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Ruth’s Chris steakhouse $100 giveaway

This evening sees the opening of the popular Ruth’s Chris steakhouse in downtown SLC, bringing back the the ‘sizzle’ to Salt Lake City. That sizzle by the way refers to the way Ruth’s Chris prepare their signature steaks: seared at 1800 degrees and topped with fresh butter so they sizzle all the way to your table. To celebrate the return of this high end eatery to Salt Lake’s dining scene we have two $50 gift cards to give away.

The new downtown location for Ruth’s Chris is within the refurbished Chase Bank building at 275 S West Temple (see here for some pics of the interior). As of 5PM this evening the restaurant will be open nightly from 5-10pm Monday-Thursday, 5-11 pm Friday & Saturday and 4-9 pm Sundays. Alongside their steaks expect to see chops, chicken, great seafood and shellfish as well as classic steakhouse sides including their famous sweet potato casserole.

To put your name in the hat for one of the two $50 gift cards, all you need to do is let us know the following:

“What brings the sizzle to your table?”

Post your answer as a comment on this story, at the bottom of the page. We will pick two random winners at the weekend. As ever, good luck!

Ruth’s Chris
275 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, 84101
(801) 363-2000


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52 thoughts on “Ruth’s Chris steakhouse $100 giveaway”

  1. What brings the sizzle? It’s a ripping hot cast iron pan my friends! When I cook steaks indoors I use a cast iron pan that I preheat in the oven. Then I abuse it by putting on full flame. Then I glare at it like a Spaniard at a bullfight. Then I walk away (to make it jealous and insecure). I tell it how much I prefer my other pans. Then I insert the steak and sear it for 3-4 minutes per side. Later I give it a loving bath in sudsy water.

  2. Bring me that porterhouse for two! This juicy piece of beef will make your taste buds pop with its full bodied taste. mmmmmm steak

  3. The awesome food at Ruth’s Chris is a i think the fantastic servers literally bring the “sizzle” to the table..with that i love the whole feeling where i feel like i’m treated like royalty..Thank you and see you soon…

  4. Steaks! I would love to try this place. I have heard the folks on X96 talking about them for years, your reviews are making my mouth water. I can’t wait to take my lovely wife to dinner at Ruth’s

  5. My husband and I LOVE Ruth’s Chris. We have been living separately across the country for a few months for work reasons. He will be visiting in a few weeks to spend some time for our 13th anniversary. Would love to go to Ruth’s Chris for our anniversary dinner. Yum-o!

  6. My firey red hair.. No really, there is nothing better than a perfectly cooked to order steak and Ruth Chris never gets it wrong!

  7. I’ve gotta say jalapenos bring a sizzle to my table. Especially when paired with something unusual. You MUST try the jalapeno orange cream cheese from Rich’s bagels on Highland Drive. Made in house–it is to die for!

  8. Serendipity and creativity, the mother of invention in the kitchen. I love to discover how a new ingredient mixes with an old standard to create something totally fresh and new.

  9. We were headed to Ruths last time when we found it it had closed….I have been waiting for a business trip out of town to head there, but gratefully, the sizzle will be that I can take my wife on a date there in our own home town and experience the experience we’ve heard about for so long!

  10. A nice bacon-wrapped filet from the local butcher off the grill brings the sizzle to my table. No seasonings or any steak sauce — just a nice cut of meat that practically melts in your mouth.

  11. The first thing that comes to mind is Sizzling Steak Fajitas!
    A big juicy New York Steak would be a close second!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  12. Thanks for everyone’s entries, the competition is now closed. We have selected the two random winners, who will have emails from me very shortly on how to collect their prizes!

  13. Nothing brings a sizzle to my table like a server holding a beautiful succulent piece of corn fed dead cow aka steak prepared to a fine medium rare standard of pinkish red center and an amigo del rio spicy red wine to say “OMG, Ruth Chris is thankfully back! SLC has dining hope again!” Praise baby Jesus!!!

  14. My husband has turned vegetarian for two weeks now. I am craving steak and Ruth’s Chris’s melt in your mouth ribeye will hopefully bring my husband back to eating meat again!

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