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Dining inspiration with the latest restaurant reviews

Things are ever so slowly starting to return to normal in restaurant review world. Bit by bit, folks are headed back into the world and writing up their findings. Here are all the recent reviews and write ups from the last month or so. As ever, drop us an email if we’ve missed anyone.

City Weekly

Guy’s Flavortown Kitchen (read) is the muse for this piece by Alex Springer. It’d be easy to gleefully jump all over this one in some faux-foodie horror. But cmon, don’t we all have a little morbid curiosity about exactly what food arrives when you hit the checkout option on DoorDash. Springer has all the details. Hint: there’s a lot of cheese.

Other write-ups include a quick recap of several sushi burrito (read) joints, a check in with the chicken experts of Lehi’s Zulu Piri Piri Grille (read) and a review of Murray’s new Japanese baker, Conte De Fee (read).

Utah Stories

Meanwhile Ted Scheffer checks in at Ogden’s WB’s Eatery (read), BTG Wine Bar (read) in downtown SLC and heads up the mountains for a yearly look at Deer Valley Resort’s (read) culinary offerings. Royal India & Taste of India (read) feature in a double header story too.


Val Phillip’s Chew And Chat has a couple of pieces this month. Layton’s Base Restaurant & Bar (read) as well as Farmington’s Nino Viejo (read) get a look in; the latter of which you might recall recently opened was feared in our new restaurant round up (read).

Slug Mag heads to Salt Lake City and looks at Veggie House (featured image, credit Slug and Bonneville Jones, read) – a popular spot for vegans, while Siftey take a look at the best lobster rolls around town (read). I bet you can already guess who tops the list

Those looking to save a buck after hitting the slopes will want to bookmark this Ski Utah piece, which looks at the cheapest eats in Park City (read). Lastly, I recently stumbled across a new Utah Blog Hive Mind. In recent weeks their writers have writ about fry sauce (read), take out (read) and dum sum (read).

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