Baek Ri Hyang

We might be five or more years behind the curve, but Korean food is finally starting to heat up in SLC. If bibimbap and banchan are your bag, get your diary out, you’ve got a lot of eating out to plan.

First up, this new ala carte Korean eatery which appears to be another export from Vegas (Carson Kitchen, Nacho Daddy, Skinny Fats and more are all headed here soon). The restaurant moves into the merry go round that is the SoSL China Town development, this particular unit previously home to Sen Sushi I think.

Beyond their website and menu over here, there’s not a huge amount to go off yet. But hot damn, that menu reads like a blast. Report back and let me know your findings…

3390 South State Street, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA
(801) 883-9693

Beirut Cafe

Beirut Cafe - exterior (Hang Wong)
Beirut Cafe – exterior (Hang Wong)
Beirut Cafe - kebob (Hang Wong)
Beirut Cafe – kebob (Hang Wong)

Farr’s Ice Cream coupled with an extensive Lebanese menu? Hey, who am I to question the machinations of the universe. If skewered and grilled meats capped off with some of Utah’s finest sounds like your cup of chai – head to this new Murray/Cottonwood restaurant.

1326 E 5600 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 679-1688

Benji’s Bar-B-Que Shack

Benji's Bar-B-Que Shack - brisket, sides, bread (Benji's)
Benji’s Bar-B-Que Shack – brisket, sides, bread (Benji’s)

This new BBQ spot in South Salt Lake brings a lot to the picnic table. Not only is the restaurant open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – they also deliver – around the clock too. Yep. Let that settle in for a few minutes, BBQ to your door at the drop of a hat piece of cornbread. I’ll give you a few minutes to breath and recover…

O.k. lets continue. The State Street location formerly occupied by a rotating array of restaurants (Wendy’s, Blue Finn, Juanitas, Mezquite) offers a familiar BBQ spread with a few unusual selections for good measure – anyone else know of any other BBQ shop in town that’s smoking up lamb right now?

The restaurant operates noticeably different from others in town, modeled on those from chef and owner Benji Stalling’s Georgia roots; sliced white bread and drinks are free (with BBQ purchase), meats are offered by the ounce ($1.50) and the restaurant offers a hefty 33% discount if you pay with cash money ($1.00 per ounce). Time to hit the ATM.

3245 State St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115
(435) 709-5227

Blue Poblano

Blue Poblano - tacos (Blue Poblano)
Blue Poblano – tacos (Blue Poblano)
Blue Poblano - tacos (Blue Poblano)
Blue Poblano – tacos (Blue Poblano)

Apparently Blue Poblano just celebrated a major re-opening, truth be told though, I don’t recall them ever actually closing. Anyway, the restaurant is part of the Black Sheep group (Black Sheep Cafe) and chef Mark Daniel Mason’s menu puts a modern (see: pretty) spin on traditional tacos.

Bonus points: there’s even a Korean themed taco on the menu.

1796 N 950 W, Provo, UT 84604, Provo, UT 84601
(801) 805-1870

Mali Thai

A blink and you’ll miss it affair, both online and offline. If memory serves this humble spot on downtown’s Main Street drag was formerly a location of Este Deli. Now it’s a quick casual Thai restaurant with its sights fixed on downtown lunchers. The restaurant is open weekdays only, closing around dinner time. The menu offers a range of familiar staples plus a number of set daily specials.

238 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA
(801) 364-0164

Foodie And Sweetie

Foodie And Sweetie - counter area
Foodie And Sweetie – counter area
Foodie And Sweetie - retail section
Foodie And Sweetie – retail section
Foodie And Sweetie - sheng jian
Foodie And Sweetie – sheng jian
Foodie And Sweetie - Szechuan beef noodle bowl
Foodie And Sweetie – Szechuan beef noodle bowl
Foodie And Sweetie - potsticker
Foodie And Sweetie – potsticker

Somewhat unexpectedly out of nowhere and certainly quite left field for the Aves, is this new Chinese restaurant; that also sports a small retail section too, if you’re in the market for little pikachu notebooks and the like.

