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Restaurant happenings 10/19/09

Tulie Bakery
863 East 700 South, Salt Lake City, 84102
(801) 883-9741


A short while ago we had the great luck to be invited to taste a few of Tulie Bakery’s new range of layer cakes. Moreover the bakery was also celebrating their first year in business, and quite the successful one at that too. Tulie was always on my list to visit after I read several rave reviews over the last 12 months, but I’ve still not managed to get down there for a coffee and sugary treat. A number of reviewers have waxed lyrical on their baked goodies like croissants.

Anyway, the new range of cakes also had one eye on the fall season; including some really quite delicious options such as Pumpkin and Gingerbread. I’m not a sweet-toothed guy by nature, but these were really some fantastic cakes. Owner and baker Lesley Seggar took plains to explain how she only uses the best ingredients. It really shows too. Prices start from $30 for a 6″ and $42 for a 9″. I’m fairly sure one of their Coconut Cream cakes is already headed for our table this holiday season…

Dining Guides
Website: SL Tribune: 15 essential Wasatch Front restaurants
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It’s that time of the year, and both the City Weekly and Tribune have big dining editions. The Tribune link in particular is worth the time browsing for the irate comments alone. It really goes to show that one man’s great dining experience is another person’s plate of slop! The whole thing reminds me of this comic here.

Vasuvio’s Organic Gourmet Cafe
155 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 596-2052

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Braza Grill
147 S. Main, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
GSLC: Braza Grill Review

Salt Lake City’s Main street revival continues apace with the opening of Vasuvio’s Organic Gourmet Cafe and Braza Grill. The main street location is Braza Grill’s third outlet in SLC. Vasuvio’s is open now and is a completely new restaurant offering a range of salads, soups, sandwiches and paninis.

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant happenings 10/19/09”

  1. Hmmmm, if someone’s anniversary was coming up, perhaps they could get their wife a gingerbread cake? Someone’s wife might even share a slice or two. Oh, how I loved that gingerbread cake!

  2. We have been to Tulie’s probably 50 times (not kidding) since they opened. This is one serious bakery. Their bacon quiche is the best I’ve had and, although we have favorites, the entire menu is darn good and worth trying. I have heard several complaints about overpriced pastries, but here you get what you pay for as top quality ingredients are used to prepare goods and they are just that! I almost hate to let the cat out of the bag but Tulie’s is the best bakery I’ve been to (and likely you will too) out of the states. Hands down, the best bakery in SLC. God Bless Serious Food!

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