6 thoughts on “New restaurants around SLC you won’t want to miss”

  1. Hwa is just a name change and is still owned by the operators of Seoul Cafe. They expanded their space and updated their menu. They have alcohol now too which I don’t remember them having before.

  2. Get your passport out to visit Cottonwood Heights! Suzy’s Gourmet Kitchen is in a beautifully remodeled 30′ Airstream in front of the Unitarian Church on Highland Dr. About 70th side, on the west side, by Tagge’s farm stand. As you pass by, you can turn into Whole Foods and wind your way to some really delicious food which she makes herself (meat, falafels, challah, etc). She closes at 7:00. Reasonable charge for great food. Hope she makes it!

  3. Went to Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen this week for dinner. Huge portions, low prices comparatively speaking, great service, and lovely conversation with Chef who clearly loves sharing his love of food. Everyone needs to go here.

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