The menu is compact at to the point, much like the modest space and seating. There’s a handful of noodle and rice bowls, boba drinks and perhaps the star of the show here, the pictured fried pork buns and potstickers, cooked to order. If you ask nicely there’s also (chilled) spicy turkey neck and pork ears out back too…

89 D St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103
(385) 528-3823

Honest Eatery

Honest Eatery - avocado and hummus toast (Honest Eatery)
Honest Eatery – avocado and hummus toast (Honest Eatery)
Honest Eatery - protein shake (Honest Eatery)
Honest Eatery – protein shake (Honest Eatery)

If reading through these posts leaves you a sobbing mess, resigned to the merciless and inevitable onslaught of calories, fear ye not. Head to Regent Street in downtown SLC and check out this counter-serve setup; health-conscious dishes rule the roost here, everything from açaí bowls (no I still can’t pronounce it either), toasts, smoothies and more.

135 Regent St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA

Kuchu Shabu Shabu

Kuchu Shabu Shabu - shabu shabu (Kuchu)
Kuchu Shabu Shabu – shabu shabu (Kuchu)
Kuchu Shabu Shabu - ramen (Kuchu)
Kuchu Shabu Shabu – ramen (Kuchu)

Not a new restaurant per se, but one I seemingly missed late last year, so I’m invoking executive privilege and listing it this month instead; not least because the restaurant also just popped up on Instagram recently as well. As well as the namesake DIY-hot pot dish the restaurant also offers ramen, because, well, ramen.

In other shocking news, no actual new ramen restaurants this month. A mix of incredible and unbelievable I know.

1612 W Ute Blvd, Park City, UT 84098
(435) 658-9829

Mai Sushi

Mai Sushi - exterior (Mai Sushi)
Mai Sushi – exterior (Mai Sushi)

Once upon a time this spot over in Taylorsville lived life as Crazy Buffet. Those crazy days are no more. Oh Mai offers a brace of menus: one Chinese, one Japanese. The two distinct menus offer a panoply of Asian cooking; orange chicken sits alongside Szechuan beef and maki sushi.

4150 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT 84123
(801) 878-7849

Maize Tacos

Maize Tacos - Regent Street interior (Maize Tacos)
Maize Tacos – Regent Street interior (Maize Tacos)

The much talked about Regent Street is finally seeing businesses bring some actual life to proceedings. As well as the earlier mentioned Honest Eatery, this new taco spot is also now in full swing (Pretty Bird and Fireside sit on the West side of the street). Opened by the folks behind the food truck of similar name, initial reviews would appear to be favorable.

Expect to pay $3-$4 per taco (quit your whining, this ain’t the Sears parking lot) on a menu that also sports quesadilla and nachos too. Of particular interest to me and my waistline is the thing of beauty that is their al pastor spit; check out their social media and stare in wonder.

135 Regent St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA
(801) 471-5612

Marley’s Gourmet Sliders

Marley's Gourmet Sliders - sliders and sides (Marley's)
Marley’s Gourmet Sliders – sliders and sides (Marley’s)

Love burgers, but wish they were smaller? Love lots of them on one plate all at once? Happen to live near South Jordan’s The District and want all of this with a gourmet touch? Tadaaah, your wish is now reality with the opening of this local mini-chain.

Sliders cost $3.75 a pop, sides run $3-$5 and shakes are $6.50. There’s lots of creativity on the burger front (pastrami sliders, fajita styled sliders etc etc) and frankly it looks like you could have a whale of a time with a mere twenty bucks.

3561 W 11400 S, South Jordan, Utah 84095
(385) 645-6955

HWA Korean And Japanese Restaurant

HWA Korean And Japanese - sushi (HWA)
HWA Korean And Japanese – sushi (HWA)

It’s unclear to me if all that’s changed at this Korean restaurant is the name. HWA operates from the same location as the former Cafe Seoul located in Murray – which itself changed hands circa 2013 or so.

My guess is another change in ownership, but if you know different, lemme know in the comments below. In the interim enjoy aka carte Korean staples as well as a number of Japanese entrees and sushi.

Update: a kind reader confirmed the details as follows, “Hwa is just a name change and is still owned by the operators of Seoul Cafe. They expanded their space and updated their menu. They have alcohol now too which I don’t remember them having before.”

