Dining Deals November 2014

evas bakery in slc and chef charlie perry
Eva’s Bakery and chef/owner, Charlie Perry

A rundown of the best dining deals, coupons, codes and special offers available right now. If we’re missing any specific deals or sites in our round up, please do let us know.

No purchase required

Eva’s Bakery – 20% off dinner
Celebrating their new dinner menu, simply mention #EvasBakery4Dinner when you order and receive the discount.

Tushar Brazilian Express – 50% off

Amazon Local
Ichiban Sushi – 50% off
Pars Cuisine – 50% off
Taste Of Thai – 50% off
TEAramisu – 50% off

City Weekly Store
Apollo Burger – 20% off
Bourbon House – 20% off
Cucina Deli – 20% off
Del Mar Al Lago – 30% off
Ekamai Thai – 20% off
El Rocoto – 60% off
Epic Casual Dining – 50% off
Eva – 25% off
Even Stevens – 20% off
Honeycomb Grill – 20% off
Karma Indian Cuisine – 25% off

Blue Iguana – 40% off
Bombay Bites – 45% off
The Bridge Cafe And Grill – 40% off
Chef’s Table – 36% off
Feldman’s Deli – 40% off
The Glitretind – 40% off
Itto Sushi – 50% off
House Of Tibet – 50% off
India Palace – 50% off
Old Bridge Cafe – 50% off
Rocky Mountain Grill – 48% off
Sala Thai Kitchen – 53% off
Sammy’s – 40% off
Spice Bistro – 32% off
Star Of India – 50% off
Sunrise Bistro – 40% off
Taste OF Thai – 50% off
Tiburon – 50% off
Toscana – 50% off
Ventanas – 45% off
Wild Grape Bistro – 30% off
The Wild Rose – 50% off

Living Social
Braza Grill – 45% off
Chef’s Table – 36% off
Christopher’s Steak House – 50% off
Feldman’s Deli – 40% off

Jasmine Thai Lao – 50% off

Meditrina – 40% off
Salt Flats Grill And Tap Room – 47% off
Tadka Indian – 50% off
Thai Siam – 40% off
Zilio’s – 45% off

Trib Deals
The Wild Rose – 45% off

em>Disclosure: We are an affiliate for several of the deal sites listed above (Groupon, City Weekly, Amazon Local). This means we receive a small percentage of every purchase you make through those links. This is far from a life changing, Brewster’s Millions type sum of money – but every cent helps to support the site. Read more on our privacy and disclosure page. Please be sure to review each deal’s unique terms and conditions before purchase.

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