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Utah Distilleries

Believe it or not, yes Utah does have distilleries, and many more than you might think. This modern day distilling resurgence started with High West Distillery in 2007, who opened the first legal distillery in Utah since 1870. High West themselves were acquired by Constellation Brands in 2016 for a whopping $160 million, arguably cementing Utah back on the distilling map. Head up to Park City or Wanship to experience various High West properties and whiskies.

But what about something a little more boutique, something you might not have heard of? Here’s a complete list of other Utah distillers and their products:

Beehive Distillery lineup

Beehive Distillery lineup

Beehive Distillery

Utah’s first gin distillery since 1870, Beehive’s flagship product is this botanically complex product, though they also produce vodka. In their own words: “We started with the notion that gin wasn’t being given the love it deserved. Real gin—a blast of juniper followed by the complex intrigue of all the other botanicals—was being challenged by pretenders. Gin shouldn’t taste like a citrus drink, and it shouldn’t taste like cleaning fluid. We give gin some well deserved attention. Small batches on a small still. Botanicals measured and macerated by hand, distilled, bottled and labeled in our Salt Lake City distillery. Utah, say hello to Jack Rabbit Gin. It’s been a long time coming.”

Dented Brick Distillery

Producing rum gin, vodka and white whiskey this Utah brand relies on an Artesian well with a historical distilling past, came a charming old brick home with a storied past of its own. In their own words: “Legend (and newspapers) has it that during a gunfight on the front porch the flying bullets that didn’t hit (and kill) the owner did indeed “dent the bricks” of his house and there you have it. The DENTED BRICK DISTILLERY got its name in tribute to the rich and colorful history of our land at the foot of Utah’s Rocky Mountains. As for the dented bricks… we took them down one by one and they now form the cornerstone of our distillery.”

Distillery 36

Rum specialists and named after them fact Utah was actually the 36th and deciding state to repeal prohibition. Yep, you can thank us Utahns next time you pour yourself a tipple! In their own words: “Ttrue to the craft, brigham rum is made from scratch–mash to finish–in a handcrafted copper still. distilled from 100% natural, gmo-free sugar cane, the spirit is then proofed using locally sourced rocky mountain mineral spring water. after distillation, no additional sugars or flavors are added, resulting in a well-balanced award-winning product with a smooth finish.

Hammer Spring Distillers

Founded in 2016 and named after the “hard working explorers and adventurers who discovered and settled the Great American West.” Founded in 2016 the distillery crafts vodka, gin, American-style whiskey and bitters.

New World Distillery

Based in Eden Utah this distillery makes gin, tequila and some more unusual creations such as Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart cheery Liqueur.

Outlaw Distillery

This Midvale Utah based distillery pays homage to our Wild West past. This family ran business started selling their line of rums, whiskies and moonshine in 2015. In their own words, “(Owner) Kirk decided that the name would be Outlaw Distillery. He wanted something that was part of Utah without being a pun to the Mormon’s (as that has been beaten to death). The Outlaw Trail ran through Utah and Butch Cassidy was a descendant of Beaver, Utah: Butch Cassidy the Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch.”

Sugar House Distillery

Over on the East side of SLC in the Sugar House neighborhood (hence the name) this distillery received federal approval for spirits distilling in September 2013, and Utah approval in January 2014. Beginning with vodka in 2014 the business now also creates 100% malted barley whisky and both silver and gold rums. In their own words, “Meet owner and distiller James Fowler, Master Distiller Eric Robinson, and assistant distiller and sales representative Jake Wood. They take education about their craft seriously, and encourage consumers to come by the distillery and see how true grain-to-glass spirits are made, one small batch at a time. No outsourcing. No additives. No artificial colors or flavors. Just grain or molasses, yeast, and time; finished with a little water and a lot of skill.”

Waterpocket Distillery 2017 lineup

Waterpocket Distillery 2017 lineup

Water Pocket Distillery

Founded in 2017 and named the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park, “a quintessentially Utah landscape and a national treasure”. Unlike their peers, this distillery focuses on unique concoctions: pre-Prohibition herbal spirits, bitters and long lost liqueurs. This means creations like Not based on a forgotten Kräuterlikör recipe from the Czech and German frontier; and their Oread creation that uses “Roman Chamomile Galanga, Star Anise, Orange Peel, and eight more herbs and spices to produce an all botanical liqueur”.

Other Utah distilleries to check out

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Holystone Distilling
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Ogdens Own Distillery

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