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New Restaurants – August 2018

Arancini Snack

You might remember this name from the Taste For The Space contest in 2017; the business previously competed in that contest to win a space in the South Towne Mall. That particular contest was won by the burger flipping Special Courses, but Arancini Snack is now back and in their own words, the South American import states:

“Arancini Snack is a thriving business that first opened its doors in Venezuela and is now opening a store in beautiful Murray, Utah. Our goal is to be a recognizable franchise with stores across the nation. Here at Arancini Snack we sell a unique and exclusive product that is not offered at other fast food franchises, our Arancini. We also offer PASTICHO SICILIANO, which is the typical lasagna in Sicily.”

So if you find yourself in beautiful Murray Utah, be sure to stop by for some deep fried goodness.

6191 State St, Murray, UT 84107
(801) 300-7127

Beaumont Bakery And Cafe

This casual cafe replaces the former Around Eatery over on the East benches. There’s croissant and kouing aman. There’s avocado toast and fresh daily quiche. But wait, what exactly is a cruller? Apparently, according to one satisfied customer, “crullers are to die for. Light, airy dough with a sweet glaze balanced out by savory sea salt. If you try one thing, make sure it’s these donuts.”. The secret to Beaumont’s cruller appears to be their eclair batter, resulting in a particularly light pastry. You’ll have to go and find out what a cruffin is for yourself though…

3979 S Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
(801) 676-9340

Campos Coffee Roastery And Kitchen interior SLC (Campos)
Campos Coffee Roastery And Kitchen interior SLC (Campos)

Campos Roastery

Downtown SLC welcomes the second Utah location for this Australian import, the first being Park City. The coffee roaster offers a full range of fancy brews amid painfully hip settings as is de rigeur for this sort of thing. On the food side of things the business serves breakfast and lunch with a smattering of Aussie flavors. No snags though sadly…

228 Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 953-1512

Curry Pizza

Do you like pizza? Do you like curry? Do you have a pulse? The answer should be yes to all of these. Well no longer do you have to dip and dunk your slice into your jalfrezi like a savage. Now you can enjoy your curry and pizza cravings all in a single bite. The new West Valley City location of Curry Pizza blends these two luxurious favorites together. Mango curry pizza with goat – you got it!. The business offers vegan and gluten free creations in addition to sauces that range from the exotic to the routine; yes you can have a regular mozazarella and marinara creation if you insist on harshing everyone’s vibe.

M2927 South 5600 West #D, West Valley City, Utah
(801) 890-0415

The Dispensary

If the name David Heiblim rings a bell, that’s because you probably remember him from his past life at Este Deli and Este Pizza. Heiblim left those businesses in order to begin his new business, The Dispensary, focusing this time around on pot pies. Because, well, why wouldn’t you want to focus on a pot pie? The menu at the medicinally inspired Dispensary features a range of regular pies with a rotating special created in partnership with a local restaurant.

54 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(385) 429-0917

Fat Fish - maki roll from WVC location
Fat Fish – maki roll from WVC location
Fat Dish - dragon balls from WVC location
Fat fish – dragon balls from WVC location

Fat Fish

One of my favorite sushi spots in town now has a sister location over in Bountiful. Owned by the folks behind Sapa and Bucket O Crawfish (and Pho Green Papaya way back when fans) the original Fat Fish resides over in West Valley City. While Fat Fish WVC doesn’t break any moulds, what it does do admirably is serve a fun modern maki menu thats executed solidly and priced affordably. If the formula is replicated like for like at the new Northern location, there’ll be plenty of new Fat Fish converts.

595 W 2600 S, Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 797-5163

Fuku Sushi

Not much info on this one yet, a cursory glance suggests this your common garden variety sushi operation with the familiar faces of maki rolls etc. Kaysvillians (?) let me know what you think.

66 South Main Street, Kaysville, UT 84037
(801) 719-6543

Hug Hes Cafe

With 30 years under their belts, the third location for this popular Northern Utah cafe opens in Centerville. The menu is classic American cafe – think French dip sandwiches side by side with chicken fried steak. There’s even liver and onions for old skool / Lecter types. Three decades of success clearly underscores a winning recipe.

330 North Marketplace Dr., Centerville
(801) 992-3727

Itto Sushi - maki roll from original Midvalr location
Itto Sushi – maki roll from original Midvalr location
Itto Sushi - maki roll from Midvalr location
Itto Sushi – maki roll from Midvalr location

Itto Sushi

Since their acquisition by the Cupbop guys, the expansion of this casual sushi business continues apace. The next location for the sushi operation that began life in Midvale – is downtown, 300 South and Main to be precise. The restaurant is scheduled to open this week. On offer is a wide menu of creative maki rolls as well as traditional Japanese entrees like donburi, teriyaki, tonkatsu, sukiyaki and more.

