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Click, sizzle, enjoy – Salt Lake City’s farm fresh sausages go online

Salt Lake City farmer's market - Gerome's Market

Christmas has come early this year – at least if like me, you’re a fan of local chef turned butcher, Craig Gerome. This week saw the talented Gerome launch an online edition of his Uber-popular farmer’s market stand. I know of no one who has stopped by the stand and failed to rave over their purchase. Side note: even my optometrist once randomly out of he blue asked me, “have you tried Gerome’s Market?”

By way of backstory it’s interesting to note that Gerome is a former stable mate of Philip Grubisa, the duo formerly chef’ing shoulder to shoulder at Park City’s Waldorf Astoria. As time progressed, Grubisa would go on to explore a passion for boutique butchery by opening Beltex Meats. Gerome would continue to work the lines, and over the years would pop up at the likes of HSL as well as The Annex. During his brief tenure at the Sugar House restaurant, I fancied it as one of the best restaurants in the valley.

Ultimately Gerome would course correct onto the same path as Grubisa (the two remain close collaborators, which should tell you all you need to know). It makes sense of course, butchery was in the blood for the Pennsylvanian transplant – coming from a family with more than sixty years in the sausage shop biz.

The anchor of Gerome’s Salt Lake City work then are old world sausages; made with with locally sourced pork, seasonal ingredients and tradition tested recipes. Everything is made in small batches by hand – you know – that time consuming technique that you’ll never find in the big box stores. With the mercury dropping quick? Who amongst us doesn’t fancy some English style bangers atop a bracing mountain of mash and onion gravy?

Gerome's Market - English bangers and mash (Gastronomic SLC)
Gerome’s Market – English bangers and mash (Gastronomic SLC)

Gerome eschews the use nitrates, sugar, gluten, or any filler to speak of. The recipes are as clean and simple as can be starting with premium pork and salt. The more obsessed amongst us routinely keep an eye on Gerome’s Instagram page for his latest efforts. Peruvian-style chorizo hit my own breakfast menu after a visit to the Summer farmer’s market this year.

Amongst the handsome selection of sausages, habanero and honey through andouille, you’ll also find a few other must buys via Gerome’s online store. Beef and pork meatballs are a highlight, made with local pork and grass-fed beef. Fresh herbs, Italian cheeses and toasted spices are modest other additions in an immutable half century recipe. They work perfectly in the subtly underplayed Sunday gravy – big tubs of sun bright tomato sauce.

From time to time you may well also find various other cuts – the likes of chops and cheeks. Again, unlike the supermarkets these are butchered with a chef’s care. A chop I snagged this year came armored with beautifully thick fat – untouched by overzealous knives. Perfect for trimming and rendering at home.

Gerome's Market - pork loin chop (Gastronomic SLC)
Gerome’s Market – pork loin chop (Gastronomic SLC)
Gerome's Market pork loin with peach salsa and harissa
Gerome’s Market pork loin with Utah peach and harissa salsa (Gastronomic SLC)

Gerome tells me the online store is a brief outing for the time being, a way to keep those links rolling between farmers’ market windows and private chef gigs. With that in mind, place your orders stat. I guarantee you won’t find a better sausage in the state. I do not make that statement lightly.

Orders can be placed via through the week, with the cut off Thursdays ay 8.00 p.m. Deliveries then occur on Friday, to your door by 5.00 p.m. Do note the online store updates through the week, seeing gradual updates to inventory. Gerome tells me Tuesday is optimal, seeing most of the weeks additions complete.

A freezer full of local excellence? I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend.

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