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Restaurant review round-up 03/05/10

Over 30 restaurant reviews for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas: Vinto (Vintage Mixer), Mt. Fuji Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine (City Weekly), Chow Truck (Foodworks), Sakana (SLC Examiner), Masala Indian Grill (In Utah), Porcupine Pub and Grille (Tribune), China Grill (Deseret), Eva (SLC Examiner), Chow Truck (SLC Tacos), Frida Bistro (City Weekly), Wild Grape Bistro (Foodworks), Cafe Trio (SLC Examiner), Village Pizza (The Chinwag), New Thai Cafe (SLC Examiner), Frida Bistro (Vintage Mixer), Forage (New City Movement), Red Maple (Tribune), Vertical Diner (Culinary Confessions), YellowFinn (In Utah), Les Madeleines (Foodworks), Gracie’s (City Weekly), Evergreen House Cafe (In Utah), Beerhive (SLC Examiner), Bruges Waffles & Frites (Deseret), Sugarhouse BBQ Company (SLC Examiner), Chow Truck (Tribune), Vasuvio’s Organic Cafe (Catalyst), Harvest Restaurant (Utah Valley), Au Naturale (SLC Examiner), Pago (Vintage Mixer), Benvenuti Italian Deli (Deseret), Les Madeleines (Vintage Mixer).

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