Celebrate year of rabbit with traditional lion dances and great food this weekend in Salt Lake City

Chinatown Market in South Salt Lake

Like a wedding gatecrasher surreptitiously eyeing up the buffet spread, I’m forever looking for an excuse to join a party and grab a plate. As the year of the tiger wanes, and the rabbit beckons (and a water one at that), this coming weekend sees several places around the Wasatch mark the Spring Festival. With … Read more

The Roundup – May 2019

Ready for some dining inspiration, or lets be honest, a way to slack off work for a few hours? You’ll be so engrossed in the following roundup, your boss will be sure to thing you’re engaged in some serious research. Heck you might even get a raise. Anyway, here’s the latest installment of the roundup, … Read more

Restaurant Review Roundup – February 2014

mabo men ramen kobe sushi

Got a case of the Mondays? Start the week right – forget about work and instead hunker down over thirty reviews and reports on local restaurants. Featured image – Mabo-men ramen with spicy ground pork – from Heartbeat Nosh and their review of Kobe Sushi. Alamexo http://www.wasatchfood.com/2014/01/alamexo.html Boba World http://www.bestofsaltlakecityrestaurants.com/2014/01/26/boba-world-shepherds-purse-shanghai-rice-cake/ Bonneville Brewery http://marinatemebaby.com/2014/01/03/bonneville-brewery/ Cannellas http://www.randomactsofkelliness.com/2014/01/cannellas-salt-lake-city.html … Read more