5284 Commerce Dr, Murray, UT 84107
(801) 266-2901

Seon Korean BBQ

SEON Korean BBQ - interior (SEON)
SEON Korean BBQ – interior (SEON)
SEON Korean BBQ - Korean BBQ grilling (foodieinslc)
SEON Korean BBQ – Korean BBQ grilling (foodieinslc)

More Korean. Now open in the old Iggy’s spot in downtown SLC is this Korean BBQ joint. The format is the popular all you can eat model replete with table top BBQ. Lunch costs $14.99 and dinner is $19.99.

The menu lists no less than 18 different types of meat, short rib through tongue. Alongside all that a range of salads and apps too.

423 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 364-0718

The Loaded Dog

The Loaded Dog - errr loaded dogs (Loaded Dogs)
The Loaded Dog – errr loaded dogs (Loaded Dogs)

Not Korean. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to find a kimchi topped tube steak amongst the gloriously messy menu here. The Loaded Dog is a relatively new food truck sporting some pretty serious selections.

The base model is a 1/3lb eleven inch Chicago Red hot which will cost you $5.25; other bolder creations are three bucks extra. And yes, there’s a Chicago dog on the menu for Internet comment board nut jobs purists to argue about endlessly about until hell freezes over.

Food truck – location varies

Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen

Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen - fried green tomatoes (Sauce Boss)
Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen – fried green tomatoes (Sauce Boss)
Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen - BBQ glazed wings (Sauce Boss)
Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen – BBQ glazed wings (Sauce Boss)
Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen - catfish with red beans, rice and collard greens (Sauce Boss)
Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen – catfish with red beans, rice and collard greens (Sauce Boss)

Meanwhile Draperonians have something genuinely exciting to support in their area – this new restaurant from chef and owner Julius Thompson showcasing the flavors of the South. For Chicago born Thompson it’s a family affair – his cooking skills honed from aunts and grandmas alike; which inevitably means well trod recipes, handed down and perfected.

You might recall Thompson from the now shuttered Sauce Boss food truck, that offered a somewhat different menu. At any rate, Thompson’s new menu offers a solid selection from the South: fried catfish, shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes and plenty more.

Fingers crossed for this one, there’s hardly anywhere in the state offering cuisine from the South. Let me know if you stop by.

877 E 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020
(385) 434-2433

Seabird Bar

Seabird Bar - craft cocktail (Seabird)
Seabird Bar – craft cocktail (Seabird)
Seabird Bar - bar areal (Seabird)
Seabird Bar – bar areal (Seabird)
Seabird Bar - vinyl (Seabird)
Seabird Bar – vinyl (Seabird)

The steady revival at The Gateway continues apace with the opening of this new cocktail bar from Jameel Gaskins (Pago), Josh Rosenthal (La Barba and Creek Tea) and Asher Seevinck (Everyman). You’ll recall their initial effort opened up in Draper of all places.

Their sophomoric effort is a relatively diminutive space and notably runs at its own pace; I stopped by this weekend and watched as the solo bartender happily took a break from bar tending to switch up the music – which frankly I found oddly charming. The rapid hustle of a downtown bar this is not.

Seabird is located just opposite Fleming’s Steakhouse and is open seven days a week until 1 a.m. – here’s the official release:

The Gateway welcomes a much-anticipated cocktail lounge, Seabird Bar, to the rapidly growing mix of unique entertainment and dining options available. This concept, first opened in Draper, combines skillfully crafted classic and seasonal cocktails with craft beer, artisan cheeses, charcuterie and high-quality bar snacks. Most notable are classic turntables spinning out a curated list of music.

The cocktail list features a combination of four classic cocktails and four rotating cocktails that focus on seasonal ingredients and locally-produced spirits, like Vida tequila, Black Feather whiskey and 2 row Brewery. Matt Cantu heads up the bar program for both Seabird locations. Cantu has created craft cocktail programs in New Orleans and Portland and worked locally with Gracie’s and Good Grammar in Salt Lake. 

“We offer a curated list of music people know and love, along with a good mix of albums they may not know but probably should,” said Asher Seevinck. “We’ll have pop-up record store events, curated music nights and some hi-fi education to go along with our quality cocktails.”

