries, it’s all very easy on the eyes.

254 North University Avenue Drive, Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-5351

Sozo Kitchen

More stealthy than an F35, this small mom and pop operation have been flying low under the radar for a while, seemingly undetected by most people. A thoroughly homespun affair located in SoSL, the Taiwanese menu is a compact and wallet friendly affair.

3390 State St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Sumac Cafe

Once upon a time this location housed Zaferan Cafe, a humble Middle Eastern bistro that I was quite enamored with when I reviewed it for the Salt Lake Tribune. Zaferan has since moved onto a new location (still in ritzy Cottonwood Heights) and in its place, this similarly styled Iranian restaurant.

I’d guess at some familial link here, but I really don’t know for sure; ask when you stop by and let me know the deal, not to mention if the food is as good as Zaferan.

2578 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
(801) 733-4444

Vessel Kitchen

Cuisine at Vessel Kitchen (Vessel Kitchen)
Cuisine at Vessel Kitchen (Vessel Kitchen)

Another local upstart seemingly intent on rapid fire expansion. Vessel Kitchen has both a mission and an ethos which would ordinarily have me reaching furiously for the cynicism about now; but their Park City location comes with more than 300+ Yelp reviews, coming in at the 4.5 mark. So I’ll shut my trap, the people have spoken.

This latest opening is located on Midvale’s Golden Food Alley – sorry I mean Fort Union Boulevard. A further location will complete the trifecta soon, when a 9th and 9th outpost replaces the now closed Great Harvest.

1146 E. Fort Union Blvd, Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 337-5055

Coming Soon

Blue Marlin

Remember when sushi was the hot new thing. Quickly replaced by Thai, then ramen, and at the moment Korean BBQ… Well, sushi is all the rage again. At least with a raft of recent openings; Kaze, Five Brothers and coming soon a location downtown for this Sandy sushi spot.

Craft By Proper

Utah craft brews only (Craft By Proper)
Utah craft brews only (Craft By Proper)

Speaking of things the people want and love, nay demand and need: beer. Coming to Sugar House (across the road from Mellow Mushroom, Hopkins, Wasatch-ish) on April 19th is Proper Brewing’s Utah beer only bar. Yep, you read that right.

I’m actually surprised it’s taken until now for someone to test the waters with this concept. Craft By Proper will have 32 beers on tap from a variety of Utah craft brewers including 80-100 by the bottle. Read more on Slug. Given the Proper guys pedigree, this will be a smash success.

Also, can I be a fly on wall when the first unsuspecting patron demands a Bud Light and gets really upset when they can’t understand the Utah only concept. Pretty please.

Curry Up Now

This franchise will be coming soon to Utah later this year The fast food chain that takes a modern whirl at Indian is slated to open their first location on Midvale’s Golden Food Alley come this Fall, with upto 20 units plants for Utah and Colorado in total.

Carson Kitchen

Also coming to Utah and a very leftfield move at that – one of a few Nevada businesses looking to make the trip Northward. Carson Kitchen should be coming to SLC shortly, which fact fans will note was started back in 2004 by Vegas celeb chef Kerry Simon.

No word yet on what to expect from the Utah iteration, but my guess would be something drenched in contemporary and cool. A classic French eatery this will not be. Here’s the Vegas menu replete with trendy ingredients like cauliflower and gochujang.

Ginger Street

Coming to 300 South and State, with a purported May opening date is this link up between former Even Steven’s president Micahel McHenry and Provisions’ Tyler Stokes. The wraps recently came off the secret concept, unveiling a Southeast Asian street food menu. The Ginger Street site promises:

Ginger Street is a Fast-Causal ‘Southeast Asian Hawker Style Street Food Restaurant created by, Michael McHenry and Chef Tyler Stokes. Featuring a fresh and locally sourced, inventive menu in a hip and clean atmosphere— We use real ingredients of the highest quality that encompasses the Holy Trinity of flavor (sweet, sour and salty) that creates balance and truly defines what it means to be a Southeast Asian Hawker Style Street Food Restaurant. Our menu is healthy, inclusive and energizing. Serving only REAL food for the people.

With the dearly missed Plum Alley from downtown SLC’s dining scene it shouldn’t come as much surprise that someone decided to take a second swing at the concept; certainly Stoke’s has history with these flavors at the popular Provisions.

Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy
Nacho Daddy

For lovers of puns and heaving plates of calories, Nacho Daddy promises never a dry chip in the house. At the time of writing this NV-imported business looks set to open in downtown SLC, just adjacent to the new AC Hotel. Expect local Instagram accounts to blossom with snaps of hefty platters of melted cheese and myriad toppings.

Seon Korean Barbecue

Another Iggy’s bites the dust, and another restauranteur rolls the dice. This time, the old downtown Iggy’s is set to be replaced by this KBBQ DIY spot ASAP. Rumor has it a couple other Korean Q spots are opening up on 3300 S and Redwood too.

Sweet Rolled Tacos

This one via Press Release and coming this Summer:

The Gateway, Utah’s premier community gathering, dining and entertainment destination is happy to welcome Sweet Rolled Tacos to The Gateway this summer. A first-to-Utah concept, Sweet Rolled Tacos will be located on the south end of The Gateway, convenient to the Megaplex Theaters and adjacent to popular MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza and the soon-to-open Food Hall, a Utah first.