You’ll be sure to know when they do finally open – you’ll likely spot the flames from afar – one of Itto’s signature rolls come to the table aflame. Those kindred spirits who share my own clumsy, hamfisted ways are probably advised to bring their own fire extinguisher.

Main Street 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

JINYA ramen bowl: cha cha cha ramen bowl
Jinya Ramen Bar: cha cha cha ramen bowl (Jinya)
JINYA ramen bar: pig ear chicharron
JINYA ramen bar: pig ear chicharron (Jinya)

Jinya Ramen Bar

Location two of this modestly sized ramen chain comes to the trendy Sugar House neighborhood. There are now somewhere around nine of ten thousand ramen restaurants in town. Disclaimer: math isn’t my strong point. Despite its franchised nature, Jinya has a decent following and solid reputation for its range of Japanese noodle bowls and small plates. Bonus points for the Sugar House location which comes replete with a full bar menu that’s decently priced; local craft beers start at $5 and cocktails $7.

675 East 2100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
(801) 883-9466

Kung Fu Hot Pot

Just opened and limited info at the time of press…but this could be an intriguing one. Based purely off what I’m reading on Yelp, this hot pot spot on State offers an all you can eat menu that ranges $16-$22 per person; choose your selections of meat and veggies, and cook it table side at your discretion. The whole thing is ordered from your seat via iPads and the menu is virtually all in Chinese.

Reviews are impressively positive indicating we might have a new legit Chinese restaurant in town. Go grab a seat before word spreads and let me know.

1465 State St Salt Lake City, UT 84115

London Belle Supper Club

Surely set to cause some debate is this new bar and restaurant on Main Street. The name apparently stems from one of SLC’s more notorious madams of times past, and the business really wants to riff on this as a concept – everything from the staff outfits through to dishes such as the curiously named Brothel Burger. Here’s the businesses official blurb about the whole thing:

“Sshhh…Come close! It’s time to let you in on a secret: We’ve found your new favorite hotspot! It’s been hiding underneath the mountains of the rockies and in the heart of downtown salt lake city.

There you’ll find the illuminated entrance to a seedy-looking well kept secret brasserie, an entrance so raw, authentic and unforgiving as to give you no reassurance whatsoever that it’s not exactly what it appears to be. Having ventured inside you’ll find a glass tower cabinet of fine spirits stacked to the endless ceiling.

Assuming that you have a special reservation, you’ll be invited to descend through the back of the restaurant, into a candlelit cave serving hand crafted cocktails and a menu that includes brothel burgers and sabayon brûlée.

It’s a buzzing, sophisticated & upscale den enveloped by battered concrete walls; old reminants of the lady of night clothing; two large, deconstructed old lockers mustering on their last legs; and – most surprisingly of all – other patrons, all of whom have somehow managed to have lost their way down the same two bit street as you.”

321 S Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
(801) 363-8888

Mom's Rasoi - curries (Mom's Rasoi)
Mom’s Rasoi – curries (Mom’s Rasoi)
Mom's Rasoi - example menu (Mom's Rasoi)
Mom’s Rasoi – example menu (Mom’s Rasoi)

Mom’s Rasoi

Translating to “Mom’s Kitchen” from Hindi, this spot appears to have opened in April from what I can tell, but has remained a relative mustery until I spotted mention on this Reddit post. The small family joint seems to have a popular following, based around a regularly changing menu of pocket friendly Indian cuisine.

573 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 355-1963

Midway Mercantile - bar area (Midway Mercantile)
Midway Mercantile – bar area (Midway Mercantile)
Midway Mercantile - grilled Hawaiian swordfish (Midway Mercantile)
Midway Mercantile – grilled Hawaiian swordfish (Midway Mercantile)

Midway Mercantile

It’s easy to miss the smaller mom and pop joints, but it’s crazy rare I miss the opening of a fancy schmancy joint. A reader of our Facebook food talk group turned me onto this Midway eatery (hint, join the group and come hang out and talk guys).

Anyway, Midway Mercantile has apparently been operating away merrily since February this year. The upscale New American menu offers a little bit of everything, with a general peccadillo for Italian cuisine. Fish, chicken and beef dishes sit alongside pizza and pasta. There’s a patio, live music, and Midwayanites (?) are probably really pissed I spoiled their little secret. Sorry guys.

99 E Main St, Midway, UT 84049
(435) 315-4151

Pei Pei House

Rumor has it this is the new business from the owners of the old Jasmine Chinese restaurant on Highland Drive. The new Pei Pei House moves into the Sandy location once home to Ichiban Sushi and Mt Fuji Sushi Bar before that. The menu leans largely Cantonese.

