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Could this be the possible return for Hoppers Brew Pub?

Rumored Hoppers Brew Pub spot at Central 9th

O.k. I’ll preface this whole article by noting it’s built completely on the liquefaction of unsubstantiated rumor – but who doesn’t love some good hearsay? Cue my inner buddha pointing out none of us should. Ahem…anyway…

It’s been just under a year since the long lived Hoppers Brew Pub in Midvale shuttered shop. As I wrote in November last year, “Midvale’s venerable Hoppers Grill are set to close their doors on November 24th, ending a more than two decade run at the spot. Fans will want to head on down quick if they want to raise one more glass. The popular craft brewer is one of the oldest in town, and has prominently anchored the corner at Fort Union Boulevard and 9th East since 1996. Sadly, the brewers are now closing up shop – hopefully only as a temporary basis.”

At the time of their closure the local brewers laid claim to 34 different shiny medals for their sudsy work, with an emphasis on lagers. As you’ve probably spied over at the old spot at 890 E. Fort Union Boulevard, the iconic corner neon was razed, for err, a Raising Cane’s.

For those of you tracking their potential return to the Utah food and drink scene, tipsters sliding into my DMs the past few days have suggested a possible new location. Word on the street is that 900 South – one of my favorite streets right now actually – will be the long-awaited spot for their return.

Cornber shot of Rumorued Hoppers Brew Pub spot at Central 9th
Corner shot of rumored Hoppers Brew Pub spot at Central 9th (Matt Murphy)

If you swing by the possible location at 135 W. and 900 S. directly facing Central 9th hot spots like Scion, Laziz and the upcoming Seasons Plant Based Bistro – you’ll see construction coming together. And through the windows, what’s that now, beery looking equipment…

The Hoppers name was one of the most well known on the Utah brewing scene. It came to life back in 1996, originally part of local mega-franchise group The Sizzling Platter. The small ten barrel brew house was used to provide beer to several of their local operations like Red Robin and Sizzler according to Mike Riedel at Utah Beer Blog. The Midvale space operated as a full service restaurant, a classic American style brew pub offering breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week (at least until C19 trampled over everything).

Flipping through their timeline to 2014, new owners Jason and Brandon Hargett took the helm. Tim Haran’s Utah Beer News has this detailed piece back from 2019 about the duo; the former o which bagged a sweet million bucks from a hole in one contest (worth a Google read in itself) that helped launched the duos restaurant ambitions – firstly with Ruby River Steakhouse.

At the time of writing the brand’s former social media profiles are staunchly inactive, with email addresses listed for the business also offline. Previously listed phone numbers go nowhere either. I’ve also yielded nothing on DABS license applications nor planning permit searches. So reach for your largest tub of salt and please and pinch away. All I have to hand right now are rumors of the, “I heard this thing from this guy, who saw this thing a while ago, but no one can find him now” type.

Watch this space. Well, watch *that* space. Something for sure is happening…

Image credits, Matt Murphy.

Update one: someone pointed out that this website reckons Daybreak will see a Hoppers location.

Update two: I’ve now spoken with city officials and also the team from Hoppers. Good news! The Central 9th spot will see a new facility as well as Daybreak. Hoppers for all! I’ll be speaking to the crew in short order and bringing the full story soon.

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4 thoughts on “Could this be the possible return for Hoppers Brew Pub?”

  1. I remember calling like a day after they closed (because I got the date of their closing wrong), and the staff person who answered told me they were trying for either a Salt Lake location or a Sandy location (the latter being the staff preference). I guess it might be the Salt Lake location, if they’re coming back.

    1. Hey Brett. As soon as I can an official yay or nay, Ill be updating the piece. At the very least, *someone* is doing something with beer there 😉

    1. Nice to hear from you Aaron! 🙂 I’ve had someone from the city confirm that the 9th south location will indeed feature something from Hoppers, what exactly I don’t know. As for Daybreak, that one is still a mystery to me 🙂

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