Marketing and PR for Utah restaurants

Looking to retain a PR company or a marketing professional to help promote your restaurant in Utah? These are some of the very best restaurant marketing companies we’ve worked with over the years – and we’ve worked with a lot!

The following companies all have extensive experience in helping restaurants to promote their openings, events and updates. These all get our glowing recommendation and we’re sure they’ll help grow our business.

Utah PR and marketing companies

Gastronomic SLC

We reach tens of thousands of hungry diners – every week. Work with us through our page sponsor option and we can drive traffic to your website (or social media platforms) at prices lower than any other option in town. Our results are measurable, persistent and tangible.

Boe Marketing

Boe Marketing have been helping grow businesses in Utah for more than two decades, across a range of channels. Gastronomic SLC has worked with Boe Marketing for more than 10 years. We can’t speak highly enough to their professionalism, quality of work and attention to detail. 

Elle Marketing And Events

Another marketing company we love to work with are Elle Marketing. Elle have an especially keen grasp of digital marketing; thoroughly understanding modern marketing channels such as social and SEO.

Redhead Marketing & PR

Park City based Redhead Marketing operate throughout the Salt Lake Valley and have a particular specialty in representing restaurants. We’ve worked with them for many years.

Panic Button Media

A Utah based marketing business that has represented more restaurants than we can count.

Free marketing resources

Ideas for promoting your restaurant

We’ve covered the restaurant scene for fifteen years. Through all of that time we’ve seen restaurants come and go. Sadly we’ve seen far too many restaurants fall by the wayside long before their time. In this guide we’ll go through all the free ways you can market your restaurant and grow your business.

Free Gastronomic SLC promotion

Here on Gastronomic SLC we have a number of pages that can send traffic to your website. Guides such as ‘where to find the best patio dining’ and ‘where to eat late at night’. Some of these pages we don’t charge a penny for. Want free website traffic?

Free touch less restaurant menus with QR code

One way we give back to our local restaurant community is with free resource and tools. Want to set up one of those fancy touches menus that uses a QR code? Let us help, we can set that up for free for small businesses.

Food writers and broadcasters in Utah

Building a rapport and relationship with some of the most respected reporters in the state – a sure fire way to guarantee you’re restaurant or business will garner column inches. We’ve collated a list of all the most prominent food writers and broadcasters in Utah.

List of publications that cover food in Utah

Likewise, you should always stay in touch with the local print and online media. They too can help spread the word about your business far and wide.

List of biggest Utah food influencer accounts

You might want to connect with some of the biggest and best foodie influencers in Utah – and you’d be smart. We’ve created the full list of the best accounts.

Add your business to this list

Simply drop us an email with your information to and we can add you to the list. Free listings should be no longer than 100 words long.

Utah restaurant industry resources

Looking for a specific Utah restaurant services or product? From fridges and freezers to payroll and POS – we’re here to help. Go back to our restaurant resources homepage.