“We wanted to be really thoughtful with how we utilize our compact space by introducing high-quality bar snacks featuring a rotating list of artisan cheeses and charcuterie” said co-owner Jameel Gaskins. 

“We love the idea of this intimate space juxtaposition with our other entertainment options, it adds to the idea that The Gateway is a truly unique entertainment destination. Seabird will be like nothing else on the property, positioned with a perfect view of the Olympic Legacy Plaza where we host the majority of our community events,” says Jacklyn Briggs, marketing director.

“Seabird is exactly the kind of concept we’re excited to bring to downtown,” says Jenny Cushing, Vice President of Leasing at Vestar. “What LaBarba does with coffee is second-to-none, and now, they’re bringing to that same level of quality and uniqueness into our cocktail scene. We’re so excited for it to finally come to life here at The Gateway.”

7 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Stun Cube

Stun Cube - dosirak with spicy pork and beef bulgogi
Stun Cube – dosirak with spicy pork and beef bulgogi (Stun Cube)
Stun Cube - stun kimbap (Stun Cube)
Stun Cube – stun kimbap (Stun Cube)
Stun Cube - stun kimbap (Stun Cube)
Stun Cube – stun kimbap (Stun Cube)

Today’s word of the day: dosirak. Dosirak is to Korean food as bento boxes are to Japanese cuisine. Kindof. Just go with it. At this SoSL grab and go restaurant you’ll find dosirak aplenty. Prices are unfailingly affordable with only a handful of options daring to break the $10 mark.

The menu of boxed dishes features plenty of interesting and fun items: spicy rice cake, fried lotus root, even acorn jelly. There are half and half selections, lots of Korean meats, and damnit, the whole thing just sounds so much more exciting than regular old fast food.

2732 South, State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 419-0082

Wann Jale

Wann Jale - basil stir fry (Wann Jale)
Wann Jale – basil stir fry (Wann Jale)
Wann Jale - noodle dish (Wann Jale)
Wann Jale – noodle dish (Wann Jale)

I challenge you to name me another restaurant in town that serves cuisine from Myanmar. No? How about one that offers that alongside Thai cuisine too for good measure? I really don’t know much more than yet, the business has a minimal online presence so far.

919 2100 S, South Salt Lake, UT 84119
(801) 906-0056

Coming Soon

The following restaurants aren’t quite there yet, but we’re expecting them to come online in the not too distant future.

Bewilder Brewing

Bewilder Brewing - blueprints (Bewilder)
Bewilder Brewing – blueprints (Bewilder)

If the name Ross Metzger rings a beery bell, you’re not mistaken. Metzger is the chap behind Salt City Brew Supply, a popular spot for home brewers long before the current wave of craft brews, beards and IBUs.

Metzger obviously had a kind of, if you can’t beat em join, if they keep opening breweries and making billions of dollars join em moment. A recent Kickstarter ended successfully and the business is being built out roughly between Area 51 and Tin Angel in downtown SLC. Expect this one to arrive sometime this Summer.

At this point the Jenga tower of SLC craft breweries is surely becoming impossibly wobbly. Mind you, I said that about burgers, and…

445 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Chedda Burger

Chedda Burger - burger with mac n cheese topping (Chedda Burger)
Chedda Burger – burger with mac n cheese topping (Chedda Burger)
Chedda Burger - burger on muffin with tots (Chedda Burger)
Chedda Burger – burger on muffin with tots (Chedda Burger)
Chedda Burger - burger with fries (Chedda Burger)
Chedda Burger – burger with fries (Chedda Burger)

Vamoosed from this Gateway location (adjacent to Wise Guys Comedy Club) are the DIY-Mexican plates of Costa Vida. Instead, the spot is set to be the next outpost of Nick Watts’ Chedda Burger empire.

Actually this is more replacement than addition. The original hole in the wall on 6th South will close any day now (if it already hasn’t) to be replaced by what I expect to be this resplendently shiny and modern affair in the gleaming new Gateway project.

If you like your burgers piled furiously high and heavingly – this is the place.

