Utah food influencers – a who’s who in 2021

If you’re looking to promote your restaurant via social media, you might be wondering about reaching out to local food influencers. With that in mind we created the following list of Utah influencers, listed in alphabetical order.

Eat Drink Utah

Eat Freaks

The largest TikTok foodie influencer in Utah that we’re currently aware of.

Eating Utah

Female Food SLC

Brooke Eliason’s Female Foodie concept covers a variety of states, Utah included.

Fig Eats

Christy’s runs this popular Instagram account, and is also a contributor to Gastronomic SLC.

Foody Fellowship

Steve Kinyon’s local food coverage is mainly via his Instagram account. Steve also has appearances on local station ABC4.

Local Enthusiast

Sara Day’s Instagram account covers many aspects of SLC life, but with a predominant focus on the food scene. Local Enthusiast previously won City Weekly’s best local IG account.

Mile High Food Fairy

Amber, a Denver transplant to Utah, runs this multi-platform account. MHFF predominantly operates on Instagram and TikTok, with the latter being one of the biggest in the state.

Salt Plate City

Lala Phunkhang and Ryan Roggensack are the duo that run this very popular local Instagram account. SPC began life as an Instagram focused account, but in recent times has developed a robust website presence too.

SLC Foodie

Chase runs this popular Utah food account which is currently second biggest in Utah when it comes to Instagram. Chase is active on several other platforms as well as appearing on FOX13 on a weekly basis.

SLC Lunches

Heather L. King is a writer at the SL Tribune, Devour and Downtown SLC magazine. Heather is also active across several platforms.

Siftey Reviews

SLC Food Scene

Corrine runs this popular IG account as well as also running the Hone Your Social company that works to help local businesses with their social media presence.

The Bella My Adventures

Active on several platforms but most prominently TikTok with one of the largest local foodie presences in Utah.

UT Foodie

Cindy England is the name behind the scenes here.

Utah’s Best Bites

Utah Grubs

Utah Grubs is currently the biggest Utah based Instagram account with a specific food focus. Operated by Will and Olivia Gochmour. They also operate a website and are active on several other platforms.

The above data was compiled August 6th 2021. While we work to update this list periodically through the year, please do check and confirm precise details.

Working with food influencers in general

Free vs paid – Smaller accounts will typically work with your business free of charge. Generally speaking, the smaller the account the more excited you will find your offer received. It doesn’t always hold true but larger accounts, might expect payment for their work for you. While you might initially flinch at this, remember the larger accounts are run like businesses.

Free food doesn’t pay the mortgage – I can speak to this one personally. I receive multiple offers to dine out for free every week. Oftentimes more than once per day. I’ll start by saying I’m incredibly humbled and thankful to have that position and respect. That said, if I took every restaurant up on their offer, I’d have little time for anything else, and ultimately I have a mortgage to pay like everyone else. Be aware that the larger accounts you contact have the same pressures on their time.

Disclosure – Beyond the simple fact that the FTC requires disclosure of paid/sponsored or endorsed content – it’s simply good practice to ensure those you work with disclose that fact. The world of influencers is becoming increasingly tarnished due to the blurriness between organic and sponsored content. Don’t contribute to the confusion, make sure the accounts you work with are open and honest.

Don’t demand content – Try to avoid leading your pitch with the following gambit, “Hey can we give you a free meal for a post or review”. By all means offer local foodies a free meal, but don’t attach strings. It feels tacky – and speaking personally – it’s off putting and the delete button usually follows quickly afterwards. If you have good food, a compelling restaurant, trust me, Instagrammers will want to post those pictures they took!

Working with influencers on Instagram

I think it’s fair to say Instagram currently reigns supreme when it comes to foodie influencers, at least in Utah at this time. Before you dive right into your app with promises of free food – take a few steps to review your campaign before proceeding. Here are a few things to consider when approaching Instagrammers to work with you.

Don’t obsess over follower count – IG follower count isn’t the be all an end all. Of course the bigger the following the more chance that your message will be seen by more people. That doesn’t tell the full story though. Different influencers connect with different audiences – that might be great for your business, it might not.

Engagement is king – Different accounts also have different engagements rates – how do their fans resonate with their posts and content? Check out the likes and comments when an Instagrammer posts, does their community seem Utah based, do they seem engaged? You might also be surprised to see that the smaller accounts are more closely engaged with their followers. Larger accounts can often have something of a gravitational pull of followers from myriad places, small accounts are more tightly focused with better engagement.

Add your social media account to this list

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