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Utah diners, business travelers and tourists are searching every single day for dining information. Using our targeted listings and news output, we can prominently promote your business to qualified diners immediately. Do you rock breakfast like no one else? Are your burgers the bomb? Should you be the first and last destination in your neighborhood?

We know that you’re inundated by different offers to grow your business. Local influencers, national websites, press, SEO and PR companies; we know how many companies are chasing your limited marketing dollars. We like to think we’re a little different, here’s why.

Why work with Gastronomic SLC?

Broad reach

Gastronomic Salt Lake City reaches Utahns across a diverse set of channels. Here on the website we serve up tens of thousands of pages each and every month. Other publications might quote higher numbers, but do you know what their readers are actually looking for and reading on their site? We do.

We write about nothing but the food and beverage scene – every reader that hits our site is exceptionally targeted and after one thing: food and drink info.

Professional and respected journalism

We’ve been at this for fifteen years winning critical awards along the way. Search for us in Google News and Facebook News, you’ll find our stories right there alongside other respected publications. Search for other blogs and influencers – do you see them in Google News?

Responsive and persistent

Using our social media channels and website we can help you tell a story in as timely a fashion as you want. Have something special happening right now? Print media has lead times that prevent them from supporting businesses in an ultra time specific fashion.

Moreover, our content is persistent. A story we publish today might be read for months and years down the line. That’s in stark contrast to radio, TV or print that’s a one time shot at grabbing a potential customer’s attention.

Social media

On social media we’re active on three major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On each of those platforms we have a strong following. You might find an Instagram user with more followers, but ask yourself, who are those followers? Are they local Utahns, are they real? Moreover, how engaged is that personality on other platforms? Will they be here in a years time, what about five? We’ve been here for nearly fifteen years.

Support local

Many businesses sing the virtues of supporting local, we think this applies to the media too, a business like any other. By supporting a strong, local press, you’re helping to grow local business. We actively write about independent restaurants first and foremost. Without a strong independent platform with engaged readers, no one will be telling the story of the food scene in Utah. This leaves fragmented and non local platforms such as Facebook and Yelp to tell your story.

So what do we do?

By partnering with us your business will be listed across our highly targeted best of pages, e.g. best burgers, best sushi, best downtown restaurant. We will also list you on our best restaurants page. We will also ensure any and all news you have, goes our in our regular editorial output. Got a menu update, a new chef, a special event or dish? Just drop us your info and we can integrate your news. We reach tens of thousands of people every single month.

These items together generate qualified traffic to your website on a daily basis. This is measurable traffic that you can assign a ROI. Our goal is to beat typical Cost Per Click platform costs of multiple dollars per click. We’re certain you will find the CPC results of partnering with us the lowest in Utah.

As a Sponsor we remove the monthly posting limit for your business in our Facebook food discussion group. Our group is home to 1000s of serious foodies. Finally, we cover your restaurant on our social media channels from time to time. The net effect is broad and persistent coverage of your business, month in, month out.

The numbers

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is active on a number of social media platforms. Our followers are genuine, authentic users. We currently have more than 28,000 engaged followers and readers:

11,000+ followers

Facebook Page
7,100+ followers

4,000+ twitter followers

Mailing list
3,100+ recipients

Facebook Group
3,300+ members

350+ subscribers

The above data was calculated on February 11h, 2023

Gastronomic Salt Lake City talks about one thing, and one thing only: the local food scene. Our website traffic is completely driven by people wanting to explore food and drink in Utah, locals and travelers alike.

In 2022 we saw in excess of 1,250,000 page views on Gastronomic SLC.

Compare our site and traffic to other local media that has a mixed message; are the traffic and reader numbers being quoted by other publications all related to the food scene? Can the publication tell you what percentage of their readers content consumption is related to food? We can – 100%.

What companies presently use your service?

As of January 2023 we’re currently helping to spread the word about:

  • Avenues Proper
  • BGR
  • Bourbon House
  • BTG Wine Bar
  • Caffe Molise
  • Downtown Alliance
  • Feldman’s
  • Flanker Kitchen + Sporting Club
  • Garage On Beck
  • Kao Thai
  • Kyoto
  • Log Haven
  • Oasis Cafe
  • Proper Brewing
  • Proper Burger
  • SLC Eatery
  • Stoneground Italian Kitchen
  • Whiskey Street
  • White Horse

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Our current 2023 pricing for new clients is as follows:

  • Recurring monthly fee – $150 per month
  • Multiple locations – $25 per month per additional location
  • One off promotional stories – see here

We offer these services on a rolling month to month contract, requiring just a 30 days notice for cancellation. Payment is accepted via check and card. Card is preferred, we can set your account up to bill securely on an automated basis each month. You can reach us here:
(385) 429-0650
A Matter Of Taste LLC | PO BOX 522065 | Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Testimonials from our clients past and present

Karen Boe
Boe Marketing

I have worked with for many years and highly recommend their ability to deliver extremely targeted audiences to my clients in many industries. I greatly admire their understanding of the market and trends and their ability to break down the numbers and fine- tune how each message gets into the right hands. As online audiences grow, their numbers outrank many of my traditional media outlets, reaching highly engaged and eager consumers. They’re professional, responsive and on target.

Michael Feldman 
Feldman’s Deli

Gastronomic SLC has a long track record of understanding Utah, and particularly, the Salt Lake City cuisine scene. The site keeps the community informed with what is new, what has changed, and what is trending. It has been very supportive of the owners, who have poured their hearts, souls and cash, into creating unique places to thrill your palates and taste buds, while giving readers an insider’s look into what it takes to be successful within our growing culinary critical mass, motivating patrons to search out all that is great about dining here.

Eleanor Lewis
Marketing and events director

Avenues Proper | Proper Brewing | Proper Burger

Gastronomic SLC is a great asset for Northern Utah. With rapidly changing demographics and the ever-growing variety of excellent food and drink options in the Salt Lake area, it can be hard to keep up – even when you’re in the industry. Not only is Gastronomic a pretty comprehensive reference for the local culinary landscape, they’re also super responsive to news like restaurant openings and special dinners.