101 Utah restaurant dishes to try this year

Flanker Kitchen + Sporting Club - pulled pork sandwich

Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods for the trees. Or should that be gyro for the tzatziki. Feel free to insert your own edible idiom, then proceed onto this most mammoth of lists. Essentially a rough recap of the better plates of food that were placed before my greasy mitts in 2022. Stuck in … Read more

Start your 2023 with this vibrantly refreshing Utah restaurant

Pho 777 - pho coming together

My past two weeks have been richly punishing ones. Whereas Thanksgiving requires I assume the role of grown up, and all the assiduous turkey tasks that come along with that, Christmas is a different animal entirely. Yuletide madness coaxes out my inner child, and a worrying greedy one armed with a credit limit at that. … Read more