Showcase: Naked Fish Japanese Bistro

For those of you that don’t follow us on Instagram – here’s a quick reminder – you should. The following is a recap of our most recent restaurant showcase, in which we featured some of the spectacular cuisine crafted by one of our Local Partners, Naked Fish Japanese Bistro.

For my money, Naked Fish is not only the finest Japanese restaurant in town, its one of the best dining destinations full stop. I’ve written in depth about the cuisine and personnel at Naked Fish before; but the recipe keeps getting improving. The most notable addition to the team since my last article – chef Akane Nakamura. Nakamura now heads up the kitchen as executive chef, swapping Michelin starred cooking in San Francisco for a return to Salt Lake (Nakamura worked at Naked Fish many moons ago).

You’ll see much of Nakamura’s handiwork in the multi-course omakase meal (call ahead only folks) which offers plate after plate of food almost too picture perfect to eat. Almost. Here’s a recap of some of that stunning cuisine, much from the omakase:

naked fish japanese bistro beets over Japanese charcoal grill
Beets over Japanese charcoal grill

Tsukune (chicken meatballs), certified A5 Wagyu (certified Japanese beef) cooking over the kushiyaki (traditional Japanese charcoal grill). The beets hang over the coals for 3-4 days until they soft and spongy. They are then re-hydrated in bone marrow and served with pickled rose petals and rose vinegar, made in house.

naked fish japanese egg yolk confit
Egg yolk confit

Egg yolk confit, ember roasted maitake and shiitake mushroom, king trumpet mushroom, and a roasted chicken dashi.

naked fish hama hama osyters
Hama hama osyters

Hama Hama oysters, ponzu, momiji oroshi, Yuzu gel, green onion.

Aji sashimi
Aji sashimi

Aji sashimi – Japanese have mackerel

Naked Fish: tsukemono

Tsukemono – seasonal house pickled vegetables

Naked Fish: knapachi

Coal kissing kanpachi from the Omakase menu. Japanese binchotan charcoal is used to create searing heat lending a smokey flavor, while keeping the fish raw.

67 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 595-8888

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