More than 160 new Utah restaurants – how many have you tried so far?

Franklin Ave Cocktails & Kitchen - orecchiette pasta

We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Maybe two. Clocking in at somewhere close to 20,000 words, and recapping the unveiling of more than 160 bars and restaurants that opened across Utah this year – I give you our end of year monster. Please do note that this Frankenstein is cobbled together from a variety of … Read more

Dos Olas – don’t miss this excellent new Park City restaurant

Dos Olas - ceviche with mahi mahi

Mexican cuisine holds a particular soft spot in my heart. I washed up on these American shores from limier climes some 22 years ago. Paper husked tomatillos, armies of peppers unknown, achiote and jicama, none of these words existed in a youth packed with pie and pudding. I was like the man peering wide eyed … Read more

Utah bar gets wallet friendly menu makeover

Beehive Distillery - bar area

It’s been a lively year of headlines as far as drinking in Utah is concerned. What with the management of Utah bar licenses sharing more in common with an Abbot and Costello routine rather than say, a pro-business environment for (and whisper this very quietly) a legal product. It’s not all been double-worthy news mind … Read more