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Jack In The Box appears set to return to Salt Lake City

Jack in The Box - Classic Buttery Jack (JITB)

Yes, I know it’s a chain. And yes, I know we’ll all throw up our arms in faux horror. But I also know rabid hordes of us will be furtively lining up around the block when the lights go on; such is our collective love for the new and novel when it comes to fast food in the Beehive. The same happened when In N Out ambled over from SoCal, when Shack Shack caused tremors in Sandy, and when Raising Cane’s debut resulted in a 150 car long jam.

News on JITB’s Northern Utah expansion plans were first reported by QSR Magazine back in 2021; I followed up on those plans back in August last year. At the time the chain was actively seeking franchisees, ones who could deploy a cool investment of around $1.7 – $2.7 million per new location.

Well, it looks like the day many have been praying for is now here. Sometime very soon, Salt Lakers will be able to share in the late night charms of Jack’s tiny tacos. Doing some digging into planning permits shows this, this and this filed with Salt Lake City’s planning department; while the following post on our local Reddit would seem to confirm the restaurant are in the final stages of preparation. Quick, get the banner up Bob.

Jack in The Box - loaded Tiny Tacos (JITB)
Jack in The Box – loaded Tiny Tacos (JITB)

According to the permits linked above, Jack appears set to open in a former Burger King location at 61 East 2100 South. The 3,600 square foot building sits east of the area’s Del Taco, another fast food operation that Jack purchased roughly this time last year. Moochie’s, Mad Greek, Raising Cane’s and several others can be found in the same area along the busy intersection of State and 21st; apparently the two roads combined see more than 50,000 vehicles per day roll on by. The location on the boundary of SLC and South Salt Lake was seemingly once slated for an In N Out.

For those set to grumble with the usual “oh god not another chain, for the love of beef” refrain, go simmer down and remember that the San Diego based brand founded in 1951, already have a trio of outposts in the state. St George, Cedar City and Washington already offer up fan favorite dishes like the pictured tiny tacos and buttery Jack burgers. Fact fans will no doubt want to chime in at this point and remind us that Jack did indeed once have a much bigger footprint in Utah.

At the time of press there’s no formal word on when the restaurant might open, but I will update the post if and when I get formal confirmation. In the interim, here are some snaps of the menu board at the St. George location of Jack In The Box – taken just a few weeks ago in February. I’ll take the sourdough Jack thanks.

Update March 5th: Google search now reports a June opening date for the SLC location, while Indeed show the brand hiring for the SLC location. Meanwhile discussion on the local Reddit thread suggests locations in Layton and Kearns might be on the agenda too.

Jack In The Box - St George Feb 2023 menu - burgers
Jack In The Box – St George Feb 2023 menu – burgers
Jack In The Box - St George Feb 2023 menu - chicken, drinks, deals
Jack In The Box – St George Feb 2023 menu – chicken, drinks, deals
Jack In The Box - St George Feb 2023 menu - breakfast
Jack In The Box – St George Feb 2023 menu – breakfast

Butter burger and and taco image credits, Jack In The Box.

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6 thoughts on “Jack In The Box appears set to return to Salt Lake City”

  1. I was looking forward to having In N’ Out actually in SLC but I can see why they backed out of that location. The news stations in LA stated that JITB planned to convert some of the del tacos into JITB. Maybe that will still happen to some locations here.

  2. For the love of God, yes! My prayers have been answered!!! I cannot wait, but I can guarantee I will probably be first in line. Headed out now!

  3. I read somewhere that they are opening one up off of 5600 west and 5400 south in Kearns. It looks like they are starting some construction in that spot as well. I guess we’ll see.

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