190 South 400 West, SLC, UT 84101

Congregation Spirits

Future site of Congregation Distillery and Standard Candle Bar And Grill (Build Salt Lake)
Future site of Congregation Distillery and Standard Candle Bar And Grill (Building Salt Lake)

Hats off to the good folks of Building Salt Lake For this one. News of this new distillery slash restaurant project broke just a few days ago. As noted by the Building Salt Lake Blog:

“The principals of the project are Sean Neves, a co-owner of Water Witch in Central Ninth, and Bryan Wrigley, owner of Lotus Companies, a mid-sized development firm with a wide portfolio including food and beverage investments. Neves will be joined by his partners at Water Witch, Scott Gardner and Matt Pfohl, on the operations side.

900 W 23 N, SLC, UT, 84416

Curry Up Now

Creative Indian food (Curry Up Now)
Creative Indian food (Curry Up Now)

We’ve been tracking the upcoming arrival of this growing national chain for some time, and now we know for sure where it’s headed, the now closed Cedars Of Lebanon space (downtown SLC) will see one of the several locations of this modern fast-casual spin on Indian food.

Especially interesting is this particular location will feature the chain’s Mortar And Pestle Bar – a funky looking Indian inspired bar. Chain schmain, I’m completely intrigued by the potential for some stiff drinks gussied up with tamarind, turmeric and ginger!

152 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Dawgz N Leenkz

More dogs, more fun names. Watch the journey of this humble trailer evolve over on IG here.

Ella Lee’s Soul Food Kitchen

Not much info on this one yet – aside from the fact it’s planned to open up inside Benji’s B-B-Que Shack, mentioned earlier in the article. Expect the restaurant to offer soul food from Stalling’s Georgia background.

Ginger Street

Ginger Street - Asian small plates (Ginger Street)
Ginger Street – Asian small plates (Ginger Street)

This colorful new creation from Tyler Stokes and Michael McHenry is scheduled to open June 19th. The marketing for the SE Asian themed restaurant has reached dizzying fever pitch at this point, gamely throwing out everything from Game Of Thrones memes to hosting hype nights in order to generate, um, buzz with, the um, kids.

Look up hyperbole in Websters and you’ll undoubtedly find some of the PR spin currently coming out of the pre-launch marketing:

It’s time “real” wasn’t defined by how well you fit in but by how confidently you stand out. So, are you ready to break the mold with us? We’re Ginger Street, a Southeast Asian Hawker-Style restaurant creating Real Food for the People.

We believe that it’s time real was the standard, not the exception. Because to us, real is about intention. Real is inviting your passion to stand out. Real is believing in yourself and the potential of others. Keeping It Real is a lifestyle that never overlooks the value of the individual and always contends for the community by bringing us all together.

I jest of course, because Ginger Street is currently talking one of the biggest of talks I’ve seen in some time. Fingers crossed the end product comes close to walking that talk and delivering on the breathless promotional prose. With Provisions’ Tyler Stokes in the kitchen, I don’t doubt the food side of things will be anything less than stellar mind you.

Anyway, you get to judge for yourself this week, expect CROWDS.

324 State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
(385) 477-4975
Delivery: GrubHub (affiliate link)

Hot Buns

Hot Buns - bao (Salt Plate City)
Hot Buns – bao (Salt Plate City)
Hot Buns - noodles (Salt Plate City)
Hot Buns – noodles (Salt Plate City)

More SE Asian style fun, this time from The Daily Green group (Copper Onion, Copper Common, Copper Kitchen, The Daily). Hot Buns will be a walk up window only operation, slinging out steaming hot bao.

The kitchen (shared with Copper Common) will be headed up by Tommy Nguyen (Post Office Place, Rye, Takashi) and should you be excited enough to start queuing right now, head to 290 S. Edison Street.

And yes, yes it was really hard not to try to make a hot buns joke during those 80 words.

290 S Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111


In completely unsubstantiated and brazen rumor news, word on the street is that Mazza have their eyes set on a new Sandy location. As I say, this is wildly speculative rumor from the mean streets and my CI‘s, backed up by little to no hard evidence.

Update June 18th: multiple readers have confirmed seeing signage on a building at 10600 S. and State. This ones looks legit.

