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Publications that cover food in Utah

When I’m asked, “how can I promote my restaurant for free”, I always encourage business owners to reach out to their local press. Reach out with as much information as you can, as often as you can. Speaking from first hand experience, I can never get enough news from restaurants about what they’re upto. The same goes for most other local news organizations, that need a constant stream of news and information to write about.

If you want to spread the word about your restaurant in Utah, the following publications (both online and offline) all carry routinely pieces on the local food and beverage scene. I’d strongly recommend

City Weekly

As the name suggests this local city paper prints and publishes once per week and can be found in a variety of locations, restaurants to bars to grocery stores. Largely focused on local arts, entertainment and lifestyle the Weekly carries a popular food section. Alex Springer heads up the food section and typically produces one restaurant review per print edition, as well as a roundup of local news. Mike Riedel writes about local crafter beer each week too.

Dishing Park City

A bi-annual print publication that focuses on Summit county restaurants. Dishing PC also has a frequently updated website and social media platform too.

Gastronomic SLC

Yours truly. Hey now. We’ve covered the food and beverage scene since 2007 and write about everything from new restaurants to closures, dining events to products of note. Email at any time with news about your business and also signup to our industry newsletter too.

Salt Lake Magazine

A monthly lifestyle magazine that appears on newsstands through the state, as well as operating a matching online presence. The Salt Lake Magazine is well known for its food coverage, once running a popular yearly Tastemakers food event as well as a former dining awards ceremony.

Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune has seen a number of big changes in the last few years. The most notable changes have seen the former daily print publication become a weekly outfit. The Trib’s website still publishes uptown the minute and daily news. The Tribune’s food content has shrunk over the years, but still carries a number of food news stories – mainly led by long time veteran Kathy Stephenson.

Utah Stories

Utah Stories operates as a monthly print publication, that can be found like the City Weekly in a number of bars, restaurants etc. Utah Stories operates a matching website and features food stores in every article as well as a number of food and drink focused special editions through the year.

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