Enjoy twenty of Utah’s best restaurants at this fundraiser

The Pearl - Vietnamese sausage

June 11th is the date for this year’s Food Fight – a fundraiser that sees nearly two dozen of the best names on Utah’s dining scene get together. I’m told the event planners hope to build on the success of the binaural event last year and attract upto a 1,000 guests to taste some of … Read more

Easter dining to go, free meals for healthcare workers and more

Easter meal from Hub And Spoke

Easter options to go Ordinarily our Easter dining roundup is one of the biggest articles of the year. Brunch upon brunch of delicious celebratory meals. This year is obviously markedly different, but there are still plenty of plucky businesses cooking up a storm in the kitchen for you. Here are all the restaurants we know … Read more

The Roundup – October 2018

Bok Bok Chicken - boneless chicken and fries (Bok Bok Chicken)

Get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not. Food trucks, cafe, restaurants. bars and more, if someone wrote about it in the past month, you’ll find it here in the round up. Reviews and write ups Avenues Bistro (Avenues) http://utahstories.com/2018/09/avenues-bistro-new-owners-timeless-appeal/ Balabe (Food Truck) https://redneckfoodrambles.wordpress.com/2018/10/10/balabe-food-truck/ Beltex Meats (SLC) https://801eats.com/beltex-meats/ Bok Bok Chicken (American Fork) https://www.heraldextra.com/entertainment/dining/food-type/korean/a-simple-menu-makes-for-excellent-food-at-bok-bok/article_8e4dda29-d6d8-5557-af0f-49d1c9ac7a44.html … Read more

New Restaurants – August 2018

The Rising Bun - comrade fries (Rising Bun)

Arancini Snack You might remember this name from the Taste For The Space contest in 2017; the business previously competed in that contest to win a space in the South Towne Mall. That particular contest was won by the burger flipping Special Courses, but Arancini Snack is now back and in their own words, the … Read more

It’s A Wrap – June 2018

kathmandu slc buffet plate

DABC licenses Ready for the winners and losers at June’s DABC meeting? Here’s the recap of the pertinent items from last months meeting. Full service licenses (beer, wine liquor) Worthy of note from June’s DABC meeting is the granting of license to Oddfellow’s Market in downtown SLC. This is the space just North of Current … Read more

It’s A Wrap – February 2018

HSL - credit Slug Mag and Talyn Sherer

Salt Lake Magazine 2018 Dining Awards – The results are in, February saw SL Mag announce their yearly best of dining awards. The official critical picks by the magazine staff are as follows. These are all hard to argue with you’d have a great meal at any of these: Cucina Fireside on Regent Firewood Veneto … Read more

Restaurant Review Roundup – January 2016

tuna tartare bistro 222 slceats

Got plans for the weekend yet? You do now. Check out this months restaurant review roundup, a compilation of the output from various independent bloggers and podcasters across the state. Don’t waste the weekend folks. Bistro 222 (SLC) chewandchat.com/2015/12/3575.html Bistro 222 (SLC) http://slceats.com/post/135368060511/bistro-222-has-changed-things-up-hiring-a-new Black Sheep Cafe (Provo) http://www.femalefoodie.com/restaurant-reviews/black-sheep-cafe/ Dim Sum House (SLC) http://slqirty.blogspot.com/2016/01/dim-sum-house.html Empanada Express … Read more