Osteria Amore

These guys recently snagged a full service liquor license and should be moving into the now vacated Aristo’s location any day soon. The restaurant is being opened by a former manager of the runaway success which is Sicilia Mia. No word if they’ll be getting the pyrotechnics going with flaming wheels of cheese though.

244 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Sicilia Mia

Though you will undoubtedly find said wheels of cheese and lots of enthusiastic singing over at the Paris Bistro – which is set to become another outpost of the mind boggling expansion of Sicilia Mia. Too many to count at this point, don’t even try. In other news, I just leased my spare bedroom to another location.

1500 1500 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social Salt Lake City rendering (Punch Bowl)
Punch Bowl Social Salt Lake City rendering (Punch Bowl)

I’ve mentioned Punch Bowl a few times in other articles earlier in the year, but this one seems to be quite close to opening now. The headline story: Dave N Busters for grown ups – the national chain concept will be 21+ here in Utah.

The 15,000 square feet facility that looks down on The Gateway’s Olympic fountain is notably smaller than others across the U.S. but promises to bring plenty of fun nonetheless. On the food side of things expect to find pub grub like burgers and tacos through to trendier options like chicken and waffles and green chorizo fries. As you might expect there’s a fairly de-rigeur craft beverage program stacked with creative cocktails and local beers alongside the company’s namesake punches.

And yes, there will be a boat load of ways to while away the evening including mini bowling, ping pong, karaoke, shuffleboard, foosball, vintage arcade games and more. And before you get upset about a chain opening, Punch Bowl calls Denver home. Every complaint I read about unhip SLC is that it’s not Colorado. So here you go.

Steyk Center

Steyk Center - baptism of fire burger (Steyk Center)
Steyk Center – baptism of fire burger (Steyk Center)

What’s better than one pun? Two of course. Enter stage right then this new restaurant concept from the folks behind dueling piano bar (yes they’re still a thing, and yes, you will hear the Cheers theme song if you go) with suitably witty name. Get it?

There’s little real info to go on presently, though Bethany Rodgers wrote this interesting article on the permitting issues that have hampered the business and others in their build out.

Update: while writing this post the business held a menu test event, it looks like the cuisine will take the pub grub path: burgers, tacos, sandwiches etc.

207 E. 300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Taqueria Los Lee

Taqueria Los Lee - new food truck (Taqueria Los Lee)
Taqueria Los Lee – new food truck (Taqueria Los Lee)

Posted just recently to Taqueria Los Lee’s Facebook page, this shiney new food truck which looks set to take this family ran taco party on the road. No word yet on the specifics, but I’ve yet to hear anyone that doesn’t love Los Lee to bits.


I can’t quite seem to find the source for this one any longer, but I do recall spying the possible opening of a SLC location of this Mexican concept currently in Park City. Keep your eyes peeled.

4300 Highland Dr, Millcreek, UT 84124

Tokyo Teriyaki

Expect two locations of this teriyaki bowl focused business to open this Summer – brought to you by the same family that recently closed the doors to the long lived Kowloon Cafe over in WVC.

If my Google magic is correct the Sugar House location looks set to replace Chronic Tacos, with the Midvale operation taking over the spot once home to Cous Cous. You can follow along with their progress on IG.

Sugar House | 2121 S. McClelland Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Midvale | 7121 Bingham junction Blvd, Midvale, Utah 84047

Tin Angel Eccles

Encore Bistro at Rice Eccles Theater
Encore Bistro formerly at Rice Eccles Theater

This Main Street facing dining space in the plush Eccles Theatre has been empty for a while now. After some back and forth legal action regarding the former operations, it looks like Tin Angel Cafe have finally beat their way through the bureaucratic maze of licensing and permitting.

This recently issued formal PR piece confirms their upcoming restaurant in the space:

Tin Angel, Salt Lake’s hip Farm-to-Table bistro with local art on the walls and an eclectic menu of European dishes, will open a second location at the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City.  The restaurant recently signed a contract with the Eccles Theater in late April and will open the new Tin Angel at Eccles later this summer in the Eccles Grand Lobby.