Serving premium, hand-rolled ice cream in colorful waffle taco shells with a wide array of imaginative toppings, they also feature drinks and milkshakes, with 23+ flavorful options to choose from, along with iced tea and coffee, and special vegan offerings. Their mission is to create the ultimate artisan ice-cream experience, serving unique, premium products, full of flavor and fun for everyone.

“We are excited to make The Gateway, Salt Lake City, our home,” said Jared Weech with Sweet Rolled Tacos. We roll out happiness to every patron we serve. With a friendly, welcoming staff, a menu full of fun and creative, premium products, and a fresh, modern atmosphere, you are guaranteed a SWEET experience!

“Sweet Rolled Tacos is unique and fun and it fits perfectly with our growing list of first-to-Utah restaurants and entertainment options,” says Jacklyn Briggs, marketing director for The Gateway. “It’s just another reason to come explore the property and try something new as you play at The Gateway”  



The above snap was sent to me by a reader of the site last month, eager to know more about this SoSL (seriously, we’re going to make this a phrase, just accept it) business coming together. Frankly I was perhaps even more excited, and yes, I know how sad that is.

Some minor Googlefu shows this is either a bricks and mortar offshoot of an existing taco cart business OR a new venture from the folks behind The Rose Establishment. Place your bets!

Tin Angel Eccles

Still in the pipeline but apparently mired in some form of leasing hum drum at present – the sophomore effort from the Tin Angel team. You might recall this modest spot in the Eccles Theatre, formerly operated by Cuisine Unlimited disintegrated last year amid back and forth legal wrangles.

Trolley Wing Company

While they might say you can never go home, TWC owner Jess Wilkerson would claim they are wrong. Reported over in the Trib, TWC is set to return to their Trolley Square roots.

Wilkerson will look to secure a full liquor license for his return to Trolley and with it a a 14 to 16 seater bar with additional patio seating weather permitting. The Trib also reports the menu will be simpler than other locations, with just five wing flavors: traditional, barbecue, teriyaki, cajun honey and (for awkward pun lovers) the “four skin,” a blend of four flavors.


AKA Wine & Bite’s is a a new destination for Ogdenites, planned to open this Summer. Here’s the glorious detail via press release:

The Monarch, Ogden’s future epicenter for creative connection, announces the occupant for its corner restaurant as WB’s, a new concept for local restaurant owner Amy Britt that is unparalleled in downtown Ogden. The “neighborhood daily” will be a coffee house by morning and wine bar by night featuring whimsical menu items with Latin European flair in a cozy and artful space. WB’s opens in June along with The Monarch’s creative studios, event venues and exhibition space.

WB’s, an acronym for wine & bites and a play on the owner’s initials, identifies as New American Cuisine, a modern style of dining that offers culturally inspired dishes prepared in unique and playful ways. Having traveled with her wife through Spain in recent years, Britt was inspired to devise menu items with a Latin twist. However affordable prices, local vendors and “fast casual” style give WB’s a straightforward and approachable appeal. The restaurant will have an open design concept with exposed kitchen, integrated bar and seasonal patio.

Designed to fit within the vision of The Monarch and the Nine Rails Creative District, WB’s will emphasize contemporary art and modern music. Britt plans to use marketing dollars to feature local and regional artists whose work will become part of the restaurant’s draw. “I’m excited to see Ogden grow into this 60,000 square foot space,” says Britt of The Monarch. “We’re becoming known for the artistic and creative folks we have living in the Ogden area and I’m glad to see an outlet for that.”

WB’s will open for breakfast and lunch with menus that include “on the go” options for downtown commuters. Small plates and entrees are served in the evening along with wines on tap, curated cocktails and craft beer. Also on the drink menu are non-alcoholic “whimsies” with herbs and mixers that mimic drinks like an old fashioned or gin and tonic. Sundays will offer a savory brunch menu from 10am to 3:30pm. “WB’s will have a casual atmosphere, but we’re not a shot and a beer kind of place,” says Britt. “We’re trying to create a space where you can hang out in the evenings, have conversation and experience art. We’re not trying to create just another bar in Ogden.”


Lastly, one last tip off from our friends at the Downtown SLC Alliance – this new City Creek food court spot, expected to offer Nepali and Indian cuisine.

Restaurant Coupons

The following coupons are some of the most interesting / best coupons right now. Disclosure: some links may be affiliate links, eg Groupon,, and we earn a small commission from each sale.

City Brew Tour – Nearly 30% off thus four hour guided tasting and tour of Utah brews.

Este Pizza – 40% off the popular Salt Lake pizza restaurant.

Itto Sushi downtown SLC – 38% off via Groupon. Fun sushi spot.

Kaze Sushi – 30% off this brand new Japanese restaurant in downtown SLC.

Maize Tacos – 30% off this downtown SLC taco restaurant on to go orders.

Ramen Legend – Sugar House Japanese spot, coupon valid for take out or dine in.

Errors, omissions, WTFs?

These longer roundups are usually composed over the course of many weeks and built from lots of different sources and tips. Honestly, it’s a lot to keep track off. If I missed anyone, or made any particular egregious error in the info above – let me know in the comments below so I can address it ASAP.

More new restaurants?

Check out these other recent roundups of whats new on the dining scene. While not quite as brand new as those listed above, you still might somewhere new to discover and explore:

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