8650 S 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84094
(801) 601-8822

Pho King

If you know your Vietnamese pronunciations, humor abounds with the naming of this Orem noodle spot. Snickering and knowing winks aside, reviews are good so far.

1661 State St, Orem, UT 84057
(385) 223-8188

Publik Ed’s

If you’re long enough in the tooth, the sign above is the one of the only remaining remnants of a newly rejuvenated Ed’s that you might recognize. Following on from the abrupt and storied collapse of Big Ed’s, Publik Coffee stepped into the breach and literally gutted the entire place. There’s even now – *shock* *horror* – windows! Yep, natural light now peers freely into what was previously one of the diviest of dives in all of town.

The restaurant gave me a glimpse of the preliminary menu and stalwarts will be heartened to hear there’s going to be a new take on the gawd awful. Howevever, the legendary double fist is likely to be a thing of the past; the $20 monstrosity once offered at Big Ed’s was a combo of two 10 shot espressos, one for each hand – and no doubt a sizable lawsuit waiting to happen as well.

210 S. University Street, 84102
(385) 522-2487

Post Office Place - food and drinks
Post Office Place – food and drinks
Post Office Place - tiradito Nikkei
Post Office Place – tiradito Nikkei
Post Office Place - sardines
Post Office Place – sardines
Post Office Place - post office themed menu
Post Office Place – post office themed menu

Post Office Place

Perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated openings of the last twelve months is this bar slash small plates eatery. The restaurant is the second outing for Takashi and Tamara Gibo – of the adjoining Takashi. Given Takashi’s almost other worldly popularity it’s something of an admirable anomaly this is only their second business. Nor is it a ramen shop or located in Lehi.

Anyway, the Gibo’s acquired the adjoining Kristauf’s Martini Bar (who moved to Cottonwood) space some time ago, and tore the place down. The interior has been re-kitted in an ultra minimalist fashion and the kitchen reins handed over to Tommy Nguyen – Takashi and Rye alum. There’s a full bar that leans heavily on Japanese libations while the food menu is one of hot and cold small plates unlike anything else in town; a mish mash of Peruvian and Japanese flavors with a melange of various animal parts thrown in for good measure.

The result is a curiously unique concept that’s going to delight and dumbfound in equal measures; and I suspect that’s perhaps the point. If you roll in off the street expecting a deep fried California roll and a sake-tini, you’re going to be disappointed. Time will tell how the bold concept pans out.

16 W Market St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The Rising Bun interior (Rising Bun)
The Rising Bun interior (Rising Bun)

The Rising Bun

Lehi is hot right now. Hotter than the center of the sun. If you’re opening a new restaurant, this is where you’re opening it. It’s almost a zen koan: if a restaurant opens and it isn’t in Lehi, is it even open? A new option for Lehian (?) workers and residents is this ultra-cool looking Asian inspired restaurant. Seriously, the whole package is swooningly swish and Instagram worthy. There are steamed buns, loaded fries, salads, poke, and yes there’s ramen, because goddamnit the people want ramen. They want so much ramen.

3725 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043
(801) 331-8251

Sakura Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar interior (Sakura)
Sakura Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar interior (Sakura)

Sakura Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

The giddy merry-go-round of openings and closures at South Salt Lake’s Chinatown complex continues at dizzying pace. The latest refresh sees China Town Eatery ousted by Sakura Hibachi Steakhouse And Sushi Bar. As the name suggests, the menu here is expansive. There’s the signature flame and fire of teppanyaki style dishes as well as myriad sushi selections and kitchen cooked entrees. The restaurant handily sports a full bar menu too.

3370 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 466-8888

Ros Ni Yuhm Thai

Sunset Utah isn’t a town we mention often, but Sunsetters (?) can now add another restaurant to their must try list. This family ran Thai restaurant offers all the favorites – pad Thai through authentic curries – and is generating pretty positive reviews so far.

1813 North Main Street, Sunset
(801) 896-0366

Side Of Aloha

Draperites (?) can rejoice at their very own poke restaurant now in their hood. As well as this classic Hawaiian fish preparation you’ll also find traditional Hawaiian BBQ pulehu steak, chicken, and pork on the broad menu.

541 East 12300 South, Draper, UT 84020
(801) 251-0152

Sushi House

If all you can eat sushi sounds like a reasonable, sensible or sane proposition to you – you might want to check out this new West Valley City restaurant; Sushi House offers an AYCE eat lunch for $13.99 and dinner for $18.99.

