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Feldman's Deli - sloppy Joe

Seasonal Mexican cooking, new drinks and dishes and dining deals

Alamexo Alamexo - tuna tostada There's still a couple weeks left to check out...
The Eklektik - citrus tiramisu (Talyn Sherer | Slug Mag)

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Reviews and write ups While the sun's shining, people aren't writing about food apparently; so after a July hiatus then, please welcome back The Roundup,...
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PCARA Cocktail Contest

Events: Summer Cocktail Contest, Taste Of The Wasatch, Chefs On Parade

Park City Cocktail Contest - Looking to beat the summer heat? Might I suggest a trip to the cooler climes of Park City and...
Log Haven - Seared scallops truffle risotto

Menu watch – November 2016

Alamexo - Chef and owner Matt Lake is extremely passionate about chiles and their use in traditional Mexican cuisine. His newly created November chile...

Cafe Madrid restaurant review

Tapas is the order of the day as we take our first trip to Cafe Madrid. Read on to find out how we find this most unique SLC restaurant.