Monsoon Thai Bistro restaurant review

Thai food is without question now a standard cuisine on the culinary map. With so many options and locations opening apace, a reliable goto place is a must. We go over our personal favorite.

Ganesh Indian Cuisine restaurant review

This week we head Southwards to Fort Union, in order to check out Ganesh Indian Cuisine. Indian food being one of our most loved cuisines meant we were quite excited for the meal. Read on to see if that was justified.

Stella Grill restaurant review

A new restaurant from the group that brought Salt Lake Martine? Things look promising for this casual and unassuming neighbourhood restaurant. Read on to see our latest visit to Stella Grill.

Indochine Vietnamese Bistro

UPDATE 2013: See here for our latest review of Indochine Vietnamese restaurant. Recently we reviewed the seemingly polarizing Indochine Vietnamese Bistro. Over in the Tribune, Vanessa Chang also covers the …

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Pho Green Papaya restaurant review

West Valley City is home to a vast array of worldy flavours. Pho Green Papaya adds another Vietnamese restaurant to an already burgeoning landscape of top notch eateries. How does this new kid on the block fare?

Monsoon Thai Bistro

This sunday (January 13th) sees Monsoon Thai Bistro’s latest wine dinner, focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon. A steal at $25 for 6 courses with the wine pairing $24.95.

Kyoto restaurant review

While most may be huddled over their Udon and Sukiyaki in the cold winter months, we love sushi all year round. Join us on our most recent trip to the ever consistent Kyoto.

Tandoor Indian Grill

Over in the City Weekly Ted Scheffler also reviews Tandoor Indian Grill. Previously reviewed a while back here on Gastronomic SLC. Seems he wasn’t too impressed by the buffet which …

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Bambara restaurant follow-up

A brief follow-up review covering a recent revisit to Bambara. The menu has seen a couple of new arrivals, naturally we had to give them a test drive.

Tandoor Indian Grill restaurant review

Tandoor Indian Grill breathes new life into the space formerly occupied by Bombay Express. Will this newcomer be as short lived as the previous tenant? Read more to find out the experience of our first visit.

ACME Burger Company restaurant review

Gourmet burgers come to Salt Lake City courtesy of ACME Burger Company and the talented Adam Kreisel. A well known pedigree and an interesting concept combine. Read more and find out how well.

Sugarhouse Barbeque restaurant review

Reliable restaurants are not easy to find. Sugarhouse Barbeque is a stalwart of the Salt Lake dining scene, so surely something is being done right here? Read more to find out exactly what that is.

Indochine Vietnamese Bistro restaurant review

Indochine is now three months into it’s tenure; things seem to be panning out for this new venture. On a recent Thursday outing, we had the standard worries about visiting a new restaurant. Read more to see if these were justified.

Chicken chilli verde recipe

Utah is blessed with year long ready access to fresh tomatillos and a wide variety of chillis. With the winter season almost upon us this hearty, spicy chilli verde is a perfect dish.

Pine restaurant review

Pine is the most recent of Greg Neville’s (owner/chef) Salt Lake City restaurants; the last being the continually popular Lugano. After reading many positive reviews of Pine, we decided to give the place a whirl this past Saturday evening. Read on to find out how the night fared.

Gourmet sleuth

While getting confused about my poblanos and pasillas today, I stumbled on Gourmet Sleuth. A great resource for ingredient info and more!

MacCool’s restaurant review

A cold autumn evening and in need of a quick bite. We choose Maccools as the solution to our woes. See how this Irish themed restaurant stacks up in our latest review.

More mazza

Following my recent mazza review, the tribune has more on mazza today.