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Sponsored content – what does that mean

If you’re reading this page, you might be wondering what the heck sponsored content means. First and foremost it’s one of the key ways we keep the lights on, and pay our writers. In March 2024 we dropped intrusive third-party ads from our main articles. The fact you’re reading this right now sans fluttering ads across your browser – is due to the sponsor partners that choose to advertise their brands with us.

So, sponsored content?

Like everyone else, we have bills to pay; I’ll spare you the dull itemized list. It costs many thousands of dollars to deliver a site like GSLC, one that’s operated for more than seventeen years, producing multiple unique pieces of content every week. One of the ways we keep the lights on then, is via sponsored content, a fancy phrase for advertising. Sponsored articles are one of several models we use to generate a revenue stream.

These articles are standalone stories that focus on a specific topic, theme, news item, or otherwise; the core of each piece though is that the business in question has approached us with the specific intent of communicating a message to our readers through this format. The articles contain talking points provided by the business, which are then written thoughtfully by our team. Our sponsored articles aren’t simply rehashed press releases. If there’s hyperbole in the piece, “the best this or that”, it’s a genuinely held belief of the writer of that article.

At this time we limit sponsored content to one article per week, and only for businesses that have a clear food and/or drink message. Sponsored articles are also marked at the beginning of the article (under the byline) and at the end.

Our sponsors and this page

This page may contain information about one of our sponsors. We only work with the very best businesses in the state, and routinely turn down offers to work with businesses we don't enjoy. If we can't hand on heart recommend them - they can't be a sponsor.

At this time we have the following sponosrs: BTG, Caffe Molise, Carson Kitchen, Downtown Alliance, Feldman’s Deli, Felt Bar & Eatery, Flanker Kitchen + Sporting Club, Garage On Beck, Hearth And Hill, Hill’s Kitchen, Kin Sen Asian Noodle Bar, Kyoto, Log Haven, Oasis Cafe, SLC Eatery, Squatter’s Downtown Salt Lake City, Stoneground Italian Kitchen, Urban Hill, Wasatch Brew Pub Sugar House, Whiskey Street, White Horse.

I encourage you to Google any of our sponsors and see the stellar reviews on multiple sites that they enjoy. For a list of all our current and past relationships see our partnership history page.