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Weekly round-up 02/29/08

salt lake tribune

In the Salt Lake Tribune , Lesli J. Neilson gets upset with the notion of fusion over at Yamasaki. Reading through the various comments of readers, it seems Lesli is in the minority with her opinions of the restaurant.

I’m torn between the Tribune reader comments and Lesli’s own assessment. The Yamasaki menu really needs to be updated. From my own experience the multiple menu’s you receive seem overwhelming and redundant. Options are duplicated and the specials menu seems to be pretty static. It would be really great to see them produce one simplified menu with far less options. 5-7 appetizers and 7-10 entree options would be plenty. They could really then focus their attention on producing some fantastic fusion dishes.

All that being said I do like Yamasaki and the food served, service is always super-friendly as well. I think with the few tweaks mentioned this place could be superb.

Yamasaki: 6055 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Deseret Morning News

Nancy Kratz of the Deseret Morning News enjoys a meal at Q4U.

I don’t think much more can be said about Q4U that hasn’t already been said. The place is consistently lauded for it’s great BBQ. Personally I have never made it over there, as Sugarhouse BBQ always gets in my way first. Maybe I am missing out on BBQ taken to another level, if so let me know!

Q4U: 3951 West 5400 South Kearns, UT

350 Main logo

Taking to the road the, Salt Lake Chow Hounds head up to Park City sampling 350 Main. They seemed to enjoy their time there, it’s always fun to get away from SLC and upto Park City for change of atmosphere.

I’ve never been to 350 Main, only the attached bar (The Spur) which was pleasant enough early in the evening. Looking over the 350 Main menu is a mouth-watering activity. I am not convinced about the use of calories next to each option on the menu though. The tactic seems gimmicky, especially as it is only half utilised. Their signature dishes on the menu lack any detail at all. I wonder if they are brave enough to put calorie stickers on their desserts.

350 Main: 350 Main Street Park City, Utah

ztejas logo

Ted Scheffler of the City Weekly enjoys a ‘tequila dinner’ at Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill. He seems impressed by the quarterly set menu meal this chain provides. Indeed, Ted speaks a lot about Z’Tejas in his column over the months and years.

Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about. The few times we have tried Z’Tejas based on Ted’s positive reviews, have been nothing to shout about. Z’Tejas is a chain and no matter how hard they try, that always comes through for me. From the service to the menus to the food. Whilst the food isn’t poor I have always found it mostly forgettable and easily beaten by the independently owned, local competition.

It has been a long time since I have been to Z’Tejas based on these points. Maybe these quarterly dinners are a good reason to try the place again. Anyone out there who spends their cold hard cash on one, let me know how you find it.

Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill: 191 S. Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101

Your heart out logo

Finally, the ever stylish Your Heart Out reviews Citta Gelateria Italiana. Citta seems to be generating some buzz amongst local reviewers, garnering two great reviews in two weeks.

Citta Gelateria Italiana: 2101 E. 9400 South, Sandy

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3 thoughts on “Weekly round-up 02/29/08”

  1. Over the years I’ve had good BBQ at Q4U. I’ve had OK BBQ. I’ve never had great BBQ. If it wasn’t for the personalities of owners, I don’t think it would get quite the buzz. There’s getting to be too much BBQ in SLC for one person to follow, expecially when I live in Utah Valley. In SLC, I personally like Pat’s best.

    Over the last couple years I’ve had clients that have taken me to Memphis, Texas, South Carolina and Kansas City along with a few smaller BBQ areas. I’ve spent probably 30 weeks among them checking out BBQ. I have a pretty good idea of what’s conisdered good BBQ. There’s not many places that would stay in business in those places. My opinion. Q4U probably for the owners, not the Q. Sugarhouse for the Q probably. Pat’s yes. Smokehouse in Orem. Probably.

  2. I lived in SLC until five years ago, and always favored SugarHouse BBQ for the taste, and Q4U for the personality (though there are a lot of great people at SugarHouse BBQ, too). Having returned to salt Lake for a couple of months, one of the first places I took my husband was SugarHouse and it did not disappoint. I sent him to Q4U with friends and they were disappointed there. He brought home leftovers that were nothing to write home about. My husband has lived in Texas and Oklahoma, and he has had no Q in SLC that measures up, but his money goes to SugarHouse. Still need to try Pat’s.

    On another note, I too have wondered why Scheffler is always giving Z’Tejas a rave. To me, it is a chain, nothing more.

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