Tin Angel is an award-winning urban bistro and one of Salt Lake’s favorite restaurants, with five “Utah’s Best Restaurant” awards and a “Best Small Wine List” award from Salt Lake Magazine.  The Eccles Theater is a destination performing arts venue in Intermountain West hosting the best in touring Broadway, concerts, and other entertainment offerings. 

“We are elated to open our second location at the Eccles Theater,” said Kestrel Liedtke, Tin Angel’s General Manager and Co-owner.  “Tin Angel at Eccles will offer theater guests the high-end, attractive, and eclectic dining experience we are known for at our Pioneer Park location while adding a few new elements to engage theater patrons and downtown diners.”

As with the original location, Tin Angel at the Eccles will feature hyper-local products and supplies from distilleries, ranchers, and farmers, with whom they have long-established relationships. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the Tin Angel to the Eccles Theater,” said Angela Vanderwell, the Eccles Theater General Manager.  “Tin Angel’s desire to provide each guest with quality and highly memorable dining experience matches our mission to provide guests with an extraordinary performing arts experience.”

Tin Angel at Eccles will be full-service restaurant with a full wine and craft cocktail menu.  The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner from Monday – Saturday.  On show days, Tin Angel at Eccles will offer pre-show dining and intermission cocktails and small bites.  Business hours, menus, and hiring information will be released soon.  For more information, visit

131 South Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Tsunami - maki sushi (Heather L. King)
Tsunami – maki sushi (Heather L. King)

It didn’t take long for someone to snap up the recently closed Alamexo Cantina space in the 9th and 9th. The next folks to roll the dice – Tsunami – opening their fifth location. Expect a late Summer through early Fall opening. Via press release:

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to move into such a wonderful neighborhood”, says Judy Cullen, Marketing Director for Tsunami.  “We have always wanted to be a part of this walkable, energetic community, so when space became available, the Tsunami partners decided that the timing was perfect for expansion.”

The space will have seating for about 80 inside and a gorgeous 40 person patio.  The menu at the new location will mirror that of Tsunami’s other popular restaurants, featuring high quality sushi and sashimi, beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options from the kitchen, as well as an extensive gluten free menu.  Take-out will also be available.

“We are really looking forward to becoming a part of this lively neighborhood” says Cullen.  “We love the fact that the area is so pedestrian friendly, and since Tsunami is locally owned and operated, our restaurant fits perfectly with the assortment of diverse, family-friendly businesses in the area.”

1059 East 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Vessel Kitchen

Cuisine at Vessel Kitchen (Vessel Kitchen)
Cuisine at Vessel Kitchen (Vessel Kitchen)

Also headed to the same area, replacing the areas Great Harvest is this concept with existing locations in Park City and most recently, Midvale. The menu at the existing locations offers a range of healthier bites such as salads, bowls, flatbreads, composed entrees; all wrapped together with a specific focus on responsible and ethical sourcing.

905 E 900th S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Watchtower Cafe

Last but not least, a new location for the geek friendly cafe, shown in this video on Facebook just recently.

Others to watch

Carson Kitchen – last mentioned in April
Nacho Daddy – last mentioned in April
Skinny Fats – coming to Gateway
Sweet Rolled Tacos – last mentioned in April
Ta’contento – last mentioned in April
Trolley Wing – last mentioned in April
Zimbu – last mentioned in April

More new restaurants?

Check out these other recent roundups of whats new on the dining scene. While not quite as brand new as those listed above, you still might somewhere new to discover and explore:

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  1. Hwa is just a name change and is still owned by the operators of Seoul Cafe. They expanded their space and updated their menu. They have alcohol now too which I don’t remember them having before.

  2. Get your passport out to visit Cottonwood Heights! Suzy’s Gourmet Kitchen is in a beautifully remodeled 30′ Airstream in front of the Unitarian Church on Highland Dr. About 70th side, on the west side, by Tagge’s farm stand. As you pass by, you can turn into Whole Foods and wind your way to some really delicious food which she makes herself (meat, falafels, challah, etc). She closes at 7:00. Reasonable charge for great food. Hope she makes it!

  3. Went to Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen this week for dinner. Huge portions, low prices comparatively speaking, great service, and lovely conversation with Chef who clearly loves sharing his love of food. Everyone needs to go here.


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