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100 year old Mexican restaurant comes to Utah

It’s been a busy 2022 so far when it comes to new restaurant openings. I am sure this year’s grand review will easily surpass last year’s 195 new restaurant recap. Just look at this month’s update alone. The latest to add to the list? None other than El Cholo, the Los Angeles restaurant that lays claim to the title of first Mexican restaurant in the city, clocking in with nearly a century of history behind it.

Established in 1923 by Sonoran natives Alejandro Borquez and wife Rosa the restaurant is apparently rated by Thrillist in a list of *the* essential L.A. Mexican restaurants to sample in the city of Angels.

The restaurant has grown to a sextuplet of locations in SoCal with the seventh set for Sugar House at 2166 South and 900 East. The new Utah facility looks set to bring the popular menu to the Beehive, which includes plenty of Sonoran specialties; not to mention the neat touch of calling out the year a dish was brought to the storied menu. Sadly what I don’t think we will see translated here – the margaritas to go section.

The restaurant will open just to the West of the Smith’s on the same side of the road as Este Pizza and Sugar House BBQ. The restaurant will encompass some 9,000 square feet and also features a rooftop patio.

According to press release notes for the opening, the restaurant is now operated by third-generation owner Ron Salisbury who himself has roots in Utah. The restaurant is projected for a Fall 2022 opening – we’ll have more details as they arrive.

The restaurant is joined a raft of other Mexican new comers to the general neighborhood such as De Los Muertos, Katrina’s Mexican Restaurant and Tacos El Fino.

Pictured, filet mignon tacos, credit El Cholo.

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6 thoughts on “100 year old Mexican restaurant comes to Utah”

  1. El cholo sounds fantastic. We’ve been needing a good sit down mexican place for years here in sugarhouse. But no mention of the problems current operators of site had getting to use the rooftop seating and will they be able to get liquor permit?

    1. I have to confess I haven’t heard anything about the rooftop and issues therein. Do you have a link/source? As for a liquor license, I assume they will operate as a restaurant not a bar, so they should be ok. There are about 30-40 full service restaurant licenses in the state leaving the last DABS meeting; there are no issues at present on limited service licenses.

  2. El Cholo was my favorite restaurant as a child in the 1950’s. The Original restaurant is on Western Ave in Los Angeles.

  3. I grew up on El Cholo. My Dad designed the one on Western Ave and the one in Whittier/La Habra. Glad they are coming to Utah!! Need good Mexican food here!!
    Clark Remington

  4. My whole family is so excited. Growing up in La Habra, El Cholo was our favorite place to go. Wait til you try their green corn tamales.

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