2862 High Commons Way, West Valley City, UT 84120
(801) 972-2966

Sri Balaji Caffe - interior (Sri Balaji Caffe)
Sri Balaji Caffe – interior (Sri Balaji Caffe)

Sri Balaji Caffe

Meanwhile over in West Jordan is this new 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant. Owner operator Manikandan Raghavan’s menu offers both South Indian and North Indian dishes at eyebrow raising prices – this might be one of the most affordable Indian restaurants in the valley. The menu struggles to break past the $9 mark with the majority of dishes floating around $6-8.

1617 W 9000th S West Jordan, UT 84088
(801) 996-3628

Taquería Los Lee

This new spot over on bustling 7th East has been everything from a casual coffee spot through to an Afghani restaurant in recent memory. Now, it’s operating as a family owned and operated taqueria. The menu of tacos and gorditas includes selections such as carne & papa, asada, pollo, puerco rojo, puerco verde ad more – not to mention vegan options too. Should you want to see what’s cooking, hit them up on Monday and Saturdays (3-5 p.m.) when the restaurant offers a happy hour with select $1 tacos. Not that the regularl prices are anything short of ultra reasonable mind you.

2646 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(385) 259-0764

Atrium and lobby at Marriott University (Marriott)
Atrium and lobby at Marriott University (Marriott)
Thistle And Thyme interior (Marriott)
Thistle And Thyme interior (Marriott)

Thistle and Thyme

Hotel restaurants aren’t typically noted for setting the pulse racing with their culinary creations, but this one might. The university hotel’s kitchen is now headed by chef Jason Tolcott; I’d wager not many of his peers could lay claim to overseeing meals for US presidents on their CV. Meanwhile, heading up front of house is Miles Broadhead, formerly of Zy and Alamexo.

Word has it the restaurant has ambitions that go further than business travelers and room service burgers. I’m told to be sure to watch this space as the team start to embrace more of the local food scene, with various specials and events. The Viva La Diva brunch is already being noted as being one of the best deals in town.

University Park Marriot, 480 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
(801) 581-1000

Twigs Bistro interior at Fashion Place Mall (Twigs)
Twigs Bistro interior at Fashion Place Mall (Twigs)

Twigs Bistro Murray

This is the second Utah location for this small chain of mainly Western based restaurants. If you can’t find something you don’t like on the menu I’d suggest probably giving up on food. The selection is broad and wide, anchored at the core with Italian dishes but happily flirting with everything from Moroccan to Hawaiian.

6223 State St, Murray, UT 84107
(385) 388-0326

Also coming soon

The Birdhouse

With the recent removal of Dining Club licenses, many businesses have had to make some complicated business decisions. For Scott Evans, owner at East Liberty Tap House the answer was to open a new business. ELTH is now licensed as a 21+ bar, but the adjoining building will open as The Birdhouse, an all ages restaurant with fried chicken. Fried chicken is the next ramen you know, which in turn is the next kale and shishito pepper.

The Daily

The build out of this new business by the owners of Copper Onion is almost complete; they recently indicated they’re gunning for a September unveiling of this new concept – an all day cafe / bakery in the former Bistro 222 space. Expect something like Eva’s Boulangerie or Gourmandise I would imagine. The business is currently hiring staff too.

Sicilia Mia

The fourth location for this popular family owned Sicilian business is downtown. Right now the whole thing is tied up in a lawsuit. Watch this space.

The Kathmandu

The second location for the team behind the Sugar House Indian/Nepalese restaurant. Technically you might view it as the third. For reference, the business did open a second location some years ago in the outer downtown area, but that’s since been spun off under new ownership and counts as a different business these days. To be clear this new opening comes from the guys behind Highland Drive’s Kathmandu.

Taqueria 27

Another local success story, rapidly expanding. The next location for T27 is Lehi. Should be opening up in the next month or so.

Ramen 930 downtown

Moving in the other direction however, this Lehi ramen spot is set to open a new location in downtown SLC soon. Expect them to be serving their popular bowls of noodle at 45 E. Broadway in just a week or three.


A new location for this uber-popular Mediterranean spot is coming soon to – you guessed it – Lehi. 3601 North Digital Drive to be precise.

Vessel Kitchen

The Shops At Fort Union will soon welcome this Park City restaurants first valley outing.


A completely unsubstantiated rumor – but rumor has it – a second location planned for Holladay.

Ramen Haus

Another rumor, but hey, a new ramen restaurant sounds viable! This one possibly coming from the operators of Ogden’s Ramen Haus and opening downtown next door to London Belle.

One O Eight

More from the rumor mill. This restaurant is expected to replace the now shuttered Sea Salt in the 15th and 15th neighborhood and will come from the High West Wanship team with chef James Dumas at the helm.

And as I’ve now devolved into rumor, that’s probably a good place to wrap up this round up. But come and join the discussion, speculation and and debate with us on our Facebook group.

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