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Through the end of summer, Salt Lake’s Natural History Museum is partnering with the burgeoning local food truck scene to offer something a little bit different. Each Wednesday night the museum opens till 9pm. To make sure visitors are well fed and full of energy to tour the facilities exhibits, the museum has invited a number of local food trucks to attend. Advertised hours for the food trucks are 5pm through 7pm but you might find them a little earlier or later based on foot traffic at the museum itself.

Some of the trucks to attend so far include Bento Truck, Chow Truck, The Curryer and Waki Paki. The lineup can be quite fluid as Cindy Elliot (from the museum’s marketing department told me):

“sometimes the vendors have had unexpected things come up at the last minute, requiring a scramble to find a substitute. [One night some] trucks had to cancel, all unforeseeable reasons! The really great thing has been the underlying spirit of commitment and community with these Food Trucks – they’ve been quite wonderful with their willingness to back each other up and with rising to the occasion to help find replacements!”

The existing trial program is set to run for the next three Wednesdays, the last night being September 12th. So, what better way to enjoy one of Utah’s coolest new attractions while also experiencing one its rapidly expanding and evolving culinary treats at the same time!

Natural History Museum of Utah
301 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 581-4303


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