List Of Utah Breweries 2023

What’s new at Utah breweries?

The best way to stay abreast of all the latest brews and craft ale releases is to check out your favorite breweries social media pages. New beer releases are often posted quickly on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Mind you, it can be a pain remembering every last brewery and where they’re active online though. With that in mind we created the following easy reference list of what’s new at Utah brewers. Just click the links in turn and browse each breweries social feed! We’ve only included the main breweries and those that are active. Scroll down for a complete Utah brewers list.

2 Row, Bewilder, Epic, Fisher, Grid City, Kiitos, Level Crossing, Mountain West, Ogden River, Proper, Red Rock, RoHa, SaltFire, SaltFlats, Shades, Squatters, Talisman, Toasted Barrel, Uinta, UTOG

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Complete list of all Utah craft breweries

Despite what you may have heard, yes, you can get a drink ion Utah. In fact, over the past three decades, our local craft brewing scene has exploded in scale like the rest of the nation. Here’s the current complete list of all the craft brewers in Utah.

2 Row Brewing
A Fisher Brewing Co.
Bewilder Brewing
Bohemian Brewery
Bonneville Brewery
Cerveza Zolupez
Desert Edge Brewery
Epic Brewing
Grid City Beerworks
Hopkins Brewing Company
Hoppers Grill And Brewing Co.
Kiitos Brewing
Level Crossing Brewing Company
Moab Brewery
Park City Brewery
Proper Brewing Co.
Red Rock Brewing
RoHa Brewing
Roosters Brewing Co.

Salt Flats Brewing Co.
Saltfire Brewing Co.
Shades Brewing
Silver Reef Brewing Co.
Strap Tank Brewery
T.F. Brewing
Talisman Brewing Co.
Toasted Barrel Brewery
Uinta Brewing
UTOG Brewing
Vernal Brewing Company
Zion Brewery

The best breweries and beers in Utah

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Utah liquor laws

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More on Utah beverages

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