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Utah Photographers that specialize in food and restaurants

Midjourney - food photography
Food photography is essential to grow your business

When looking to promote your restaurant, the very first place to begin should be capturing world class imagery of your food. A stunning picture will literally sell itself to hungry customers. In today’s social-media driven world, a restaurant that doesn’t have a strong inventory of professional photography will already find themselves lagging behind their competitors.

With that in mind the following are food photographers here in Utah, that I personally love. Each has expertise with shooting food in a variety of settings and understands what makes a plate of food pop. It’s a real skill and these are some of the best I’ve personally seen in Utah:

Adam Finkle

Adam Finkle’s work is some of the the most recognizable on the Utah food landscape. You’ve probably seen his work if you’ve spent any amount of time perusing Utah restaurant websites or local press. You can see an example of his exemplary work here and here.

Finkle has worked with some of the biggest and best names in Salt Lake City, chefs such as Viet Pham and Ryan Lowder. Finkle offers a comprehensive list of services that spans everything from creative and unique photography through design work that can span menus through interior walls and more.

Finkle has a keen understanding of a restaurant’s needs – producing quality work that can be used on a variety of diverse platforms: websites, menus, online delivery services and more. If you want your business to standout from the crowd, he is our number one recommended

Nicole Marriner

Nicole Marriner is a food photographer and content creator based in Salt Lake City. Early in her career, she developed recipes, taught cooking classes, and managed restaurants. With a rich background in food and beverage, she brings extensive culinary expertise to her photography. Nicole captures the beauty and authenticity of food, highlighting the sense of community sharing a meal creates. Her portfolio includes work with esteemed restaurants and popular food brands, consistently delivering compelling images. Reach out to Nicole to discuss your next project and see how she can elevate your brand with stunning photography.

Nick Sokoloff

Nick Sokoloff Photography has an artful appreciation for all that goes into a well-prepared meal. Nick understands the emotions, culture and business of food, as well as the challenges. His approach is organic, with a deep respect for the sourcing, energy and effort it takes to put food on the table. With over 20 years of experience, Nick has worked across the country on numerous projects, lending his expertise and personal aesthetic. With a Master’s in photojournalism, Nick has made a deep study out of how light, motion, emotion, and aesthetics come together in photography. 

Alice Nelson

With over 10 years of Photography experience, I’m your go-to food photographer. I’ve loved working with some of Utah’s amazing restaurants like Christopher’s Prime, Hello Sugar, and La Garnacha, bringing their food and atmosphere to life. I’ve got everything I need to bring a studio like set up directly to your establishment to get those fresh, mouth watering photos your customers crave. Ready to work with someone who gets just as excited as you do about your food and business? Can’t wait to work together! 

Talyn Behzad

Talyn has photographed food for local SLUG Mag for a decade and in doing so has a portfolio of work that is as stunning as it is droolworthy. You can see what I mean here in this amazing collection.

Mike Kemp

With a solid 12 years of experience in commercial food photography, Mike Kemp stands as a seasoned professional dedicated to his craft.  His passion for crafting visually compelling images is evident in every project he undertakes.  Recognizing the pivotal role that lighting plays in making food look irresistible, Mike consistently delivers results that exceed his clients expectations.

Shooting for a diverse clientele ranging from esteemed restaurants to the familiar products lining your local grocery store shelves, Mike boasts an impressive portfolio with notable names such as Harmon’s, Cafe Rio, Costa Vida, Peak Refuel, In the Raw, Tucano’s, Red Iguana, Built Bar, Kirkland Brand, Tru Fru, and many more. 

When you choose Mike Kemp, you’re not just hiring a photographer, you are working with a dedicated professional who collaborates seamlessly with his clients, crew and stylists.  Mike is committed to ensuring that your vision becomes reality.  You can trust Mike  to bring your food brand to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike to chat about your next project.  Your vision is his priority, and he is ready to bring it to fruition.  (801) 358 1364.

Blake Peterson

In Blake’s own words: Blake Peterson is a graphic designer and photographer with a background in fine art and steep skiing. Based in Park City, Utah, she studied art administration at Westminster College and photography at California College of the Arts. She mixes design and photography into a cohesive package for projects that involve digital media, advertising, and branding. Her goal is to partner with good people and brands she admires.

She has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Outside Magazine, South West Airlines, Billabong and

Madi Twede Photography

In Madi’s own words: In this content-driven world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed! Your followers constantly want new material. With the pressure to keep engagement up and stay relevant, you can burn out quickly. Take a deep breath. You made it! I am here to help. Let me give you pictures your products deserve! Small business owners are some of the hardest working people I’ve met and I am passionate about helping them meet and exceed their goals through brand photography (via website). 

What to consider when hiring a food photographer for your restaurant

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your restaurant’s culinary offerings is essential for showcasing your dishes in the best light possible. When considering a photographer, it’s crucial to ensure they have the skills, experience, and creativity necessary to capture the essence of your cuisine. Here are some key questions to ask when hiring a food photographer:

  1. Can I see your portfolio? Reviewing the photographer’s portfolio will give you a sense of their style, experience, and expertise in food photography. Look for high-quality images that showcase a variety of dishes, lighting techniques, and compositions.
  2. Have you worked with restaurants or food businesses before? A photographer with experience in working with restaurants or food businesses will likely understand the unique challenges and requirements of food photography.
  3. What equipment do you use? A professional food photographer should have high-quality camera equipment, lenses, and lighting gear suitable for capturing stunning food images.
  4. Can you provide styling and props, or do I need to supply them? Some food photographers also offer styling services or have a collection of props to enhance the presentation of your dishes. Discuss whether these services are included or if you need to provide your own.
  5. How do you handle image editing and post-processing? Inquire about the photographer’s editing process and the type of software they use. High-quality editing can enhance the final images and make your dishes look even more appetizing.
  6. What is your turnaround time for delivering the final images? Ensure the photographer’s turnaround time aligns with your marketing needs or deadlines.
  7. What are your rates, and what is included in the pricing? Ask for a detailed breakdown of the costs, including shooting fees, editing, image licensing, and any additional services or expenses.
  8. How many images will you provide? Clarify the number of final edited images you can expect to receive, and if there’s an option to purchase additional images if needed.
  9. What is your policy on reshoots or revisions? Understand the photographer’s policy on reshoots or revisions if you’re not satisfied with the initial results.
  10. Can you provide references from past clients? Request references from previous clients to get a better understanding of the photographer’s professionalism, reliability, and ability to deliver satisfactory results.

By asking these questions, you can find a skilled food photographer who can capture stunning images that showcase the quality and artistry of your restaurant’s dishes.

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