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Scion Cider – Utah’s most unique new bar

Scion Cider

Here’s a timely interruption to our Eat Here Now series. File this one under Drink Here Now. And if you do, you’ll be beating the crowds in discovering one of the most unique additions to the SLC bar scene.

It’s fair to say I’ve been tracking Scion for a long time. Ever since I caught wind of this cider-focused bar’s trajectory, I’ve been bombarding the ownership with incessant child-like emails, “are we there yet, are we there yet?” Well, this week we arrived at our destination. Sort of. More on that in a minute.

If you’re only just hearing about Scion for the first time, let me give you the 60 second elevator pitch. The 21+ bar is located in a new build next to Laziz in the increasingly attractive Central 9th; Water Witch and Nohm are around the corner, as is Central 9th Market for a remarkably good sandwich, burger or pizza.

Scion is first and foremost about hard cider and features local, regional, national and international selections. The wall behind the modern bar space is adorned with 25 taps, 20 of which will feature cider on draft, when barrels roll in from the relevant liquor warehouses that is. A handful of beers and wines complete the lineup, and you can grab a cocktail too should you be inclined.

In time Scion hope to start producing their own cider on site, courtesy of the talented Rio Connelly (formerly Proper Brewing and Epic Brewing before that). That should also allow the potential for a package agency option as well – remember you CAN buy liquor on Sunday in Utah. The whole package is as refreshingly crisp as a, you know what insert your own cider metaphor here.

While the doors are now formally open at the brand new spot, the business is still waiting on stock to trickle in from a notoriously glacial DABC special order system. Much of it is tantalizingly already in, albeit ever so slightly out of bureaucratic reach . I note this in case you are running out the door with glee – you’ll need to temper your expectations just a smidge – but don’t let that deter you from going taking a sneak peak and pour like I did.

Even with the modest open selection of cans and bottles, you’ll still find a more intriguing range of ciders here – than practically anywhere else in town; give them a few weeks to really get going, and hot damn this will be fun. In the interim, my recommendation is a bottle of the Etta Place Cider (pictured below); a Torrey Utah orchard that’s recently started up their own craft production, and one that’s otherwise quite difficult to track down here in Northern Utah.

Scion Cider - interior and bar
Scion Cider – interior and bar
Scion Cider - interior and window seating
Scion Cider – interior and window seating
Scion Cider - cider taps
Scion Cider – cider taps
Etta Place - 435 Hard Cider
Etta Place – 435 Hard Cider

916 Jefferson St W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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